Comoros Tourism

The Comoros has four major islands and a number of smaller islets located at the northern end of the Mozambique channel. Three of the islands Grande Comore, Moheli, Anjouan are members of an independent country, the Union of the Comoros. The other one is Mayotte which is a department of France. Comoros is gifted with beautiful nature. You can travel around these islands to see the natural beauty of the Comoros.

You can think Comoros is only about the sandy shores, limpid oceans and colorful coral reefs. But Comoros’s greatest asset is its fascinating culture which fuses together the most colorful elements of Africa and Arabia. A blend of Swahili and traditional Islamic influences pervade the islands giving them a calm and phlegmatic atmosphere that guarantees a hospitable welcome. Let’s start with Grand Comore is one of the islands you can visit. It is known as the perfume island because of the smell of vanilla, cloves and other spices. You can smell in the air. It is also called Ngazidja, a local name. Moroni is its capital, which is also the capital of Comoros. It is the largest of all islands. The northern two-thirds of the island are dominated by a rocky plain known as La Grille. The southern third of the island is dominated by an active volcano, Karthala, which stands over 7700 feet high. Karthala’s crater is 3.0 x 4.0 kilometers wide, the largest active crater in the world. The views are fantastic. It is a hiking destination too. There are numerous fine mosques including the Friday Mosque, the top of which offers attractive views over the town and ocean. Iconi, one of the oldest settlements on Grand Comore. A short taxi ride south of Moroni. Mbachile, a small and pretty village. A half hour walks along the coast south of Iconi. You can enjoy the peace and nature of this village. Meet the dolphins off the coast beyond Hahaya. For a taste of France pay a visit to Mayotte, which due to a quirk in colonial history is now governed from Paris. Arguably the most developed of the islands, it has a distinctly Gallic air, adding more depth to these already characterful islands. It is an interesting mix between Europe and Africa. It is known for its excellent beaches and great places to dive. You can also see the beauties such as dolphins, double reef and sea turtles. This is a place to visit if you are in Comoros because it is an island paradise where culture and traditions are fascinating and where the welcome is warm. Move on to Moheli, also known as Mwali. You can see the giant sea turtles lying eggs at Moheli. There’s another island called Anjouan, also known as Nzwan. Called the ‘pearl of the Comoros’ by its residents, Anjouan is no doubt the most scenic of the Comoros and fulfills any lifelong fantasies of playing Robinson Crusoe on a deserted tropical island. There’s a lot more to see in Comoros.

If you are looking for things to do in Comoros, then you will not be disappointed. If you’re feeling energetic, climb to the top of Mount Karthala for a breathtaking view of Grande Comore. Come face to face with turtles on Moheli. It’ll be a lifetime experience. You can do scuba-diving in crystalline waters on Ngazidja.

If you travel to Comoros, there’s one thing you can be assured that you will be charmed by its beauty and culture. You get to do a lot of interesting things there. It’s a nice place for travelers to visit.