Festivals in India reflect the culture and traditions that have a great impact on the people. Every state has its own festival to celebrate, so has Rajasthan. Jaisalmer, being the golden city of Rajasthan celebrates all its festivals with uniqueness that enchants the visitors and tourists even more to come back to the place again later. Jaisalmer is populated with very lively and entertaining people celebrated a number of fairs and festivals and bringing together people of different class and creed to a common platform. Taking up the Jaisalmer Tour Package with Royal Adventure Tours will help you in understanding the true meaning of the festivals celebrated in Jaisalmer.

Three festivals that you should really not miss out while you plan your Jaisalmer trip in the selecting the Rajasthan Holiday packages are:

3 Festivals You Should Attend in Golden City

  1. Desert Festival

Jaisalmer Festival is a famous tourist destination of Jaisalmer. This is celebrated in the 45-minute remote Samba Ditto from Jaisalmer city. It was initially celebrated in Rajasthan by the tourists attractive and by attracting them. Tourists can enjoy various cultural events, camel races, turbans, and the competition of the best mustache. It is organized every year by the Rajasthan Tourism Board. This is a three-day festival which is operated by Rajasthan tourism. Initially this festival was started with the aim of attracting more foreign tourists towards Rajasthan. The sensual display of famous gear and fire dancers and camel ride can make travel more memorable and adorable. Facilities of medical vans, souvenir shops, and mobile money exchangers are provided by the local administration to facilitate tourists to the festival site.

  1. Camel Festival

Camel Festival is one of the festivals in Rajasthan and it is celebrated very well every year in January. To see this festival, Jaisalmer comes very far and away from the tourism. The camel festival is celebrated with special festivals and festivals with folk dance and music. This camel festival is mainly organized in the field of Bikaner, during which many programs are organized along with camels. During camel festivities, many cameras are displayed like camel races, camel dances, camel rides in the neck etc. During the festival, the festival seems to be even more interesting and enjoyable. People from outside India come every year to see this festival. For the festival, the camel is decorated with bridges, beautiful necks, tickling anklets and colorful organizations. Special dance ceremonies are also organized with experienced dancers and artists.

  1. Shivaratri Festival

This festival is celebrated with great fanfare. This festival is celebrated in Jaisalmer very well. Many tourists come to see this festival. Mahashivratra is a religious festival of Hindus, which is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Shiva, the chief god of Hindu religion. The festival of Mahashivaratri is celebrated in the month of Falgun, the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha. On this day, devotees of Shiva Bhakta and Shiva keep fast fasting and especially worship Lord Shiva.

These and the other festivals like the Holi festival, the camel festival, Kanot Mata fair, etc add  to the experiences of the visitors and travelers who are allured by the interesting ceremonies, rituals and folk performances during these festivals in Jaisalmer.


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