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Regardless of where you’re travelling to, accommodation prices are an unavoidable expense that often costs a fortune. However, there are certain measures that you can take to significantly reduce the cost of accommodation for your next holiday. Check out the following suggestions of accommodation deals that’ll leave you with more spending cash than you’ve ever anticipated.

  1. Stay with a Local

If you’re travelling alone, then the best way to slash accommodation costs would be to stay in the home of someone who is based in your destination of choice. Staying with a local give you an opportunity to get a really good feel of what a place is like, as they’ll most probably take you on excursions that most tourists don’t get to see, and the best part is that you’ll be staying free of charge for the entire trip! To find reliable and safe hospitality exchanges, search on websites like Hospitality Club, Global Freeloaders and Couch Surfing, where all the users have been verified and reviewed for your peace of mind.

  1. Short Term Rentals

These are very popular right now, and they offer oodles of value for money. With short-term rentals, you get to stay at a fully furnished home or apartment, with similar amenities as those you’d find at a hotel, like housekeeping and sometimes even a car, so it’s definitely worth trying. This is a great option if you’re travelling as a couple or a family, or even a group of friends, and could save you a ton of money when compared to the cost of staying at a hotel. Other benefits include being able to get that home feeling even when staying abroad, and having a kitchen to cook from to cut costs. Apart from AirBnB, you can get great home rental deals on Wimdu and Roomrama.

  1. Try out Farm Living

If you’ve always been curious about the farm life, then why not try out farm living for a few weeks? A farm stay offers the opportunity to learn how a farm really works, and can even come with the chance to take part in a few custom farm-style outdoor activities.  Staying at a farm has a similar feel and cost to staying at a Bed and Breakfast, although the rate varies according to the type of farm you’re staying at, and the facilities that they offer. To get access to great farm stay deals, visit the Farm Stay Accommodation website and look for farm stay options in your area.

  1. Hostels

In the past, hostels were known as sort of grungy, dorm-style accommodation that only catered to large groups of travellers. While there are still those types of hostels available, most have seriously upgraded their facilities to cater for couples and singles as well, with individual rooms and amenities that rival those of some of the best hotels. Plus they’re available at an accessible price range that caters to even the most budget-conscious traveller. The Hostelworld website has a wide selection of hostels to choose from that are safe, dependable, cheap and comfortable.

  1. Stay at a Monastery

This is a fairly unusual and new phenomenon, where travellers can opt to stay at a monastery, for a fraction of the price of a normal hotel. Granted the lodgings at a monastery are quite austere, and there are often curfews involved, but at least you get a clean, safe and semi-comfortable place to lay your head each night, and some even offer meals as well. To book a monastery stay, visit

  1. Local Websites

There are many rental websites online with a large list of accommodation property. These are owned by local business people who know the area very well. Booking with them means peace of mind because they know the ins and outs of the rental market and will not allow crooks to cheat the system. Unlike these big companies run by a huge team of employess. These employees have no clue what goes on in that area, and have no expertise of the rental market in general.

  1. Local Bloggers

Local bloggers do not usually have a commercial reason for promoting an accommodation place rather than the other, so you usually find their unbiased reviews of hotels, hostels, bnb’s etc. And they tend to update their content on a regular basis. Websites like in Malta and in Greece are 2 examples of blogs where you find the right information from local bloggers.

Wherever you decide to stay, it is advisable to do a research online, if you type in the accommodation property name + review, you should be able to find real reviews from people who have stayed in that rental property. These are honest reviews by real people.


Not everyone is able or enjoys going on holiday during the summer. Prices often skyrocket, you’ll have to deal with big crowds and sometimes sweltering temperatures which can really put a damper on your holiday. If you prefer to take your trips a little later in the year to avoid crowds and to keep costs down, read on for our top picks ideal for an amazing winter getaway.

New York City

Winter in Central Park, from above, with macro lens (New York City)

Many people dream of visiting New York in winter. Central Park might be covered in snow, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center will be lit after Thanksgiving and Saks Fifth Avenue will have created their magnificent holiday shop windows for all to admire. Starbucks and similar shops go crazy with Eggnog Lattes and Peppermint Mochas. New York will be a wonderful place to visit.

Though snow is obviously not guaranteed, Central Park is still a must-see when in New York. The park is beautifully surrounded by skyscrapers and offers a bit of serenity away from hustle and bustle of the streets. There is a zoo located at the south end of the park if you want to some wildlife. This small zoo features monkeys, polar bears and even a gorgeous snow leopard. The park also includes a petting zoo with pigs, sheep and goats, and it’s open all year round.

The Canary Islands

Probably one of the easiest ways to soak up some sun during the cold and gloomy winter months is by scheduling a visit to one of the Canary Islands. The average temperatures will lay around 20°C, perfect to escape the dreary UK winter. Tickets for Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are all very similar if you are able to get direct flights. If you want to visit La Palma, take into account that flights are generally slightly more expensive than flying to Tenerife or Lanzarote.

All islands offer sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes. There are plenty of chances to get a little active during your holidays. Consider booking a scuba diving course, or take a beautiful hike and enjoy the islands’ beautiful flora and fauna. If you are in Tenerife, schedule a visit to Teide National Park, the island’s volcano.

The Alps

If you actually enjoy the cold, why not go for an amazing ski and snowboarding holiday in the famous Alps? There are some amazing resorts in France, Italy and Austria. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned skier or snowboarder, all areas include runs and slopes for all abilities. If you are new to winter sports, stick to the green and blue slopes. More experienced skiers can go wild on the red and black slopes. Be careful with going off-piste, there might be fines involved depending on the area you are visiting, not to mention it can be incredibly dangerous. Some amazing resorts in France include Tignes and Méribel, wheres as Austria has the famous Kitzbühel resort. If you preferred catered accommodation, consider booking through a tour operator as Mark Warner. They have amazing arrangements for families travelling with kids to make your stay amazing. They also have adult-only chalet hotels if you don’t want to deal with someone else’s offspring.


Malta is another great destination during the winter months. On average, Malta has a staggering 300 days of sunshine with very mild winters. Although you can enjoy a typical sun, beach, sea holiday by booking yourself into an amazing resort, this island offers amazing activities as well. How about a Segway tour around the Dingli Cliffs area? This tour is suitable from the ages 12 and up, so if you want something to keep the kids as well as the adults occupied, this is a great pick.

Visit Limestone Heritage Park & Gardens, an award-winning cultural attraction, for a great day out. The Park celebrates Maltese intricate history. There is also an onsite animal park, suitable for all ages, and make sure to stop at the Boutique for some amazing souvenirs.

Wooing your sweetheart needs to happen regularly. If you are considering taking your sweetheart for an unforgettable trip, your geography should not limit you. In fact, finding an exciting place somewhere interesting is away from the usual hustle and bustle of your everyday life needs you to take the bull by the horns and get romantic!  These areas in Africa can help you sweep your lover off their feet.

Victoria Falls

If you are thinking of a romantic setting, it’s hard to imagine anywhere else more romantic than the Victoria Falls. The falls are not only exotic and beautiful destinations for lovers, but they are also great at stimulating all the senses. You get to have your adrenaline pumping with all the adventures you will be engaging in which makes it all the more worthwhile. The experience gives you the shivers and butterflies in the stomach much like falling in love. It is, therefore, the perfect place for older couples who want to rekindle their love and fall in love with each other all over again. You will be excited by the experiences that provide the perfect picture of vintage points towering “smoke that thunders.” Alternatively, you can choose from a large number of adventurous activities like canoeing,  along with the Zambezi river to a beautiful candlelit dinner on the river banks. You can also view the game on sunset cruises and later enjoy an outdoor bubble bath. If you two can dream it, then Victoria Falls can provide it. This is a place that will live beyond your expectations and create memories you will cherish forever.

Cape town

This is known as the mother city in the country. It is one of the most recommended destinations for couples there is everything in Cape Town. Whether you are looking for an old world experience by riding a horse carriage down the streets or a romantic dinner setting under the stars. The Terroir Restaurant set upon the Kleine Zazzle Wine Farm also gives you all the romance you could ever ask for with vineyards all over and menus inspired by European cultures. You also get to enjoy seasonally important ingredients. You may also choose to visit Table Mountain using a cable car. This tour gives you a 360 degrees view of the background. This scene is even more romantic during sunrise or sunsets. Chart farm presents you with the chance to pick a couple of roses for your lady. You will find her favourite, and she will love you for it.


If you and your lover enjoy a quieter and less crowded place, then head to Zanzibar. It is the perfect honeymoon destination if you want to benefit from the presence of your love and enjoy feeling like you are the only people in the world. You will be surrounded by nature as you go through the various national parks. The Masoala national park, for instance, covers a significant part of the tropical rain forest and has three marine parks within it. You will also get to see ten different species of the lemur. If you visit the sacred spots within the island, you also get to experience great and romantic experiences together with the people’s cultures. The royal hill was once a home to Madagascar’s royalty and the village, therefore, has numerous artefacts from the great kings that lived in those times. You may also lose track of time in the  Ile Saint Marie an island that is protected by bays and wrecks of several pirate ships. These can be viewed in the shallow waters of the island. The waters on the island are clean, and still, so you can enjoy snorkelling and whale spotting during the summer.

Tofo, Mozambique

After you have spent your time in Holiday villas in Cape Town, you might want to consider spending your time in the tranquil bay looking over the Indian Ocean. This village has a colonial-era setting where the pace of life is syrupy slow, and the scent of freshly grilled lobster is irresistible. It is also the world’s premier destination where you can swim with whale sharks and manta rays. If you love the marine life, this is a place you will enjoy visiting.

“During these special times of the year, take advantage of the opportunity you have to spend time with loved ones, have real conversations and enjoy authentic moments.” –Alex and Ani

philippines With the Christmas holidays looming over us, it is to be expected that people will not only be drafting their Christmas shopping list or even their wish list, they would also have a Christmas and New Year itinerary ready. However, considering that most people would be getting and celebrating their Christmas and holiday vacations at the same time, several vacation places will be inevitably fully-booked.

With the deluge of potential vacationers, this coming December, booked-up airlines and crowded mall areas are to be expected. For those seeking a quiet time to bond with the family and enjoy the season, this can be a bit of a hassle. But this does not mean that you can no longer enjoy an excellent holiday with your family. There are a lot of things or places that can be located in the capital of the Philippines to lose your boredom. One of the most common is going to the places to enjoy it with your family. Like malls, restaurants and even checking some famous party venues in Manila. Try visiting any of the places listed below that are a bit closer to home but nonetheless, beautiful and picturesque destinations this coming holidays.

Here are the Philippine Destination to Visit This Holiday:

  1. Bacolod City

For a gastronomic Christmas feast, visit the city of smiles known as Bacolod City. Apart from the warm smiles and gentle warmth the locals treat their guests with, this city is known to have some of the best restaurants in the country. Other than the famed chicken inasal, the city is known for their delectable and sweet cakes and pastries—a feat that is nothing short of what is to be expected from the sugar capital of the Philippines. So, if you are looking for a culinary excursion this coming December that would not hurt your pockets one bit, visit this city and experience a different kind of holiday food trip.

  1. Laguna City

This town is teeming with sights and various tourist spots that your itinerary would be filled to the brim. There are a lot of places to visit in Laguna, and without a doubt, it is the best choice for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies. The city is known to host the nationally famous theme park known as the Enchanted Kingdom, a theme park which is excellent not only for kids but the kid at heart as well. This Christmas time, if you are bringing the entire family for a holiday trip, Laguna would be the premier choice—especially when you are travelling with little tots in tow.

  1. Puerto Princesa, Palawan

puerto princspan style=A summer getaway on Christmas time might seem a little unorthodox, but it is certainly not unheard of. If you have been meaning to go to Palawan for a while now, make it a point to visit this December. As it is off-season, you would not have to contend with hordes of tourists and other crowds of travellers and will have a more enjoyable experience and smooth-sailing experience than you would during the summer peak. This December, try seeing and immersing yourself in one of the seven natural wonders of the world and visit Palawan.

  1. Sibale Island, Romblon

For something a bit more extraordinary and unconventional, visit the Island of Sibale in Romblon. It is relatively unknown so you would not expect throngs of tourists and travellers being all around the place. The island is perfect for your Instagram portfolio and social media pages as everywhere you go would be an opportunity for a photo session. The picturesque views and sprawling landscapes would be enough to make any traveller wide-eyed with wonder. It is guaranteed that the island would not only take your breath away but steal your heart as well.

  1. Cebu City

The Queen City of the South is not only known to be the prime locus for the best tasting lechon in the Philippines. It is also known for its several iconic and archaic churches. These churches are best visited during the Christmas season as they light up their stone walls with various Christmas lights and offer something a bit more colourful and bright for the season. Additionally, if you are not in much of a hurry, spend New Year and a few more weeks in Cebu to see the biggest festival in the Philippines: Sinulog—the pride of the queen city of the south.

Since it was released to the wider public in 2009, Airbnb has gone from strength to strength and has created a huge shift in the hospitality industry. It has given the public a whole other option in terms of accommodation and swathes of people have adapted to using it for leisure and business travel. It gives them an easy to use solution for when they wish to stay in a location and even more so should they wish to gain a real authentic and immersive experience in locations all over the globe. On the other side of things, it has provided an additional income option for home-owners and for people who wish to sub-lease (subject to their lease agreement) whereby they have a platform to promote spare space they have to offer. Airbnb as the intermediary has created this platform which creates a community and focuses on high quality customer service. The guys at EZ Living have put together this useful infographic which details how to make the most of an Airbnb listing from the supply side of things. It highlights what you need to consider before choosing to list your spare room(s) or property on Airbnb and it covers other issues like personal security also. Check out this infographic below for more information.

Do you have a desire to work in Canada? If you have then you have to migrate to that country so that you can work there. It may be a situation though you have such a wish you may be confused regarding the way to be in Canada in the most appropriate manner. If you have such confusion then you have landed on the right page, just continue reading and you will have your confusion cleared.

Who can apply for such migration to Canada?

It is prudent to know who is eligible to have Canada visa working holiday. It is good to know so that you do not waste your time applying when you may not be eligible for having such a visa. The eligibilities that you need to have are:

  • The country that you have your citizenship from must have an agreement with the Canadian government that will allow you to apply for such a visa.
  • Your age must be between 18 and 35 years when you apply for such kind of a visa.
  • There should not be any criminal record in your name.
  • If you see that your country is not listed on the approved list then you must contact a recognized organization who will help you to have such kind of a visa.
  • You must be having a valid passport which is valid throughout the period of your stay in Canada.
  • You must be having at least CAD$2,500 when you reach Canada so that you can meet up the initial expenses that you have to bear.
  • Have a valid health insurance for the period that you stay at Canada.
  • The ticket that you have must a two-way ticket which will allow you to return from Canada after your stay at Canada.
  • You cannot be accompanied by anyone while you travel with such a visa.
  • You must pay the appropriate fee that is required for applying to have such a visa.

Yes, the eligibility list is long. You must confirm all those prior to making the application so that your application does not get rejected.

How to apply for such kind of a visa

You may have checked all the eligibility criteria and found yourself to be suitable for applying for such a working holiday Canada visa. Yu may be now concerned how to apply for this visa. This program is managed by a Section of DFAIT which is called IEC. Every year they sanction a certain number of visa to those who apply. So, now how to apply? You can apply through the following ways:

  • Apply directly to IEC: This is the most proper way to apply for having such a visa. Read through the instruction properly and you can apply for the visa.
  • Apply through an agent: If you find the above process difficult or do not find time for applying on your own you can do so having the help of recognized agents. This is a costly way of applying as the agents will charge you for the service.

So, as you get the visa book your ticket and work in Canada for at least 12 months.

Chennai is one of the most amazing cities in India. Coronating the crown of South India, Chennai holds a prominent place in India Tourism. People from all over the world visit Chennai and enjoy the beautiful aura of the city. Be it rich culture or plush business environ, be it an ethnicity of the city or the contemporary lifestyle, Chennai has made its unique place in terms of everything.

Known for its amazing history and charm, Chennai is also about many other things which make this city a perfect tourist delight. Here we are going to discuss about the nightlife of Chennai that will bring lots of unforgettable moments to you.

  1. Cinema Theaters and Multiplexes in Chennai
  2. Clubs and Pubs in Chennai
  3. Discotheques
  4. Shopping in Chennai
  5. Enjoy Midnight Food in Chennai

1. Cinema Theaters and Multiplexes in Chennai

Cinema holds a prominent place in society. Generation of today is quite fascinated by the cinemas and its new treatments and maybe it is the reason why Theaters plays a vital role in creating the nightlife in Chennai. After a hectic day, these cinema halls and multiplexes comes as a soothing treat for all. These multiplexes, cinema halls and coffee shops are now have become an integral part of the city.

2. Clubs and Pubs in Chennai

Still called as an old school when it’s come to traditions and culture, Chennai with its modern lifestyle will surprise you with the presence of pubs and clubs in the city. These Clubs and Pubs make Chennai filled with a sizzling nightlife. Clubs and Pubs these days fascinate youth a lot. These places are running beyond midnight, thus has become a significant option in forming the extravagant nightlife in Chennai.  Flowing booze, maddening crowds, loud music and an array of appetizers offered in these places will take you into another world.

3. Discotheques

A place like Chennai which is known for its traditional and mesmerizing classical music also offers the options of discs, surprising, right? Well, it must not be, as you know that the place is featuring as the prominent metropolitan city, it is obvious that the city adopts the contemporary culture as it is categorized. Discotheques in Chennai have set a new trend in forming the Chennai’s nightlife. Party freaks love to explore these places and tap their feet on the modern dance numbers under the lighting crystal ball.

4. Shopping in Chennai

The shopping experience in Chennai is something that will make your South India Tours memorable and relaxing. For shopaholics, Chennai is a paradise, the perfect blend of traditional and ethnic souvenirs in here glorify the shopping experience of travellers. The evening markets in Chennai are something one must experience. The wholesale markets like George Town and Parry’s Corner are some places where one can find almost everything in here. Be it the antiques, jewellery or any contemporary items, you will going to have a wide range of amenities. The Pondy Bazar, T.Nagar is some areas when you can get a unique experience of shopping in Chennai.

5. Enjoy Midnight Food in Chennai

When it comes to Food, Chennai is an old school, the staple food rice with Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, Coconut chutney are widely popular and loved food of Chennai. If you are nightwalker and love to tantalize your taste buds in the late hours of the night then you must try these options where you can enjoy Chennai’s delicacies – Buhari, Any Time, Zaitoon and Midnight Express are some of the options. If you want to take a stroll in the night while enjoying different dishes, then dear friend you are in the right place, Chennai.

Booking Hotels

Everyone looks for different ways to save money on hotels while they are travelling. Knowing that the costs can be a major part of your travel budget, I am sure you want to save. Now, on the basis of the demand and various other factors, the hotel prices keep on varying, which eventually makes it difficult to find a valuable deal.  

But, you don’t need to worry as I am going to discuss some of the best ways you can save money when booking hotels.

Take The Service Of Hotel Price Comparison Service   

If you are booking a hotel online, make sure you have used comparison services to ensure you get the best deal. Such websites have negotiated exclusive rates with the hotels and you can make use of these rates. When you compare the hotel prices, make sure you have considered more than one website to ensure you are getting the best discounts.

Be Flexible

While travelling, being flexible can be the best way you can save money. During the week, there is a heavy rush of the business travellers and the weekends are occupied by the tourists & travellers. Remember there is no set formula, so you will have to play with your dates to make out what is available. Well, if you really want to cut down your travel costs, then make sure you travel during the off-season.

The prices come down when there is less or no demand. During the off-season, both the prices of flights and hotels tend to come down making your trip much more affordable. In addition, there are fewer crowds.

Try Booking In Advance

Booking In Advance

If you are booking days, months, weeks, in advance, most of the hotels offer you attractive discounts. You will not only get attractive prices, but you also get to secure a room in one of your favourite hotels before it sells out. Yes, there are chances that the booking can be non-refundable but if you want to save then you will not have any problem with that. Moreover, it will also offer you peace of mind that you have already booked a hotel room once you arrive at your destination.

Make A Smart Decision For The Location

If your travel destination is London, then staying at a hotel in the middle of the city can be quite expensive. Instead, you can search for the hotels just a few miles away. You will be glad to know that you can easily find nearby hotels offering cheaper lodging. If you are not familiar with the surrounding areas, you can take the help of maps offered by various travel websites to know more about the hotels in the nearby areas.

Let us assume if you are choosing a hotel far away from the city’s main attractions and sites, you will have to pay more for your transportation fares and not to mention the parking fees as well. Try and get to know about the area before arriving at the destination and do find out if you can walk to the major attractions from your hotel.

Bundle Your Travel

Bundle Your Travel

If you want to book hotel and airfare, at times, you can save your money by making a booking for both from the same travel provider. When you book airfare from a travel provider, most of the times you will be prompted to book your hotel and car rental at a discounted price. The best part of such offers is that you don’t have to make a booking right away as some of the providers even provide 10-15 days to lock in your prices.

Book Directly From An Owner

Not many travellers are aware of the fact that every destination has condos, apartments, and homes rented by the owners. These can really come handy when you need extra bedrooms, want to have your own cooking facilities, or if you have plans to stay for 2-3 weeks in a destination.

Make sure you have also searched the internet for reviews of such destinations, this will help you avoid any sudden surprise. If you have finalised a house, apartment, or condo, there are certain things you need to discuss with the owner upfront such as – house rules, cancellation policies, and most importantly deposits and payment modes.

Making A Request For Discounts

If you are finding the above-mentioned ways complicated, then you can go for the old-fashioned way of booking a room at your favourite hotel chain. All you need is to call the hotel or send an email asking them to make a booking for a night or two, make sure you have inquired about any discounts they are offering.

The chances are high that you will be offered 10 % to 20% off your hotel bill. And above all, you don’t have to go through any sign-up process, no need to download any app, or don’t have to explore the comparison websites.

Be A Part Of The Rewards Program

Some of the world’s best hotel chains offer reward programs for their loyal clients. Just don’t expect a free stay right away, but you will get to enjoy various benefits including – free Wi-Fi, early check-in & late check-out, etc. The amount of points you need to claim a free night stay will entirely depend on the program and also the hotel category, so it is important you have read varied programs before you make the final commitment.

Many people all over the world share the same dream: moving to their idea of paradise once they retire. After a life of hard work, a lot of people decide to leave the life they used to lead and head out to sunnier (and often cheaper) shores. There is a number of destinations all over the globe that are perfect for life in retirement. Here are some of our favorite suggestions, and reasons why they are exactly the right choice to spend your mature years.

The diverse metropolis: Sydney

Sydney retirement
If your dream is to find a beachside paradise with balmy weather year-round, but are loath to leave all the comforts of modern Western culture behind, you should definitely check out Australia. The 6th biggest country in the world has some amazing locations, but perhaps the one that has everything you could possibly wish for is Sydney. Healthcare, transportation, culture and entertainment are all on a very high level. Summers are hot while winters are mild, and 5 million Sydneysiders live in all types of areas – from inner-city urban zones to quiet suburbs. With so much to recommend Australia, it’s no wonder that retirement villages in NSW are popping up like mushrooms.

The eclectic charm of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is popular not only as a tourist destination, but also as a retirement one, and mostly for the same reasons. It is a country of exquisite beauty, surreal beaches, lush jungles and delicious food. Obviously, you won’t be the first one to have figured this out – the country has a pretty big expat population. The cost of living is generally low, and you can lead a very comfortable life with under $ 2000 a month. What is more, Thailand is full of discounts for everyone over the age of 60. Their health care rating is excellent too. One of the most popular cities among expats is Chiang Mai – the ancient Buddhist city where mysterious temples exist side by side with modern commercial areas and international schools.

Malta – the crossroads of civilisations

If you are looking for that old world charm that only Europe can offer, the perfect option is Malta. This island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Italy, and it is everything you imagine to be, Narrow cobbled streets and high stone walls? Check! A healthy and delicious Mediterranean cuisine? Check! A fascinating history enriched by many cultures? Check! Mild weather all year round? Check! Malta is a popular expat destination due to all these factors and reasonable living expenses. Plus, it only takes proof of income to obtain a visa. It is a place where you can enjoy all the comforts that you are used to, plus beautiful beaches for swimming and sailing.

The golden sands of Portugal

Portugal retire
Another stellar European destination, Portugal is oft overlooked, perhaps because of its slightly peripheral position. The capital, Lisbon, boasts some of the most magnificent architecture on the Old Continent – it’s no wonder, as Portugal used to be one of the most powerful nations in Europe. The Algarve, on the other hand, is the most popular tourist region where millions of people flock every year in search of seaside relaxation. Living there basically means you would be prolonging your vacation indefinitely.

If you have managed to save up a little nest egg for your life after work, there’s no better way to spend it but to use it to head out somewhere where you can stretch it out a little bit longer and live life to the fullest. Retirement doesn’t mean that your life should become boring. On the contrary, this is probably the first time in your life when you have the freedom to live your life however and wherever you wish. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by. Muster your courage, pack your bags, and don’t look back.

The mere mention of caravan trips fills up our mind with excitement. It is very true that a caravan trip with family members can be one of the best experiences. Therefore, the demand of family caravans always remains high, particularly during the vacation period. You can easily get a caravan on rent these days. Rental caravans offer much more advantages, as you do not have to spend a lot of money on them, or on their maintenance.

Nevertheless, there are many advantages associated with purchasing a caravan. If you want to hit the road with your family quite often then it is better to purchase a family caravan that can easily fulfill your requirements, which means comfort and the basic necessities. After all, a road trip should be adventurous and comfortable too. So, if you are planning to get a family caravan, check out the tips mentioned below.

How to get The Best Family Caravans?

  • Berths– This is the first aspect you need to care about. The number of berths inside your caravan should depend on two factors; the first factor is the number of members in your family and the other is you should also focus on the functionality aspect. It is always better to choose a family caravan that offers at least four berths. Basically, having an extra berth can always prove to be useful in a number of ways. In some caravans, the berth can be folded or collapsed conveniently, which can be a good method to add more space.
  • Layout– The interior design of the caravan should also be taken into consideration. For a couple, the design or layout might not matter a lot; but, if you have kids then it is vital that the caravan should have a separate bedroom for them. In this way, you and your kids will be able to feel more comfortable during the trip. They can play comfortably on their bed, and you will not be disturbed by them. So, choose the right layout as per your needs.
  • Facilities– Bachelors usually do not need too many facilities inside a caravan when going on a road trip. But, for the families, it is important that the caravan should have a bathroom as well as a kitchen. Kids feel hungry quite often, and hence if the caravan is equipped with a kitchen where a small microwave oven can be placed then it can prove to be highly useful. And, if the temperature is quite hot outside and your caravan is not equipped with a powerful and efficient air conditioning system then you will not be able to enjoy your trip. In this case, a small toilet cum bathroom can also allow your kids to take a shower whenever they feel like.
  • Storage– If you want a caravan mostly for quick getaways then the aspect of storage might not matter a lot. But, if you are a family of four, and the road trip is of three or four days then it is vital to make sure the caravan you are planning to purchase or hire has ample amount of storage space. Apart from the usual luggage, the caravan should also provide storage space for a small foldable table and a couple of chairs.
  • Other factors- Price comparison is also a vital factor that should not be missed. In case you are looking to purchase a caravan, make sure the after sales service is good enough.

So, those were some of the points you need to remember when browsing through the options of family caravans.

Christopher McCandless said, “The very basic core of a man’s spirit is his passion for adventure.” The Island of Gozo gives you exactly that – the passion for adventure.

Gozo is an island part of the Maltese Archipelago right smack in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea which the Greeks related to be Calypso’s place of exile in mythology. So, if you have already booked your few days in this beautiful historical island, here are the top rated places you’d want to include in your busy itinerary.

  1. Hilltop City in Victoria

The hilltops of Gozo is a sight to behold. It is flaunted on their flag and they boast about the golden hues of their hills. The hilltops in Victoria is a spot that will take you back to the medieval times with her historical landscapes where the Cathedral of Assumption found in the city’s heart.

  1. Dwerja Bay

The Azure Window, which was a film location for The Count of Monte Cristo and The Clash of the Titans, was a pride of the island. Sadly, the landmark collapsed after being hit by a raging storm last March 8th. The entire country was devastated but many believed it was bound to happen. But aside from this famous spot, the bay also houses the Blue Hole and the Inland Sea which are both famous dive sites diving centres like the Atlantis Diving Centre in Malta would recommend. Near the bay is a 65-meter-high beauty called the Fungus Rock covered in parasitic plants that the Knights of Saint John worshipped for healing properties.

  1. Nadur

Nadur, which means “to keep guard” in Maltese, is a coastal village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, enclosed in scenic landscapes and lush greeneries. The highest point of the village is the Ta’Kenuna Tower which offers panoramic views of the whole of Gozo. Gozo’s popular beaches, Ramla Bay and San Blas Bay, are also located less than 3 kilometres away.

  1. Basilica of Ta’ Pinu

The country itself was influenced by many cultures for many years which brought about a variety of building styles. The Basilica of Ta’ Pinu was built in the 16th century in tribute to the Virgin Mary and houses 2 museums: The Ex Voto Museum and the Sanctuary Museum.

  1. Xewkija Rotunda

Known to be the world’s third largest dome, the Xewkija Rotunda is a parish built in the 20th century in honour of St. John the Baptist. The parish is currently the seat of the Knight of Malta and is the island’s biggest religious monument.

  1. Ta’ Mena Estate

Agriculture is also something the island takes pride on because of their plant-friendly climate. Ta’ Mena Estates provides one with the chance to enjoy the freshest produce, finest wines and most popular delicacies the island has to offer. Their free wine and cheese tasting is a top favourite!

  1. Xlendi

One of Gozo’s oldest fishing villages has become the islands most popular resort central. The Xlendi bay has changed due to the influx of visitors but the marine life is still kept to its prestige making it perfect for water activities.

  1. Ggantija Temples

As one of the UNESCO-listed sites, the temples of Ggantija are monuments even older the England’s Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. Located in Xaghra, this archaeological find dated in 1827 has been preserved and developed for tourists and historians alike.

  1. The Calypso Cave

Set near the Ramla Beach in the cliffs of Xaghra, this legendary cave is said to be where Calypso seduced the Greek hero, Odysseus, in Homer’s Odyssey. The cave’s panoramic view includes the vast blue Mediterranean Sea, valley farms and the Ramla Beach.

  1. Xerri’s Grotto

Also located in Xaghra, Xerri’s Grotto is a cave walled with glistening stalactites and stalagmites. The cave was discovered a century ago while digging for a water well. The tourist attraction is still managed and kept by the discoverer’s descendants.

Gozo isn’t known for nightlife and wild parties so it’s wise to fill your day with visiting the sites the island boasts about. One day won’t be enough to fully appreciate all of these spots. So, enjoy the night peacefully, get a well-rested sleep and get energized to visit more tourist spots. Or, you can opt for a nice long massage before bed instead!

Here is the list of top 10 hotels of United States of America (USA)

1. The Nantucket Hotel & Resort (Nantucket, Massachusetts)
2. The Charmant Hotel (La Crosse, Wisconsin)
3. The Oxford Hotel (Bend, Oregon)
4. Stephanie Inn (Cannon Beach, Oregon)
5. The Inn at Lost Creek (Telluride, Colorado)
6. French Quarter Inn (Charleston, South Carolina)
7. Icona Diamond Beach (Lower Township, New Jersey)
8. Rusty Parrot Lodge and Spa (Jackson, Wyoming)
9. Ambassador Hotel Tulsa, Autograph Collection (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
10. Hotel Emma (San Antonio, Texas)

“Certainly travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent in the ideas of living.” -Miriam Beard

The Philippines is a vibrant land with a myriad of tropical islands. This country has at least seven thousand islands known to host some of the most gorgeous landscapes and picturesque beaches in the world. Considering this, it would be no wonder that the Philippines is considered as one of the best tropical getaways in the world. For tourists, a holiday would mean anything from a gastronomic trip in the culinary capital of the country, Pampanga and see the local Pampanga tourist spots, a trip to the many beaches of Cebu, traversing the trail of Mount Apo in Davao or a rip-roaring pub crawl in Boracay, you can also rent a condo in Manila in AirBnb to plan what & where you want to travel first.

talisayin cove beach

For locals who do not have the luxury of time, however, this is the kind of trip that would require a full-blown itinerary coupled with at least a week off from work. This is particularly the case for locals who are operating on a perpetually busy schedule and would rarely get any downtime other than weekends.

Individuals living in Metro Manila who have busy schedules would likely feel the need to negotiate with their timetables just to fully take advantage of their holidays. So, instead of the usual tourist’s spots (that frankly, you have already seen and been to), try something that is a little unbidden, unfamiliar but a bit closer to home. Take this as an opportunity to explore some of Luzon’s well-hidden getaway spots and upgrade your usual travel routine. If you have a weekend trip coming soon,

Here are some of the places that can help fill your travel itinerary:

1.)  Talisayin Cove

If you want a trip to the beach, why take a plane ride to Cebu or Boracay where the beaches are already riddled with tourists and locals alike when you can just board a bus or go on a road trip and visit San Antonio, Zambales instead? There is no absolute need to travel far just to get your fill of white powdery sand and crystal clear blue waters when you these are readily available in the ashen cove of Talisayin. Marvel the beauty of Talisayin by riding a boat from Pundaquit or Subic. Traveling from Subic however, would mean a longer travel time.

2.) Masasa Beach

Batangas is already known to have some of the best beaches in Luzon. However, there is an island municipality in Batangas, Tingloy that holds a beloved secret—the Masasa beach. Pristine and crystal clear waters dominate Masasa beach. And the best thing about this beach is that it is rarely disturbed considering that people other than locals do not know of its existence, and those that do go would only go as far as Sombrero Island. To get to Masasa Beach, take a public boat from Anilao that would ferry passengers to Tinglot for seventy pesos.

3.) Kinabuhayan Cafe Bed and Breakfast

At the foot of Mount Banahaw lies Kinabuhayan Cafe which is an offbeat bed and breakfast that is noted for its homey and rustic vibes. The cafe is essentially a tree house which allows you to disconnect from the world and be one with nature. This is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon sipping on their bottomless glasses of Barako coffee while lounging in a hammock with a pet pig for company. The food is prepared by the owner himself, Chef Jay Herrera.

4.) Nara Hill

In Laurel, Batangas lies a humble and newly opened bed and breakfast that is obscured behind damp and luscious trees called Nara Hill. If you are seeking a for a tranquil respite away from the constant hustle and bustle of the city, then Nara Hill should definitely make it to your list. The place is surrounded by verdant trees and scenic landscapes, and what the pool lacks in size, it compensates for its breathtaking view of the Taal Volcano.

5.) The Circle Hostel

If you are seeking for a place with a healthy dose of sun, waves, and sun punctuated with offbeat undertones, then The Circle Hostel in Zambales is ideal for you. The ambiance is replete with relaxing currents seeing as the place is designed to be the perfect getaway. Hammocks are littered all over the place, and there are murals upon murals of colorful graffitis. The place itself is a welcome change of scenery from the usual lofty resorts and hotels we usually find in cities. Its unpretentious vibe coupled with the warmth of the people spells the perfect getaway indeed.

6.) Meteora

For lack of a better description, Meteora is what you would mainly consider as the Greece of Philippines. Located in Tagaytay, tourists and locals alike would flock to this area for enviable prenuptial shoots or Instagram-worthy shots. However, be warned as this little piece of paradise on earth is not easily navigated through straight paths. To get to Meteora, you would have to make a two-hour drive at the zigzag downward hill of Ligaya Drive. Long before, the place was a retreat place that was then converted into a honeymooner’s bed and breakfast getaway. Today, it has transformed into a humble Filipino rendition of Greece.

You will have to take shopping seriously when you visit Dubai. With an amazing variety and global brands flocking the malls and other shopping destinations available in the retail capital of the Middle East, Dubai has become a popular destination for shopping addicts due to its grandeur and beauty. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) has further enhanced the quotient of glamour, grandiosity, and glitz of shopping in Dubai. Every mall in Dubai carries its own charm, charisma and oozing with capitalistic and tropical energy which makes stepping into these glamorous malls in Dubai an experience in itself. We have listed the top 5 shopping malls in Dubai which will sweep you off your feet with its charm and opulence.

  1. Dubai Mall

A gigantic retail hub placed in the heart of downtown Dubai which is loaded with the right amount of leisure and entertainment space. This is the largest and the most frequently visited mall in the world. Spread over an internal floor area of 5.9 million square feet and an annual visitor traffic of over 80 million visitors, this mall houses more than 1200 retail stores with almost every brand under the sun. You have flagship international brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, and much more.

Shopping in Dubai Mall is an international shopper’s dream come true and it makes up for a complete family holiday destination as there is something to indulge in across all age groups. The Dubai Mall houses the largest aquarium and aquatic zoo in the world. Indulge in this wonderful immersive experience of the deep sea and the amazing sea-life as you stroll through the 270° walk through the underwater tunnel of the Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo.

It also houses the exquisite Armani Café that is surrounded by paper butterflies. No matter how many days you visit this place, you will still not be able to cover up everything on offer. Other are several other attractions like the Ice Rink, numerous restaurants and cafes, Dubai Fountains, an indoor theme park, Kidzania, Reel Cinemas, and a tiny souk. The Hershey’s Chocolate World and the Candylicious is a true delight for all the chocolate and candy lovers.

The Mall is easily accessible via a direct cab or a metro to the Burj Khalifa Metro Station. There are shuttles bus or cab available which take to the entrance of the Dubai Mall from the Burj Khalifa Metro Station.

  1. Mall of the Emirates

The first shopping resort in the world, the Mall of the Emirates is spread lavishly over an area of 2.4 million square feet. With more than 630 high-end brands housing the mall’s Fashion Dome and Luxury Wing. Some of the top brands include DKNY, Apple store, Forever 21, CenterPoint, Kate Spade New York, and much more. You can shop till you drop with the endless variety on display. You have numerous activities to indulge here, be it enjoying games and entertaining yourself at the family theme park, the Magic Planet, or checking out the world-class indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai, where you can try your hand at tobogganing, snowboarding, skiing, or playing with the in-house penguins. You can also rent the required clothing and gear to experience the best of the indoor ski resort.

You can grab a quick bite at the various cafes and restaurants or just laze around at the Avalanche Café or the St. Moritz Café. Take a metro to the Mall of Emirates Metro station and then try a skywalk to enter the mall. You can alternatively also take a direct cab to reach the mall.

  1. Ibn Battuta Mall

This is the largest theme mall in the world which is inspired by a Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta, one of the greatest explorers of all time. The mall celebrates the travel exploits in Africa, Middle East, Central & Southeast Asia, China, and Europe of this famous Arabic explorer. It houses six unique retail courts dying to be explored. Each retail court represents the area where Ibn has visited namely China, Tunisia, Egypt, India, Persia, and Andalusia. Some of the popular stores it houses are Marks & Spencer, Decathlon, Sharaf DG, Geant, and Debenhams. The mall houses individual shops which have been designed recreating the architecture found in respective countries and also the exhibits from these countries.

You can indulge in much cheaper shopping here as compared to other extravagant malls of Dubai. The mall is placed at the far end of the city, hence it is advisable to catch a metro to the Ibn Battuta Metro station. Once you step out of the Metro station, you can see the Ibn Battuta Mall on the opposite side of the road.

  1. Deira City Centre

One of the oldest malls in Dubai and at one time it was considered to be the largest mall here before the recent additions. Located on the waterfront, the Deira City Centre houses several classic local shops including jewelry, silk, cashmere, and oriental rugs, designer brand stores with good discounts, and electronic stores with fabulous deals. Don’t be surprised if you are greeted with a complimentary bottle and a warm smile by the staff. In total, there are 350+ stores to wander with diverse brands. There are 33 unique dedicated jewelry stores which are surely meet the design you are looking for.

Visited by 20 million visitors on an average each year, you can grab a meal from the 40 restaurants in the mall once you are done with shopping. You can also catch up a movie and keep your kids engaged at the Magic Planet. You also have an exclusive Toyota car showroom where you can check the latest designs and models. Hop on to a metro to the Deira City Centre Metro station and then take a cab till the Mall. You can alternatively take a direct cab till the Mall. You would also get shuttle buses from 11 major hotels in Dubai.

  1. BurJuman Centre

Launched in the year 1992 to the public by the Al Ghurair Group, this is one of the finest community malls in Dubai. Placed in the heart of the business and heritage districts of Dubai, you will be spoilt for choices considering the numerous brands and endless variety available at your disposal. There are more than 200+ stores including major international brands like Splash, H&M, and Forever 21. You can also enjoy a lavish meal with the wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and a food court.

This mall has redefined the retail space and status in Dubai and is supported by modern amenities like the Family Entertainment Centre, numerous fine dining options, leading retail outlets, and a state of the art cinema theater. The mall is easily accessible via the Dubai Metro and via major highways in Dubai which ensure easy and quick connectivity to the city.

Strolling on the streets of Dubai for 10 minutes and you are sure to come across a mall. These malls are so full of tropical and capitalistic energy that shopping is just one of the offerings of these malls. Each mall is overflowing with shopping cum entertainment cum sightseeing opportunities and a visit to one of these malls will surely give you memorable memories to cherish lifelong.

Cross-country road trips are the best. A car full of snacks, music, open road, and best friends are a recipe for the perfect adventure. However, road trips are not all fun and games. They require a lot of planning and preparation and on top of that, open roads have their dangers and driving for long hours demands a lot of attention and focus.

Sure, we might sound like old, joyless people, but don’t worry. All these safety issues have easy solutions and we are here to show them to you. So buckle up, pun intended, and let’s start right away with the most important one.

Car inspection

First, you will need to have a working car. No-brainer, right? Of course, you need to have a working car, but you won’t believe how many people neglect this part. Road trips are taxing on both the driver and the car. That is why you should both be in a top shape.

Most people make a mistake by thinking that their car runs perfectly, and maybe it does on short rides around the city, but driving for multiple hours is a completely different thing. Make sure that you do a complete car inspection before you hit the road or you will end up somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a busted engine or a flat tire.

Follow the rules

Rules are there for your safety, especially when it comes to driving. Little things like putting on a seatbelt can drastically increase your safety if you are in an accident. We feel that this is repeated year after year, but many people still don’t take seatbelts seriously. Another no-brainer is the speed limit. Don’t rush and respect the rules of the road, otherwise, you are risking getting a ticket or even worse causing an accident.

Besides these two, you should also respect emergency rules. For example, if your car breaks down mark it properly so that someone else doesn’t run into you, especially if it’s night time. That means reflective triangles, reflective vest, all turn signals on, etc.

Prepare for emergencies

Even if you prepare for your road trip thoroughly and your car runs flawlessly, you should always prepare for any kind of emergencies. Cars have a lot of moving parts and anything can break down at any moment, but flat tires, busted engines, and running out of fuel are the most common ones. It will be your job to prepare for such situations.

For the flat tire, there’s an easy solution. Simply have a spare one. Broken engines and fuel shortage are a bit trickier. If your engine breaks down, your only way out is to call a towing service and hope that the malfunction isn’t serious. If you run out of fuel, you can walk to the nearest station if it’s in the reasonable walking distance or you can call an emergency petrol delivery. A lot of towing companies offer this service, so write down a couple of numbers and call them if something like this happens.

Well rested

Lastly, for the safety of your passengers and your own safety make rest stops as often as you can. Don’t be one of those drivers that tries to cover as much distance as they can in one run. Make regular stops at petrol stations, fast food restaurants, etc. Even if you don’t feel tired you should stop every two or so hours to stretch your legs and get something to drink or eat. Additionally, if you plan to drive during the night make sure that you are well rested and stocked with snacks and drinks. It will make the drive a lot more enjoyable.