Algeria Tourism

Here is the list of top tourist destinations  in Algeria. Algeria is a North African country. Algiers is the capital city of Algeria and the official language is Arabic.

Algiers – This place is famous for monuments, culture, history, architecture and music
Oran – Theater, history, architecture, culture
Béjaïa – Theater, history
Constantine – History, theater, monuments, culture, museums
Annaba – Theater, beaches, music, culture
Tamanrasset – Deserts, caravanserais
Ghardaïa  – Architecture, Le Corbusier, deserts, history, culture
Tipasa – Ancient rome, beaches, monuments, roman empire, museums
Sétif – History, parks
Timimoun – Deserts, music, culture, nature
Djanet – Deserts, culture, nature
Mostaganem – Culture, history
Timgad – Ancient rome, ruins, history, roman empire, archaeological sites
Hydra, Algeria – Sports, culture
Cuicul – Ancient rome, ruins, deserts, history, roman empire
Sidi Fredj – Beaches, marinas, boating, history, deserts
Batna, Algeria – Theater, music, culture, architecture
Zéralda – Cabaret, beaches
Bou Saâda
Guelma – Theater, history
Taghit – History, deserts, culture, nature
Jijel – History
Béni Saf – Beaches, history, fishing
Tizi Ouzou – Culture
Béchar – Music, culture
Kouba, Algeria – Sports, culture
Cherchell – Museums, ancient rome, history, roman empire, culture
Sidi Bel Abbès – History, culture, theater, cabaret, gardens
Skikda – Beaches, theater, history
Staouéli – Sports, beaches, abbeys
Blida – Sports
El Kala – Lakes, beaches, hunting, nature, parks
Casbah of Algiers – Architecture, history, art, culture
Chréa – Skiing, mountains, chalets, ski resorts
Draria – Sports
Djurdjura National Park – Parks, mountains, nature
Saida – History
Chéraga – Sports, culture, contemporary art galleries, history, clubbing
Taza National Park – Parks, ecotourism, nature
Tigzirt – Windsurfing
El Kala National Park – Parks, lakes, wetlands, forests, nature
Aïn El Turk – Beaches, war memorials, monuments
Medea – Culture