People are generally familiar with the often mentioned wine-making regions of the world such as French Bordeaux, Italian Tuscany or Californian Napa Valley, but the market reveals some other worthy rivals. Australian wine-growing culture may seem like a new player in the big game, yet the facts tell a different story. They take up the significant fourth place in the international production and export of this precious beverage. The south of the country is cooler and more suitable for the plants and production, so most of the wineries are grouped on this territory. Also, the vicinity of locations makes it great for road trips and tourism. Until you decide to actually embark on such journey, join us for a virtual tour to become more acquainted with the beauty and wine potential of this magnificent country.

Hunter Valley

Let’s start with the ground that has the longest tradition in the wine growing field. Families started to plant there in the early 18th century, and the practice still stands. Semillon is the Valley’s most renowned wine, but other varieties don’t fall far behind. We recommend you visit theannual Opera in the Vineyards event for a unique and thrilling experience. When it comes to food, chocolate lovers can enjoy the homemade version here, along with sourdough baked goodies and olive oils. To top the experience, consider having a hot balloon or helicopter ride and secure a unique view of the nature and fields.

Barossa Valley - Get Tourism Info

Barossa Valley

While Hunter Valley is the original founding ground of wine-making in Australia, Barossa Valley is the first one to actually commercialize the process. It still retains the look of the olden days, and the friendly and heartwarming atmosphere is ever present in restaurants and other establishments. Barossa’s major asset is the diverse nature of its climate which contributes to success of famous brands like Seppeltsfield and Penfolds. You can also rent a bicycle or spent a day in a wellness centre to loosen up. If you get hungry, expertly smoked meats and pastry are easily within reach.

Yarra Valley - Get Tourism Info

Yarra Valley

This area is home to a great number of smaller and large-scale wineries alike which function in perfect harmony together. The regions prides in its sparkling varieties and distinctive pinot noir. Be kind to your gut and provide it with the localorganic veggies and fruit which are paired fantastically with localfreshwater salmon and caviar. Art enthusiasts can come and see for themselves why the seasonal metamorphosis of Yarra Valley’s nature attracts and houses many painters from different corners of the world.

Mornington Peninsula - Get Tourism Info

Mornington Peninsula

This lovely stretch of Australia is just a quick drive away from Melbourne, and it’s packed with astonishing orchards and more than couple of hundred vineyards. Subtle weather conditions are beneficial to its pinot noir, so it’s the best place to search forboutique wines. Bring a basket of fresh strawberries to munch on and get vitamin D for your body at one of the popular beaches.

Margaret River - Get Tourism Info

Margaret River

This region is definitely worth embarking on a trip of few hours from Perth. Something to jolly for the belly here may include crayfish straight from the ocean or organic truffles and beef for the connoisseurs. The wine range lists the finest sauvignon blanc and merlot, among others. Surfers will find their ideal waves in these waters, and hikers may roam the stunning forests and caves of Margaret River.

Australia 1 - Get Tourism Info

Australia is undoubtedly the one to watch when the wine-making craft is in question. The undiscovered gem holds a valuable collection of vineyards and additional activities that kindly welcomes their new visitors, so don’t let it wait for too long.


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