Zambia Tourism

Zambia, a country from Africa which is known for it’s wildlife, natural beauty, adventure and mostly for it’s rich water lands. Zambia is regarded as one of the most beautiful, friendly countries on African continent. If you are planning to make a trip to explore the world’s nature and have a plan to become adventurous, Zambia is the place which should be a must inclusion in your list.

Zambia is the home of mighty Victoria falls, which is one of the 7 wonders of the world and the biggest in the world. The Victoria Falls is a spectacular visual experience one could ever behold. It’s beauty is breathtaking. There are also other 17 beautiful falls in this country. The Kalambo Falls is one of deepest falls in the world. There are also Kundalila Falls, Luangwa Falls, Ngonye falls are also famous. Then there are lakes to attract many. Kariba Dam, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. It’s Africa’s largest man-made lake and becoming Zambia’s very own French Riviera. Travelers must visit the tropical and wild Lake Mweru which offers a fascinating glimpse of village life that lines the shores of this vast lake. Then there’s Lake Bangweulu, the place where the water meets the sky. When one looks out over Lake Bangweulu, the grey blue waters disappear into the horizon, blending in completely with the color of the sky. This lake is also famous it’s fish source. The fisheries of the Bangweulu are one of the largest in Zambia. There’s also Lake Tanganyika, the longest fresh water lake in the world and the second deepest after lake Baikal in Russia. Now it’s time to explore Zambia’s rivers. Zambia is blessed with 3 major rivers and also with many small rivers. Kafue River, Luangwa, Zambezi River are the three major rivers. The Zambezi is Africa’s fourth largest River system. It runs through six countries on it’s journey from central Africa to the Indian Ocean. It’s power has carved the spectacular Victoria Falls. The River’s beauty has attracted tourists from all over the world providing opportunities for water sports and game viewing. The Luangwa Valley is one of Africa’s prime wildlife sanctuaries, with concentrations and varieties of game and birdlife that have made it world famous. The Kafue River is important to Zambia’s eco system. It’s the largest river lying with Zambia only.

If you are done with the water lands, now it’s time to explore the wild life. Zambia has 19 National Parks, with one of the largest in the world called Kafue National Park and 34 game management areas and 23 million hectares devoted to the conservation of a spectacular variety of wild animals and bird species. South Luangwa, Kafue and Lower Zambezi rank among the finest game parks in the world. The South Luangwa National park is in eastern Zambia. It is one of the greatest sanctuaries of wildlife in the world. The Thornicroft Giraffe is one of the nine subspecies and is endemic to the South Luangwa National Park making it the only place you can see this type of Giraffe. The Kafue National Park is both the largest and the oldest National Park in Zambia.

Zambia is also known for it’s adventurous resources. Tourists can take part in a variety of adventure activities such as white water rafting, water skiing, canoeing, boat cruises, bunji jumping, river boarding many more.

Zambia gives you a perfect place for touring. You can feel it with the Zambia’s beauty , culture, people. It’s a must visit for travelers.