Cameroon Tourism

Cameroon has always been the homage to uncountable tourist attractions in Africa. This marvelous country is “Africa in miniature” and it is called like that for a reason. With the diversity in climate, culture and geography, Cameroon certainly cradles Africa’s precious gems such as its towering landscapes, historical monuments and exotic wildlife.

With its nature untainted by industrial advancements, Cameroon is drenched in luscious sceneries that always fill anyone in awe. Perhaps its beauty had been neglected for years, but to this day tourism in Cameroon grew at a faster rate than it ever had. Cameroon’s wildlife has drawn tourists from all over the world: the chimpanzees, elephants, rhinoceroses, giraffes, cheetahs, and more.

There are four general areas in Cameroon namely the coast, the cities, the highlands and the north. Each of them has magnificent tourist attractions. Three of the most visited destinations in Cameroon are as follows:

Chute de la Lobe

Located at Kribi, Cameroon, Chute de la Lobe is a seaside by which a breathtaking waterfall, river flows directly to the beach, certainly a rare occurrence. The picturesque scenery and the serenity of the beach make Chute de la Lobe one of the best places to visit in Cameroon. One can rent a canoe to get close to the falls. Enjoy watching the scenery as the sun sets in calm red orange skies. Enjoy barefoot walks in the warm white sands with a love one. The hotels in the vicinity offers amazing views of the beach. It is recommended for honeymoons as it is definitely the most romantic site in Cameroon.

Mount Cameroon

Called Mount Faka by its localities, Mount Cameroon is one of the most stunning mountains to conquer. Its animosity and the majesty it emanates make it a great experience to trek its trails. Tourist guides are friendly and overall excellent in immersing tourists with its history, its wildlife, the native culture, and the flora and fauna. It is an overwhelming experience to hike Mountain Cameroon for a total of four days. Truly is one magnificent peak and definitely the “Chariot of Gods” as it is called.

Mefou National Park

Located in Yaoundé, the epicenter of the country, the Mefou National Park is the homage to Africa’s endangered wildlife. Aside from the local wildlife, in conjunction with the Ape Action Africa (AAA) project a lot of diverse species of apes are protected from poachers at the Mefou Primate Sanctuary located within the park’s walls. The sight of volunteers doing a phenomenal job on keeping them, nurtured and protected is truly inspiring and impressing. Seeing the apes and other wildlife reserves well-kept in its extremities makes Mefou National Park worth visiting.

Other tourist sites include

  1. Limbe Wildlife Centre, Limbe
  2. Benedictine Museum of Mont-Febe, Yaounde
  3. Limbe Botanic Garden, Limbe
  4. Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls, melon
  5. Marche des Fleurs, Douala
  6. Down Beach, Limbe
  7. National Museum of Yaounde (Le Musee National de Yaounde), Yaounde
  8. Bamenda Ring Road, Bamenda
  9. Palace of the Sultan, Foumban, West Province

More and more people are living the dream. This dream of inner self-fulfillment achieved through traveling. Cameroon offers more than just tourist destinations. It fulfills any heart desiring to travel and helps it achieve that exhilarating sense of adventure.

African country holds many surprises for adventurers: its equatorial forests and nature Reserves make Cameroon a favorite African destination for nature lovers. While National parks are suitable for wildlife observation, Mount Cameroon, the highest in West Africa, is popular with hikers.

Cameroon, in West Africa is bordered by Nigeria to the west, Chad to the northeast, the Central African Republic to the east and Gabon and the Republic of Congo to the south.

The landscapes are very diverse: high mountains, tropical forests, desert plains, etc … also the climate varies very dramatically between tropical areas along the coast and the arid north. In the mountains it can get very cold, especially at night.

Things to see and do in Cameroon

Cameroon is often talked about for its football team, the famous ” Indomitable Lions ”, less often, however as a tourist destination. Yet the vast territory of Cameroon brings together a variety of impressive backgrounds, highlighted by its position just north of the equator: the degraded landscape is very well marked between the northern and southern areas of the country, where we spend forests thick tropical lands to drier savannah.

Wildlife is changing as a result of these environments, and Cameroon has many national parks to protect this natural wealth. Before reaching the Cameroonian coasts, characterized by hundreds of kilometers of beaches, one crosses one of the most spectacular regions of Cameroon, Mount Cameroon and its surrounding hills, covered with forests, traversed by streams and waterfalls.

Climate and seasons: from when?

The climate changes from north to south, from tropical to equatorial. If there is truly a dry season in the north, in the south, one can at best hope for less rain!Overall, it is warm all year. The best time to go roughly corresponds to the months of December to February.

Travel Advisory

Major cities of Cameroon are not the safest places in the world. Some areas are strongly discouraged tourists. Visit the website of the Foreign Ministry to gather information on the update of safety tips.