Afghanistan Tourism

Afghanistan is located within South Asia and Central Asia with a total population of around 32 million. Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan. The official language of the country is Pashto, Dari. Here you can find out some best museums, gardens and best mosques of the world.

List of top tourist places in Afghanistan

Kabul – Here you can find out some Zoos, skateboarding and historic palaces
Bamyan Province – History, lakes, skiing, mining, buddhism
Bamyan – Culture, caves, buddhism, skiing, history
Kandahar – Pomegranate, Alexander the Great, alpine skiing, history, skiing
Band-e Amir National Park – Lakes, parks, wildlife, nature
Herat – History, music, painting, literature, art
Paghman – Concerts, theater, music, culture
Ghazni – History, architecture
Balkh – Ancient history, buddhism, culture, history, rivers
Baghlan Province – Mining, literature
Sistan – Rivers, history, lakes, culture, mountains
Bagram – History, yoga, ancient history, excavations, museums
Badghis Province – Forests, mining, music
Lashkar Gah – Concerts, music
Fayzabad, Badakhshan – Middle ages, history
Puli Khumri – Weaving, mining, music
Sheberghan – Mining
Farah – American old west
Samangan – Buddhism
Mes Aynak – Mining, buddhism, excavations, archaeological sites, monasteries