Equatorial Guinea Tourism

Equatorial Guinea is small country from Central Africa.Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest but most beautiful and green countries in Africa.It offers a rare opportunity to experience central Africa’s colonial history and unspoiled natural beauty. This is the land of primates with painted faces, soft clouds of butterflies and insects so colorful they belong in the realm of fiction.

Equatorial Guinea, a mix of beautiful scenery and rich vegetation promises travelers a variety of enticing attractions.It’s a great opportunity to get the feel of the African tropics, volcanic landscapes, relaxing coastal escapes, and Spanish colonial towns can all be enjoyed in one destination.On Bioko Island you will find volcanic views, rainforests full of endangered primates and shores of nesting sea turtles. On the mainland, white beaches, forest paths and jungle scapes await.Bioko Island is also known for its unspoiled wilderness await in this unique look at diverse flora and fauna.You should visit the Arena Blanca which is the only white beach on Bioko Island. During the dry season, thousands of butterflies can be seen here.Also you can enjoy the beach a lot because of its carnival mode.After that take a trip to Bata. It’s the principle town in the region of Rio Muni on the mainland. It is a lively town with a few restaurants, bars, hotels and markets. You enjoy quality time here. You can visit the markets and collect some surprising things.Then you should check out the Cascades of Moca. It’s a favorite destination for travelers.You can also visit Lake Biao and Lake Loreta close to Moca. They are beautiful to see. This place inhabited by several species of monkey.Now it’s the time to explore Malabo. It’s a small but very attractive for the travelers. You’ll get some feeling of Spain here.It’s full of beautiful Spanish colonial architecture, open plazas and lively markets. Now, move on to Moca. It’s a kind of a cultural place of Equatorial Guinea. Visit this beautiful place situated in the Moca valley in the southern highlands and learn about country’s culture. You can have a trip to Monte Alen National Park for a closer look at the wild life of Equatorial Guinea.An area covering 1,400 square kilometers will surely take you closer to the wild life of Equatorial Guinea.It is accessible via a series of trails through the jungle and is inhabited by elephants, leopards and several bird species. You can have a stunning view of the island from the 3,000 meters Pico Basile. You can also have a view the Pico Malabo volcano.You should visit The Basilica de la Inmaculada Concepcion in Mongomo which is Africa’s second largest cathedral.There’s lot of places to explore in Equatorial Guinea.

After exploring the whole country you surely looking for something funny to do. Then, Equatorial Guinea has a lot to offer you. Hiking from the mountains, walking through the forest, Whale watching, Scuba Diving and also many more things to do here in Equatorial Guinea.

If you’re fancying a holiday on which you could explore pristine rainforest buzzing with rare wildlife, doze on idyllic beaches where crystalline waters lap sands soaked in history Equatorial Guinea is the best place to travel for you. Do yourself a favor by visiting this country.