The capital town of Bhutan and the center of govt, religious beliefs, and business, Thimphu is an exclusive city with an uncommon combination of recent development together with traditional customs. Although not what one desires from a capital city, Thimphu is still suitable and vibrant place. The place to find civil servants, retirees and monk body, Thimphu preserves a strong nationwide personality in its structural style.

Nearby destinations at Thimphu

Memorial Chorten

This stupa was integrated 1974 in the memory of Bhutan’s third Master, His Delayed Majesty, Master Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, who is famously considered Father of recent Bhutan. The artwork and sculptures within the monument provide a deep understanding of Buddhist viewpoint.Memorial Chorten Thimpu

National Library

The record of Bhutan can be found imprinted in ancient text messages, which are maintained at the National Collection. Besides thousands of manuscripts and traditional text messages, the library also has contemporary educational books and publishing prevents for prayer banners.National Library Thimpu

Cherry Goemba

Visit one of the important destinations of Thimpu and Bhutan’s first monastery, long ago again to several century. It keeps great traditional and spiritual significance and the beauty and relaxed atmosphere here has no range.Cherry Goemba Thimpu

Textile Art gallery

To learn about the living nationwide art of weaving, check out this museum. Events present the major weaving techniques, styles of regional dress and fabrics made by women and men. There is usually a small number of weavers working their looms within the shop, which features work from the well-known weaving centers in Lhuentse Dzongkhag, our ancestors is known for the elegant close relatives in east Bhutan.Textile Art gallery Thimpu

Botanical Landscapes

Located about 15 kilometers from Thimpu, this is fast becoming a popular end of the week spot for individuals looking for a brief jaunt out of the limits of the city. Appreciate children members trip or simply walk around. This is the perfect position to rest.

Handicrafts Shops

A wide variety of vibrant, hand weaved fabrics and other art products are available for purchase at the government-run Handcraft Zone and many smaller designs stores around the city.

Takin Preserve

The preserve homes the Takin, an exclusive, vulnerable varieties found only in Bhutan, Nepal, Chinese suppliers, and Burma. Bhutan has selected it as the nationwide animal due to its significance in the country’s spiritual and social record.

The Individuals Culture Museum

A three-storeyed building long ago again to the mid 19thcentury, it offers us a look at a conventional Bhutanese farm house and non-urban past with millstones long ago again to more than 150 decades, conventional kitchen garden and hot rock bath.

Buddha Factor

To have a charming view of the Thimpu Valley, take a trip to Buddha Factor where there is a spectacular, brown sculpture of a 51-foot-high sitting Buddha. Pay your aspects and amazing at the biggest sculpture in the country as you walk around the position.Buddha Factor Thimpu

Zangto Pelri Lhakhang

It is said to be an imitation of Expert Rinpoche’s heavenly residence and was integrated the 90’s by the Delayed Dasho Aku Tongmi, who composed the nationwide anthem.


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