Amy Fischer


Whenever someone mentions the words “bachelor party”, scenes and images from the movie “The Hangover” seem to pop to mind. However, the explosion of decadence and debauchery isn’t the only thing that might define a groom’s last days of freedom. Bachelor parties also come with a price tag so keeping costs in mind can also help you decide which place can properly accommodate your appetites without wreaking havoc to your wallet. Check out this list and see if it helps you decide on how you will spend your final moments as a single man.


Hungary’s capital earns more money on tourism than the rest of the country’s cities combined. Budapest bachelor activities are all focused on the City Center, where top-notch entertainment spots, bars, clubs, pubs, and discos are sprouting from the ground like mushrooms. Such loose, party atmosphere is hard to come by in Europe, making Budapest one of the favorites where quantity hasn’t deteriorated quality. The city is teeming rich selection of restaurants, hospitality service is at a very high standard, citizens are friendly and open-hearted, so prepare to have an eventful bachelor vacation that is 60-70% cheaper than your typical Western Europe destinations.


Never insist on pointing out that Romania is Dracula’s country. It would be the same as saying the state of Wisconsin is only known for its cheese. Romania is so much more than vampire stories and its prosperous capital boasts some of the most exciting nightlife scenes you can imagine. Famous for its wide tree-lined boulevards and second largest building in the world after Pentagon, Bucharest hosts bachelor parties in a vibrant modern environment, which, by the way, won’t cost you a fortune to explore. Check out why this city is one of Europe’s top centers of high-quality education, high broadband internet speed, and lavish leisure.


Hailed as the bachelor capital of Europe, the jewel of the Czech Republic’s is definitely a must-visit place to celebrate your final days as a single man. Every online statistical or empirical survey says that Prague will always get your money’s worth, especially when it comes to beer. With less than a $1 per pint, you won’t have to spend more than $100 on 10 people in your bachelor entourage to get wasted like proper gentlemen. The food is great, locals know their English well, and the city is packed with an array of bachelor activities that will constantly keep you on your feet.


Hamburg holds the title as Germany’s party capital. Considering that this city has launched the Beatles into the mainstream, it is no wonder why culture is constantly flourishing. Compared to Prague, Hamburg is a bit more expensive but the choice of activities, such as party boats, excursions to St. Pauli’s Red Light District, and beer biking, make it a perfect bachelor destination. People are quite open-minded, women are classy, and everything is regulated at high standards so you won’t have to fear getting scammed or ripped off.


Of course, these cities are just the tip of the iceberg. Europe boasts a multitude of amazing hidden city gems, especially when it comes to celebrating your final single days before tying the knot. Just remember to look a bit more to the east. These parts are just dying to be explored and won’t cost you a fortune for the same service as the rest of Europe.