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Nature has so many mind-boggling surprises for us to explore. There are many secrets of beauty that are yet to be discovered, either through land, through water or through any other possible source that we can possibly think of. When we talk about the continents of the world, Australia Tourism comes up as one of the most naturally rich parts of the Earth known till date. Australia Tourism is among the highest rated countries on the scale of tourism because you can find innumerable and diverse points of attraction in Australia that have been blessed with the purest scenic beauty ever. You will find the perfect balance between the architectural zenith and the pastoral beauty in this country. Here are the 10 top tourist destinations in Australia Tourism that would tempt you towards visiting this country once for sure:

  1. Sydney Tourism

This city is considered as the emblem of Australia’s tourism success. It houses the biggest proportion of the Australian population. In this city, you would find the amazing architecture, monuments and other man-made pieces of art present in perfect harmony with the natural tranquility. Sydney is the strongest booster of Australia tourism because it has got so much to offer to the visitors like theaters, caves, huge man-made aquariums, cruises, wineries etc. What catches most of the attention is the ever-so-famous Sydney Opera house, a true hallmark of Australia tourism.

  1. Perth Tourism

This city presents the organic side of Australia tourism. Here the biggest points of attraction are the famous gardens, museums, zoos, art galleries and cultural centers. These places have the most fascinating history of Australia tourism and interesting facts and figures about the Australian culture preserved for sharing with the visitors.

  1. Kangaroo Island Tourism

How can you forget about kangaroos and koalas while being in Australia tourism? This small example of Australian tourism says it all about the wildlife and natural diversity found in the continent. You can find different species of kangaroos, koala bears, whales, dolphins, penguins, eagles, seals and other fun species that you would never have seen anywhere else in the world. Marine life lovers! This is the place for you!

  1. Tasmania Tourism

This place is counted among the top tourist destinations in Australia because of its significance to the country’s image and its value for the tourists. This place is worth-visiting as a whole because it offers innumerable opportunities to the tourists to relax and enjoy the nature at its best. Australia tourism is the best and affordable tourism in the world.

  1. Adelaide Tourism

This place is filled with the major points of attraction in Australia tourism. If you want to enjoy what the 21st century Australia has in store for you, then don’t forget to schedule your visit to this place. Amidst the scenic beauty, Adelaide has the best arrangements for the locals as well as the tourists to enjoy the exceptional nightlife and urban colors of Australia with full swing. Australia tourism is on number one in current scenerio.

  1. Uluru Tourism

Here comes the highlight of all the Australian tourism excitement! If you want to take a souvenir back home from Australia, then just click a pic and keep this monolith rock stored in your memories forever. This rock presents such sceneries that are irresistible, particularly at dawn and dusk. You can find a mesmerizing show of colors on this magical rock that you would never want to miss. Australia tourism provides the best tourism experience.

  1. Kakadu National Park

This park is also a great place to be at, especially for the families in Australia tourism. It has got the most unique species of flora and fauna well-preserved and nourished. It has also preserved the natural habitats of these species so that you can get good amount of information about the wildlife Australia primitively had.

  1. Fraser Island Tourism

A wonderful sand island awaits you here as one of the most desirable points of attraction in Australia tourism. It offers a sound place to bask in the sun and enjoy the calm winds blowing over the water waves. Along with that, it has some wildlife species that are on the verge of extinction. This fact further increases the value of this tourist attraction worldwide. Australia tourism provides the best tourism experience.

  1. Cairns Tourism

It is another wonderful example of Australia tourism because not only it carries us to the Great Barrier Reef but also provides us with strong accounts of marine life that is worth exploring more in the future. Cairns tourism is on top in Australia tourism.

  1. Jamison Valley Tourism

Why not have some fun time with your friends or family in Australia to enjoy more about Australia Tourism? Visit this place for a fun tour of the cable car. Having a ride in the air with lush green sight all around is nothing but truly divine.

These few places mark the height of Australian tourism. There are countless other points of attraction in Australia that are worth-mentioning but we recommend you to visit and explore these places yourself. The pure beauty and sheer architectural perfection would expose you to a new world of advancement, creativity, love for the nature and magnificence where each and every place is an eye-catcher, making the dreams of many come true.

Australia tourism offers you to do different things in Australia like Adventure you can visit Australian Zoos, Festivals, Events, Natural photography and do best Shopping. Australia is also famous for its Wine and Food courts. May be you have heard many stories about Australian tourism but trust me go one time there and you will never forget the trip. Let’s plan your trip by collecting some data about Australia tourism.

A Look At Top Tourist Destinations In Australia

Australia is a huge country indeed, and is blessed with a plethora of sceneries, landscapes and beaches all around. There are many interesting activities for the vacationers and exciting attractions matching every taste. If you are a diver, wildlife lover, backpacker, surfer or just a person who love wandering and exploring, there are amazing places to experience in Aussie!

Having a bucket list for the stimulating places in Australia tourism will help you in giving an idea about what to do in advance. If you like to enjoy your holidays through roadways, then hiring campervan can be a great option. All you have to do is stuff the vehicle with all the necessary belongings and kick start to complete your bucket list experiences.

Top 5 Best Places In Australia To Cover Up

This bucket list with 5 fantastic places will help you explore not just the place but your inner self. Have unlimited fun, either alone or with a group of buddies.

  1. Dalhousie Springs

It is one of the most favorite places by the travellers in Australia tourism, it is in Witjira National Park and known to be the best oasis. While on the way to Simpson Desert, spending a night at the location can be a memorable experience indeed. Have you wondered why it is termed as oasis? Well, it is a region with natural hot springs in the centre of a large desert area. Swimming in hot water can refresh a tired tourist. People can enjoy a great time here as there are special facilities arranged. You can feel tiny fish in the water, they will not harm you.

  1. Piccaninnie Ponds

Have you ever seen crystal clear and clean water? Explorer the Piccaninnie Ponds which is in the Limestone Coast. It is one of the best sites for water activities such as snorkelling and diving in Australia Tourism. The Tank Cave in the surrounding area is known to be the longest cave underground, and it is ideal for strong divers. However, be aware of some dangerous passages near Engelbrecht cave! It is one of the most visited site in Australia tourism.

  1. New South Wales

If you have ever dreamt of being in a fantasy world, then come to New South Wales. The region is popular for no light pollution unlike other areas. And it makes people enjoy the silent ambience, natural location and millions of sparkling stars. It is for sure the best location to catch up for the star gazing activity in Australia tourism.

  1. Carnarvon Gorge

A lot of people like to discover ancient sights and galleries, if you are one of them then visit Carnarvon George which is in the Carnarvon National Park. The park is located about 600 km from Brisbane. You will definitely enjoy some old hand prints and engraving which are millions of years old. These portray olden lifestyle of the people and are a perfect spot for history lovers. It is one of the top tourist destination in Australia Tourism.

  1. Ningaloo Reef

Check out the Coral Coast of Western Australia tourism, it is a mesmerising place for the natural lovers. Enjoying snorkelling and getting close to the marine life will tickle your hearts away. Some amazing water animals can be spotted here such as manta rays, tropical fish and rare species of turtles. Missing out this place will make you regretful to a greater extent.


So, if you wish to include the above mentioned places in your bucket lit of Australia tourism, and you are all set to start your thrill, then book a campervan in Australia and move around freely. This is the right time to break the ice of the monotonous life and have some adventure in life. All the best folks!

Discover the Most Beautiful Places of Western Australia

Occupying a third of the entire continent, Western Australia is a land of extreme opposites, where endless stretches of powdery white sand beach stand at the same territory as rugged gorges and where bizarre rock formations can be seen in the same day as sweeping fields of wildflowers. One could actually spend an entire lifetime exploring it, but if you do not have that much time on your disposal, here, we will present you with some of the most amazing places you simply must see, when in this state. Australia tourism provides different types of tourist spots.

Where the Water Is Pink and Dreams Come True…

One of the most breathtaking wonders of nature in Western Australia is Lake Hiller (even though there are also some other pink lakes in this territory), situated on Middle Island of Recherche Archipelago. When seen from above, the lake seems like a solid bubble gum pink, surrounded by a rim of sand and lush greenery. The Pink Lake near Esperance is also great to see. Why these lakes are pink is still a mystery for science, although we like to think that it is the proof that Mother Nature fell in love with Australia.

The Proof We Are so Small in Space and Time

The soil of Karijini National Park has been there in the same state for over 2 billion years, if that does not make you humbled and tiny, we do not know what possibly could. This is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in state, so it is unavoidable to explore it when in Western Australia. The deep gorges with waterfalls and rock pools can fascinate every visitor just on sight, but the best way to actually experience the sublimeness of this park is by exploring Kalamina Gorge or going to the Oxer Lookout for the most alluring view.

Under the Sea, Darling It Is Better…

Ningaloo Reef Marine Park is a unique place, not just in Australia, but also on the entire planet. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest fringing reef in the world and one of the few places where tourists are allowed to swim with the sharks. The marine park is home to many amazing creatures, like dugongs, manta rays, whale sharks, turtles, and more than 500 species of fish. It is a great starting point for reef trips and scuba diving.

The Beating Heart of Western Australia

The vibrant, yet sophisticated capital of Western Australia has changed much during the past decades, all thanks to a mining boom, which made it one of the world’s most liveable cities, but Perth is much more than its skyscrapers and glitzy shops. It is a city of nature (Botanic Garden), of culture (Perth Cultural Centre) and beaches (City Beach and Port Beach). Most of all, Perth is a city of gourmet restaurants (more restaurants per capita than in any other Australian city) and fantastic wines. The succulent seafood tastes just as good in a world class restaurant and in budget-friendly diner, while the wines found in boutique wine cellars can also be bought in local bottle shops in Perth.

A True City Escape

If you want to truly escape the city noise, you should visit the Rottnest Island, a car-free nature reserve. The island is an actual paradise on earth with coral reefs, sparkling bay and white-sand beaches. It is a perfect place for snorkelling and swimming without too much crowd and distractions. Top attractions on Rottnest Island are the Parker Point Marine Trail, the Rottnest Museum with collections of historical material and relics of shipwrecks and Vlamingh Lookout.

The Beauty of Bizarre

One of the strangest attractions in Western Australia is by far the Pinnacles. It is a group of thousand limestone pillar rising from the yellow sand and forming rock formations that range in height from between a few cm to 4 m. Although their origin is yet to be determined, it is believed that they are formed by wind and water erosion. The possibilities of exploring are limited to walking trail and a scenic drive.

These were just a few reasons to visit Western Australia, where the extraordinary wonders of nature are ordinary and common. Enjoy your trip.

Australia’s Top Destinations for Whale Watchers

With over 45 different species of whales around the continent and over 60% of the world’s whale population found in these waters, Australia is a popular choice for whale watchers around the world. Here are some of the top areas for whale watching:

Hervey Bay, QLD

Humpback whales that annually migrate south have made Hervey Bay their regular stop. They begin arriving at this location mid July, where they stay until mid November before continuing south. Since Fraser Island shelters these waters, humpback whales stop here to play and rest with their young.

Albany, WA

Humpbacks migrating north-west towards Broome are seen travelling across Albany Bay between the months of June to November. Southern right whales migrate from Antarctica towards the north as well, and take shelter in this southern bay to mate or give birth prior to returning south. If you visit Albany for whale watching, you can learn about the various whale species at “Whale World”, an interactive museum that was once a whaling station.

Exmouth, WA

Between the months of April and July, Exmouth is visited by whale sharks, usually to feed on the zooplankton that thrives in the warmer waters. Given their name, a whale shark is actually the world’s largest sea mammal that can grow as long as 18 meters in length. These mammals swim across the world in search for locations that have food in high concentrations. The only place where whale sharks are known to return regularly and in large numbers is Ningaloo Reef at Exmouth, WA.

Port Stephens, NSW

Made up of 26 glorious sandy beaches, Port Stephens is home to about 160 bottlenose dolphins. This is also a great location from where tourists can admire the humpbacks and their acrobatic displays during their annual migration in the months of June to August and their return from the southern region in September and November.

Victor Harbor, SA

The best time to spot whales here in Victor Harbor are the months of July and August. It’s the time when southern right whales return to these sheltered bays to mate and calve. Victor Harbor is also home to penguins, an entire colony of the world’s smallest penguin breed. Southern right whales are usually seen about 100 meters offshore. Since these whales don’t swim very fast, they can be seen near the horizon for long periods of time.

Eden, NSW

The very first humpback whales to make their annual migration to the warm waters of Queensland are seen in the south coastal town of Eden between the months of June and August. If you wait a while longer, you can see mothers and their calves as they return to south Antarctica as well. Humpbacks travel in big numbers and usually stay close to the shore with their young ones. Orcas and sperm whales can also be found here, but they are usually a bit further off the coast, close to the continental shelf.

These are among the top destinations in Australia that are definitely worth exploring if you fancy experiencing the thrill of watching some of the largest mammals on this planet. Tips provided by Colin Ozwhale Watching.

States and Territories in Australia

  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • Northern Territory
  • Western Australia
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Australian Capital Territory

Icons of Australia

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Red Centre
  • Great Ocean Road
  • Kakadu
  • The Kimberley
  • Kangaroo Island
  • Byron Bay
  • Tasmanian Wilderness
  • Australian Alps
  • Ningaloo
  • Flinders Ranges
  • Fraser Island
  • Freycinet
  • Gippsland
  • Blue Mountains
  • Namadgi National Park

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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