Halong Bay is a destination that you must never forget to visit if you feel like vacationing your heart out. This beautiful Bay located in Vietnam has become one of the most popular spots of the tourists all around the world. Thus, if you have your Vietnam travel on the cards, visit to Halong Bay shouldn’t be missed at all.

This beautiful place offers a number of things using which you can entertain yourself. Here are the five alternative things that you can do at the Halong Bay.

  1. Learn Tai Chi on the deck:

Tai Chi is considered to be an ancient martial art which has been practiced for generations in China. The main idea of Tai Chi is to promote a good health of mind, body as well as soul by the way of all the soft as well as controlled movements. Practicing Tai Chai in the peaceful atmosphere also develops a great level of concentration and gives you inner peace. Thus, what else could serve as a better place than to practice this art at the Halong Bay? You can take a guidance from an experienced Tai Chi master and can further learn the art of controlling your mind, soul as well as body on the deck of your boat cruise. What could serve you better than the tranquil atmosphere of the Bay?

  1. Make a visit to the traditional floating village :

Halong Bay is not just about cruising your heart out in the emerald green water and experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience but to also enjoy the beautiful day-to-day life as this Bay is surrounded by utmost beauty around it. The traditional floating village at the Halong Bay is certainly a must visit. These floating fishing villages is a second sight of nature to the people of the Bay. Here you can experience the rise and fall of the tide, the beautiful market and the fishermen who earn their living from the bountiful supply of the marine life and many others. Thus, you must not forget to pay a visit to one of these amazing villages and to take an entire new experience.

  1. Cycle on the Cat Ba Island:

Cat Ba Island of the Halong Bay embraces some of the most intriguing impressions of natural beauty around it. The incredible range of numerous species as well as the fascinating natural habitats found here are more than enchanting. Thus, the best thing to do here is to reach this amazing isle by boat and rent a bicycle to further explore the sight locally. You can take a look at the hidden waterfalls, limestone hills, lakes, grottos and many other beautiful views. Spot the beautiful wildlife that remains hidden in the coastal limestone forests. You can also indulge into a number of adventures such as snorkeling, hiking, etc.

  1. Discover hidden caves as well as grottos:

Halong Bay is a place that embraces a number of hidden caves, isolated grottos as well as picturesque hidden coves varying in terms of shapes as well as sizes. Thus, you can hop on a row boat and go out to explore all these hidden treasures for yourself. Discover the amazing views of the Heavenly Palace Cave, Dau Go Cave and various other fascinating rock formations.

  1. Kayak in between the karst limestone outcrops:

Indulge in the beautiful kayaking adventure and explore the beauty of this Bay as you will come across a number of spectacular views. Paddle yourself out to the corners of the bay which are calmer and less-visited. Discover the hidden beauties of this place as the sight of each spot will mesmerize you to the fullest.

Now that you know everything about the beautiful Halong Bay, it’s the time you pack your bags and set off to have a beautiful time. This place is has everything for everyone. Happy Holidays.


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