Madagascar is one of the largest areas that has been settled by a number of the humans. This place over the natural beauty and it makes very people forget about many places. It is located more than off of the East coast of Africa in the major part of the Indian Ocean. It also knows the 1000 of plant and animal creatures found in the world. It’s an extraordinary natural diversity that earned the county with the nickname of the eighth continent. It provides the traditional look and national culture, reverence.

Ranomafana national park

Located in the southeastern of the Madagascar near the villages of the Ranomafana National park. It is one national most popular park, which filled with number of the animal and other birds. It is filled with the numerous streams splashing though densely forested hills. It is said to be the home of the endangered golden lemur an animal whose diet so offer bamboo shoots that contains doses of cyanide. At the same time it is filled with charming golden lemur that feed on the bamboo without ill effects. There are a number of plant and trees that emits free air to the major people.

Ranomafana national park - Madagascar

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

It is considered as one of the country, that most of the sacred spots by the respectively people of Malagasy for 500 years. It is one consider as the historic villages which was of the Madagascar of royalty. The walls are well surrounded the village that was made in the years of 1847. It is built with a mortar of lime and egg whites.

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga - Madagascar


This name had given 2 dusty finishing villages on the Madagascar. They are many fishing equipment which act the main business for those people. The culture is truly natural and behaves in a friendly manner. It brings the natural look of the creating the coastal water that are ideal for major reason, such as diving, snorkeling, and other fishing. Expedia coupons provides the  luxury  look  that  provide  the  right  support to  stay. This desert inland area is well known for its spiny forest and it is filled with strange trees and brings the great shape. This will bring a great look for the people who hand eye it.

Avenue of Baobabs - Attractive tourist destinations in madagascar

Avenue of Baobabs

It is filled with a group of trees lining the dirt road between the Mordondava and Beloni Tsiribihina in the part of the western Madagascar. It acts more important place for the majority people to fix the destination to spend time at least once in a year. There is Baobab trees that has ages of the 800 years and they make use of the agriculture, leaving only with the famous Baobab trees. This will give the glorious look for the different people to stay and enjoy with more comfort.

Avenue of Baobabs - Madagascar

Therefore you can plan destination and enjoy spending time with more comfort to the major people from various part of the country. Over the online, you can find out a number of additional support for to collect the worthier information about the Madagascar which is complete freedom for the customer to access such website.


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