California Tourism

California is a gifted state in the United States of America. A fuel of dreams the California tourism has enthralling destinations with the amalgamation of picturesque shores, windswept beaches and swaths of forests and scenic deserts stretched across this heavenly place. Los Angeles is the most populous city in the state after the New York City. A culturally and linguistically diversified state in North America, California has been a global trendsetter in the world with having the headquarters of major tycoons like the Apple, Chevron and McKesson. A hub for the entertainment with the Hollywood in its arms, this state will never be a disappointment to the wanderlust dreams of the travellers. With its natural aura the highways of the state will give a never ending experience.

California is the golden state where you can see the gigantic redwood forests and on the other hand touch the Orca Whale in the same day. The memories of the dainty Mickey Mouse will flood again by entering the dream world of Disneyland. A list of attractive destinations in California, which will fulfil all the desires of a perfect vacation comes here:

  1. Red Wood National Park

In the midst of the oldest and tallest Red Wood trees this National park is a home to some rare and protected species. Spread across 1,070,000 acres this beautiful place begins in the Crescent city and runs across 46 miles which ends along the Pacific Coast. Take a relaxed stroll among these trees and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

  1. General Sherman

The oldest and largest sequoia in the world found in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in California. Just like General Sherman, this park is home to five largest trees in the planet. This 275 ft. tall tree has reached the age of 2000- 3000 years old.

  1. Venice Beach

Amidst the picturesque city of Los Angeles lies this stunning Venice beach. Adding to its attractions is the muscle beach where one can easily see the body builders in the open air beach side gym. Venice beach also gives the best experiences of watching the delightful performances of street performers in the summer season.

  1. Death Valley

With inhospitable terrains and extreme heat, this Death Valley is oddly beautiful. One of the hottest and driest places in North America, this place has hostile natural beauty in this planet. Due to extreme heat it is suitable to visit this place in the early hours of the day. Dainty’s view gives the perfect views on a clear day.

  1. Disneyland

Every child’s dream comes true at this place where all the Walt Disney characters comes alive. Disneyland is a place which is not only meant for children but for every age group. With the thrilling rides and enigmatic Disney themes along which there are live shows featuring the famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.

  1. Lake Tahoe

Created around 2 million years ago, the Lake Tahoe is the largest in the world. In the border of Nevada and California this gigantic lake is famous for its activities in the summer and winter season. This lake gives the tourists the opportunity for jet ski, kayak or sail on the lake.

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge

A delightful sight of the Golden Gate Bridge which looks like the orange belt covering the serine San Francisco’s Bay. In the midst of the fog this bridge looks stunning shining brightly grabbing the attention of tourists to capture the spectacular view.

  1. Yosemite National Park

In the lap of Sierra Nevada Mountains in California resides this Yosemite National Park. A shelter to the three of the world’s ten largest waterfalls and the largest single piece exposed granite, this place is famous among the trekkers. One of the world’s famous rock climbing destinations this place is famous for hiking. With such a scenic view this park also provides some quality restaurants which allow the tourists to dine and stay in the serene environment.

  1. Universal Studios

Located in the Universal City, this film studio is liable for numerous Hollywood blockbusters. Featured with a theme park which consists of rides themed on various box office hits. The place is a hub of entertainment with 5 nightclubs and over 30 restaurants for the guests in the vicinity.