Argentina Tourism

A country where the human-being and nature collaborate in a harmonious way to offer a land of natural and man-shaped wonders. A country where you can find in one hand the nature with the majestic high glaciers and the clouds scrapping peaks of the Andes, and the flat magical and heavenly vineyards of Mendoza, and in the other hand the quasi-equal amazing man-shaped monuments such as the luxurious Iglesia San Francisco, the most photographed parts of Buenos Aires, the largest painting you can find the “Caminito”. The Argentina seems to be a wonderful land, but like this article will prove to you, the word “wonderful” is way less than truth

The first hand will go as expected to Mother Nature with the panoramic Iguazú Falls, it’s in a way the master jewel in a full crown called Argentina, located in the north eastern corner of the country near the borders of Paraguay and Brazil, one of the largest and majestic waterfalls in the world, even taller than Niagra and twice larger, protected by a jungle that is a heaven for nature troopers

Staying with water, the nature marks another point with the Perito Moreno Glacier, the enormous Glacier situated in the Los Glaciers National Park. It is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Argentina because of its size and accessibility, viewing platforms and trails that let both the trip and the watching easy and lovely.

Ushuaia, a city that everybody heard the name before but never realized that it’s place, more known for beauty brand, and travel documentary series, well it’s because they are two things that entirely fit the description of this amazing city, a beautiful city, that is the southernmost city in the world, a portal or the base for hiking, skiing and cruises to Antarctica.

Even though the nature made it clear that Argentina is a piece of heaven, the argentines have made it even greater, and not just know, Cueva de las Manos is an archaeological spot that is an essential destination for anybody who appreciates art or history, This cave is well-known for its iconic stenciled outlines of overlapping hands, but it includes painted hunting scenes and figurative pictographs as well. Fast-forward from caves to top beach resort city, laid on the Atlantic cost, Mar del Plata is the main attraction of millions of tourists each year, it’s so touristic due to its lively culture, it can get literally crowded during summer weekends. If you like history but not that much to go back to 9000 years cave, there is a must-to-visit destination, the 17th century Iglesia San Francisco, the most mesmerizing colonial structure, with its magnificent white pillars and multi-tiered tower proudly stating their Italian/Roman roots, this church alone is worth the visiting of Salta.

But the after all that been said the real reason that make Argentina, a TOP LEVEL destination, is not the landscapes, or the human-shaped monuments, but it’s actually the nature of humans in Argentina, this collaboration gives a culture so rich, that people from all over the world come to see the largest dance floor, whenever and wherever you go on Buenos Aires there will be someone dancing Tango on the street. Crowds gathering, music been played. There are numerous Tango dancers and some are incredibly good and some just put on a good show for the fascinated audience. In every event it gives the city a unique ambiance and many tourists find it captivating.

Here is the list of top tourist destinations in Argentina. Argentina is also famous for its football team and the amazing matches that they have won. You can enjoy the high hills, glacial lakes and grasslands and the traditional grazing ground of its famed beef cattle in Argentina. Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. The official language of Argentina is Spanish. The main point of attractions in Argentina are:

Bariloche – Lake district city known for chocolate
Mendoza – Capital of Malbec wine-growing region
Córdoba – Manzana Jesuítica, cuarteto & modern art
Ushuaia – Patagonian city & Antarctica cruise port
Salta – Andes, colonial sites & Incan mummies
El Calafate – Gateway to Los Glaciares National Park
Mendoza Province – Wineries, rivers, hot springs, nature reserves, volcanoes
Rosario – National Flag Memorial & Paraná River
Puerto Madryn – Whale-watching & Valdes Peninsula
Mar del Plata – Fishing, beaches, surfing, contemporary art, sports
Salta Province – Capital city Salta & Cafayate wineries
Puerto Iguazú – Casinos, waterfalls, rainforests, nature
San Martín de los Andes – Lakes, skiing, hot springs, rafting, fly fishing
Tandil – Museums, history
Colón – Hot springs, rivers
Santa Fe – Colonial sites & Paraná River cruises
Villa Carlos Paz – Theater, lakes
San Rafael – Malbec wineries & whitewater rafting
Tigre, Buenos Aires – Rivers, casinos, safaris, museums, architecture
San Luis – Hot springs, culture
El Chaltén – Hiking, glaciers, backpacking, lakes, rock climbing
San Juan Province, Argentina – Wineries, cycling, rivers, history, culture
Las Grutas – Beaches, fishing, casinos, cliffs
El Bolsón – Beer, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, backpacking
Villa de Merlo – Paragliding, waterfalls, chalets, nature
Posadas – Casinos, history, gambling
Villa La Angostura – Lakes, forests, skiing, waterfalls, bistros
Gualeguaychú – Hot springs, rivers
San Miguel de Tucumán – Art, architecture, culture, history, museums
La Plata – Fencing, tango, culture, architecture, theater
Esquel – Skiing, fishing, lakes, culture, snowboarding
Valdes Peninsula – Orca, whales, penguins, sea lions, nature reserves
Corrientes – Fishing, casinos, churches, history, architecture
San Pedro – Fishing, museums
Victoria – Hot springs, casinos, fishing, abbeys, water parks
Pinamar – Beaches, tennis, surfing, forests, fishing
Trelew – Casinos, penguins, history, fishing, museums
Termas de Río Hondo – Hot springs, grand prix motorcycle racing, rivers
Sierra de La Ventana – Ecotourism
Bahía Blanca – Culture, history, architecture, museums
Río Gallegos – Fishing, penguins, estuaries, boxing, rivers
Concordia – Hot springs, fishing, sports, water parks, rivers
Cafayate – Wineries, waterfalls, backpacking, rivers, wine
Malargüe – Planetariums, volcanoes, hot springs, observatories, caves
Paraná – Yacht clubs, rivers, sports, fishing, history
Ischigualasto Provincial Park – Parks, fossils, nature
Villa Gesell – Beaches, fishing, history