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America is the only part of the world where you can find all the cultures of the world being practiced. These cultures influence every walk of life in this part of the world. From the multi-cultural and diverse land of America, there come innumerable tourist attractions that manage to draw in millions of tourists from around the world each year. America tourism offers different types of tourist destinations. Scenic beauty, architectural excellence, fine aesthetics, modernity and influence of all the cultures of the world under one roof are some of the most obvious characteristics that these tourist attractions boast for. Each of the American states has so many attractions for the tourists that are simply irresistible and made to last in the memories. People from all over the world came to America to spend their holidays. From Times Square in the East to Las Vegas in the West, it has a range of areas that cater to a variety of people. However, if Las Vegas is a particular attraction, why not play online slots & jackpots – play slot games at slotsbaby™.

America tourism provides different types of destinations to visit for different types of visitors. You can find the Christ the Redeemer, Machu Picchu, Ephemeral Lakes, Los Glaciers National Park, Torres Del Paine National Park, Central Steppes, Peninsula Valdes, Punta Tombo, Buenos Aires, Amazonia, Angel Falls, Torres del Paine, Salar de Uyuni, San Pedro de Atacama, The Galapagos Islands, Lake Titicaca, Easter Island, The Pantanal and many other beautiful sites. There are so many different types of tourist attractions are listed in America tourism list.

When you start planning about the first place to visit in America tourism, you can’t resist being stuck because each state has innumerable places that deserve to be ranked as the best attraction for the tourists in terms of their natural and man-made characteristics. From rustic to the most contemporary architecture, tourist attractions of America tourism would present all the colors of beauty at their best. Although there is a long list of such places that is worth-sharing with you, but the 5 hallmarks discussed below are meant to top this list. Take a look:

  1. Times Square Tourism

Times Square is the busiest and the most visited square in the New York City. What makes it unique is its central importance for the American tourism because no matter what the tourists aim at, they would definitely visit this place because it presents the true spirit of the USA. From fun and thrilling to spiritual and meditative, all kinds of activities can be accessed from this place. It also serves as a link that helps the tourists explore the city in the best and the most informative way. You can get to visit the best cinemas and Broadway theaters at this point. Moreover, if you are interested in learning more about the entire place, you have plenty of good options that would make your journey memorably exciting.

  1. Grand Canyon Tourism

This attraction is actually one of the 7 wonders of the world. So you can well imagine how special this place would be. It presents the scenic beauty at its best in the Northern Arizona and is therefore, a valley that has no match anywhere in the world. This marks the canyon that originates from the Colorado River and has surely got many amazing sights for the tourists to capture.

  1. Golden Gate Bridge Tourism

This attraction can truly be called as the Hallmark of American architectural excellence because it is the oldest suspension bridge recognized with reference to California and San Francisco and is visited as a must by the tourists from around the world. It has been named after the Golden Gate strait and is considered as a masterpiece of all times. This unique bridge manages to catch everyone’s attention even on the foggiest day because of its unique color and design.

  1. Yellowstone Tourism

If you are a wildlife fan or interested in the geothermal aspects of the Earth, then this national park is the right point for you. Since 1872, this park has been the hub of all the wildlife and geothermal resources available in America. You can find such examples of wildlife here that are near extinction and are found nowhere else in the world. Moreover, all the hot water springs, natural geysers and other sources of thermal energy discovered in this area have been preserved in this park. It is, no doubt, a perfect recreational spot for families with kids where they would be able to explore the nature’s raw form in the most amazing colors.

  1. Las Vegas Strip Tourism

Las Vegas has been known worldwide for its extravagant and luxurious nightlife and world-class casinos. But the Las Vegas Strip takes you one step ahead. This strip, although situated outside the main Las Vegas City, features the best Casinos of all times for the local residents as well as for the tourists. You would experience the most luxurious fairy tales coming to life once you step into the reign of the Las Vegas Strip. The place is marked by the top-class architecture further enhanced through different enticing themes, the most prominent of which are mystery and romance.

There is so much more to explore in this diverse part of the world. This brief list of the highest rated tourist attractions of America is meant for making your trip easy and focused for helping you make the best out of your journey. There is no doubt that America is worth-visiting and the tourists can get more than their expectations here. A little knowledge about the place and the passion to enjoy your heart out would make your trip to America worth it!

20 Places to see in the America before you die

  2. FRENCH QUARTER (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  3. TIMES SQUARE (New York, New York)
  4. FENWAY PARK (Boston, Massachusetts)
  5. MOUNT RUSHMORE (Keystone, South Dakota)
  6. TAOS PUEBLO (Taos, New Mexico)
  7. PIKE PLACE MARKET (Seattle, Washington)
  8. BIG SUR (California)
  9. GRAND CANYON (Arizona)
  11. GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE (San Francsico, California)
  12. LAS VEGAS SIGN (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  14. MILLENNIUM PARK (Chicago, Illinois)
  15. HOLLYWOOD SIGN (Los Angeles, California)
  16. GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL (New York, New York)
  17. PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT (Portland, Maine)
  19. PHILADELPHIA CITY HALL (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  20. GRAND PRISMATIC SPRING (Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming)

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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