London, as we already know, is one of the most popular cities in the British kingdom. It lies in the south-eastern portion of the kingdom and is also the capital of England. Since it lies pretty close to the rest of the continent, it has garnered itself with limelight for several centuries. The populous city has several records to its name including the highest population density in Britain and the world’s first underground railway route. If you’re a travelling enthusiast and have not yet visited London, then now is the perfect time to plan your visit. And just in case travelling is not your hobby, this article will make sure it becomes one. We list down 3 reasons why everyone must visit London once in their lifetime:

Reason No. 1 – The rich and glorious history.

London belongs to the British Empire which was once a global superpower. The mighty English empire ruled considerable parts of the world and was itself ruled by some famous kings and monarchs. As a result, it has some of the most vital historical buildings and artefacts to its name. Here’s a brief list of some significant historical spots:

  • The Tower of London– Built in 1066, this tower is one of the most visited historic buildings in London and has been listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. This building was also used as a prison by the ancient ruling family. For superstitious reasons, the tower houses 6 ravens at all times!
  • The Westminster Abbey– Another jewel of London which finds its place in UNESCO’s world heritage sites is the Westminster Abbey. It is said that each year around 1 million people visit this 1000 years old church from around the world. It has been the coronation church for the British monarch since 1066.
  • The Windsor Castle– British history is incomplete without the mentioning of this epic piece of architecture. The castle is a royal residence in Berkshire located in Windsor. It is the oldest and the largest inhabited castle in the world. Henry, I was the first ruler to stay in this castle which was then passed on to the succeeding rulers who invested huge amounts of money in its upgradation. The cost of restoration of this castle after the great fire of 1992 is estimated to be about £40 million!
  • The Buckingham Palace – Once known as the Buckingham House, it is the current residence of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. Located in Westminster, it is also the administrative headquarter of the ruling family and regularly holds several cultural ceremonies and functions.

Reason No. 2 – The fascinating present.

Taking a break from its rich and never-ending list of historical glory, we will now talk about some of the more recent marvels of London. Here are some of the symbolic structures which were built in the contemporary period:

  • The London Eye– This famous tourist attraction located in the heart of London held the title of the largest Ferris wheel in the world until 2006. However, it is still the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. A tour in one of its 32 circular cars can give you a stunning view of almost the entire city of London in all directions.
  • The Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum– Surely, one of your favourite celebrities or sports personalities might be striking a pose in this famous wax museum. The London branch of this museum is the first among many built around the world. Treat yourself with a tour of this museum by purchasing some amazing vouchers from Hot UK Savings with retailers like Attractiontix.
  • The bridges – London is dotted with beautiful bridges across its span, quite literally. River crossings are those bridges that were built over the River Thames which cuts through the middle of the city. Some of the famous bridges include the Tower Bridge (AD 1894), the London Bridge (AD 1973, latest opening), Waterloo bridge (AED 1945), the Westminster Bridge (AD 1862) and the Millennium Bridge (AD 2002). Apart from the river crossings, London also has several railways, road and footbridges.

Reason Number 3 – Life in London.

This breathtaking city has more to it than just museums, palaces and bridges. It is one of those cities where both; the tourists and the locals have lots to do and explore. For example, a walk across the River Thames will give you an extended tour of some of the most famous landmarks of this city. You can also visit the famous Piccadilly Circus and hear the famous Big Ben clock strike the hour. If you’ve designated a day for some shopping, then Oxford Street is the place to be! You can wrap up your day by taking a ride on the renowned red double-decker. Apart from the travel, London also boasts of popular world-class concerts and a sparkling nightlife.

To sum it up in a single statement; visiting London is an absolute must for all classes and age groups of people. Even though it does not hold a good reputation for being friendly and showing warmth to its visitors; the travelling wonders within this city are too many that paying attention to anything else would be a waste of time. Oh, and did we forget to tell you about the historical black cabs? Do not leave London until you’ve taken a ride in one of those elegant black beauties!