According to Psychology Today, one of the habits of happy couples is to cultivate the common interests. Moreover, they say that a thing that you repeat for 21 days in a row becomes a habit (Psychology Today, 14th Nov, 2009). One of the great things that can become your common interest is to go sailing together. The sailing adventure will become even more romantic and bring you even closer together if you choose to visit these 6 heart shaped islands around the world. Here is where you find them.

Harbor Island, Maine, USA

Being around this island is far more interesting than actually landing on it. It is a part of the Bucks Harbor in Maine. You can have a picnic there, but you are probably better off observing this lovely island from the mainland.

If you do not own a boat, you can rent one from the Buck’s Harbor Marina. You can stop there and visit the cheerful local market and have lunch at one of the local Inns.

Blueberry Island, Canada

Just near the Montreal, this cute island is on a lake. Usually, these sorts of islands are uninhabited and not suitable for spending a lot of time on them. However, Blueberry is unique in two ways.

First, it has all the amenities already set up, including the electricity and the internet. The second one is – Blueberry Island is for sale. Therefore, make sure that you visit it and its cute log cabin before somebody buys it and restricts the access.

Galesnjak Island, Croatia

Wait for the August to come to the end and then head to Croatia. The weather will be hot, but not scorching and the crowds will start to leave this touristic coastline. Head to Zadar and find the heart shaped gem in the waters near it achat en ligne cialis. Grab a bottle of Dalmatian wine and some homemade prosciutto and have a picnic on one of the wild coasts of Glesnjak romantic island.

Makepeace Island, Australia

If you are tired of all these wild and uninhabited islands, head to the Makepeace Island that is located in the Noosa River. This is a luxurious island with spas and retreats that make it all about comfort and relaxation.

This can be a perfect weekend for two if you want to grab a break from sailing. Book a weekend, treat yourself with a boat detailing and relax for a couple of days before continuing your sailing trip.

Netrani, India

The love for your partner and the love for nature can be enjoyed all at once in India if the both of you love snorkeling and diving. A visit to the Netrani means a lovely and romantic underwater adventure.

You can sail up to this awesome coral on the Arabian Sea and spend days exploring the underwater world together.


Just when you think that the scattered islands in the crystal waters cannot get any more romantic, you learn about the small and secluded heart-shaped island of Maldives.

This cute island is a honeymoon paradise.

Some of these islands are about luxury, while others are all about intact nature. Therefore, when you are on a boat and with your loved one, you can, not only visit all the heart-shaped islands, but you can choose the type of the heart-shaped island that you prefer. Take a pick, together with your partner, and head for the most romantic sailing adventure.


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