Sharm el-Sheikh takes pride in being the major tourism hub of Sinai Peninsula that is known for some of the best diving destinations around the world. The underwater attractions of Red Sea play a pivotal role in bringing Sharm to the mainstream tourist destinations around the world and bring huge influx of tourist to this beach town.

So, If you’re planning a trip to Sharm El-Sheikh, Here are the top private residential attractions in four seasons Sharm El Sheikh.

  1. Ras Mohammed National Park

This incredible peninsula is full of amazing dive sites, glorious beaches, a beautiful saltwater lake and also a northerly mangrove forest that’s second best of its type all over the world. So, whenever you visit Sharm El-Sheikh, the first attraction on your list should be this Ras Mohammed National Park for all the amazing things it has to offer. You can enjoy some memorable time along the shores of Aqaba Beach and the Old Quay Beach or even visit Shark Observatory Cliff top if you’re searching for some impeccable views.

  • Thistlegorm Dive Site

If you have the love for diving, visiting Sharm el-Sheikh would only be for one reason for you: diving at the Thistlegorm. Being one of best wreck dives around the globe, the ship was actually sunk during the World War II. There will be a lot to explore in there from armaments and jeeps to motorbikes and other cargo. You can either take an overnight trip or a one-day boat trip to this dive site. With overnight trips, however, you can get an amazing night dive across the wreck as a bonus.

  • Naama Bay

Nestled between the beautiful palm trees and the pristine white-sand beach, Naama Bay really defines the resort life at Sharm el-Sheikh. The bay is full of amazing array of souvenir stores, cafes, and restaurants while the beach always takes things up a notch. The beach area is rimmed by pedestrian-only walkway and there are a few luxury resorts to offer tourists a wonderful beach experience. So, if you’re planning a holiday filled with sunbathing and a lot of beach fun, Naama Bay is the place to be.

  • Jolanda Reef Dive Site

Jolanda Reef is one famous dive site that falls towards the northern part of Red Sea. In fact, it lies within Ras Mohammed Marine Park and offers divers a chance to explore the remnants of Jolanda, a freighter ship which sunk in 1980. More than the wreck, you’ll love exploring the coral reefs here.

  • Shark’s Bay

Somewhat more exclusive compared to Naama Bay, the Shark’s Bay is home to some luxury 5-star hotels and resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh. If you’re planning a holiday just to experience the tranquility and peace of the shores, this is the place you should be headed to. You have a variety of options here when it comes to cafes, restaurants and shopping.

  • Mt. Sinai

If you’re interested in Day Trip opportunities in Sharm El-Sheikh, take one to Mt. Sinai. A bit of hiking to summit of the Mt. Sinai will reveal those expansive orange-hued peaks that offer a dazzling glimpse of the rocky landscape.

Actually, there are a couple of main trails that you can take during your hiking trip. One is Camel Trail which is more of a well-worn switchback track while the other is Steps of Repentance which is known to be more difficult but has more scenic views to offer. So, decide which one you’d like to take.

  • Saint Catherine’s Monastery

When it comes to historic destinations in Sharm El-Sheikh, the city is home to the best historic destination in Sinai Peninsula. Located at foot of the Mt. Sinai, St. Catherine’s Monastery is one of oldest monasteries of the world. It is known to have the renowned “burning bush” of Old Testament, and a museum that showcases a timeless religious icons’ collection of the monastery. Besides, you can also find some ancient manuscripts here as well. Plan a day trip to this amazing place and take a deep revealing dive into history.

  • Jackson Reef Dive Site

This one is among the prime diving sites of Sharm El-Sheikh. Here you can see lots of pelagic fish and even get a few sights of sharks as well. Besides, the wreck of Lara is also found at Jackson Reef. And, obviously, if you’re a seasoned diver, exploring the freighter ship’s wreckage would make your dive more exciting.

  • Dunraven Dive Site

SS Dunraven sunk back in 1876 and was torn apart into two pieces. But today, it’s home to some versatile fish species and offer divers something really amazing to explore. If you want to take a close look at the goat fish, cardinal fish, scorpion fish, and moray eels among others, you should definitely take a dive here.

  1. Sharm Al-Maya

Sharm Al-Maya aka Sharm Old Market is the souq area of the town where you can find some local specialties with the likes of Arabic lamps, shisha pipes, and some amazing engraved woodwork. Visit the market at sunset to keep browsing stuff in comfort after a hot day. There are some affordable cafes and restaurants available here as well which makes it a perfect place to dine and spend your evenings here.

So, if you want to make the most of your trip to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt’s prime tourist destination, make sure that you do not miss out on these worthy attractions. You’re sure to spend some memorable time in the city.


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