Costa Rica

Costa Rica has got to be one of the ultimate destinations for backpackers. It has everything most people would ever want, from gorgeous coastline to exotic wildlife, to friendly locals and seemingly endless sunshine. So, the decision you should be facing is not whether to visit this beautiful country, on a backpacking trip, but what to do when you’re there.

This article will give you a rundown of the best ways to spend your limited time in Costa Rica, and highlight the things that make it one of the best destinations on the planet!


Hermosas Playas.

You might initially think of rainforests and beaches when you hear the name ‘Costa Rica’/ But another great reason to visit is for extreme sports.

Probably the most popular example of Costa Rican sport is surfing. You can find breaks to suit all ages and abilities. Something that makes it particularly great is the compact size of the country, meaning you can easily and quickly hop from break to break following the best swells. A particular highlight would have to be Playa Hermosa.

Aside from surfing, mountain biking, trail running, and hiking are excellent pursuits to try out in the stunning mountainous landscapes.

You could also try zip-lining through the rainforest, whitewater rafting down the rapids, skydiving, snorkelling, and scuba diving. The list goes on… Whatever your preference, if you love adrenaline-pumping sports and activities then Costa Rica will not disappoint.


An excellent option to break up your trip is to volunteer in Costa Rica. There are a huge array of options, both environmentally and socially-focused.

If you’re interested in the social issues of Costa Rica then you may be interested in projects involving educating deprived children. There are projects aimed at teaching everything from math and science to the English language, to sports.

If you are more interested in contributing to the protection of Costa Rica’s diverse and fragile environment, then you also have a lot of options. You could work in a national park, or help to protect the breeding of endangered turtles, for example.

Learning Spanish

As a Spanish speaking country, it almost goes without saying that Costa Rica is the perfect environment to learn the Spanish language.

While any area with native Spanish speakers is great for learning, Costa Rica is particularly good for the simple reason that the locals are so friendly. It is rare to find countries where you can just walk up and have a chat with locals in such a casual way.

By putting in a bit of effort and going out of your way to immerse yourself, you’ll find yourself picking up the language in no time. It’s absolutely possible to reach a decent level of conversational Spanish within a few short weeks.

By making the effort to talk to locals, you are also likely to strike up real friendships, as well as learn about the culture in a more authentic way than you ever could otherwise.

Make Costa Rica your next backpacking destination!

With so many incredible things to see and do in Costa Rica, this article can barely scratch the surface. The only way to find out is to go there and experience it for yourself.

What are you waiting for?


Nicoleta is the resident content manager for uVolunteer. Nicoleta is an avid linguist, speaks fluent English, Chinese, French, Spanish and native Romanian. She is passionate about volunteering, sustainable travel and has a soft spot for ethnic food.