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rance is known as the most romantic country in Europe and its magical castles are certainly one of the reasons for the choice of this particular epithet. Here is the list of 6 castles you must visit, since coming to France without leaving some time for them is unforgivable.

1.     Mont-Saint Michel

Mont-Saint Michel is a magnificent castle on the island with the same name located near the France’s northwestern coast. Since the 8th century it has been the seat of the monastery from which it draws the name. This castle, due to its secure position, was not conquered during the Hundred Years’ War. Nowadays, it is one of the popular tourist destinations and one of the most recognizable landmarks of the country. Its beauty and history attract thousands of tourists every year.

2.     Château d’Ussé

This breathtaking castle is located at the edge of the Chinon forest in the vicinity of Indre valley. It is widely believed that this particular castle is the one which Charles Perrault had in mind when writing “The Sleeping Beauty”. If you know the fairytale, than you will easily imagine how magical and dreamy this place is. And not only was Charles Perrault inspired by its beauty, but also was Walt Disney when creating some of Disney’s Castles. Come here and experience the fairy tale for yourself.

3.     Château de Chambord

The elegant Chateaux are dotted throughout the Loire Valley and one of the most recognizable ones is Chateau de Chambord. Its French Renaissance architecture gives the castle a romantic touch which will stay in your memory forever.  However, if you want to have the ultimate Loire Valley experience, embark on an exciting barge travel. This valley is certainly one of the best places for cruising in France. Not only can you visit the awe-inspiring Chateau de Chambord, but you will also have the opportunity to visit all other castles in this region, such as: Château de Chenonceau, Château d’Amboise, etc.

4.     Château de Versailles

Chateau de Versailles is maybe the most renowned castle in France.  It is located near Paris, only 20 kilometers southwest, and it is annually visited by millions of tourists. Louis XIV moved the royal court from Paris to Versailles and from that moment, Versailles was the seat of political power. The architecture of this colossal chateau is particularly attractive to tourists. It is estimated that 2 million dollars were spent to build it. If you decide to visit Versailles, you will have the opportunity to witness the beauty of the Hall of Mirrors, the central gallery of the palace, Apartment du Roi, imposing Gardens of Versailles, Musee Lambinet, etc.

5.     Palais des Papes

The Palais des Papes is a historical palace located in southern France, in Avignon. It is considered to be one of the most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe, so it’s not needed to mention that you shouldn’t forget this place during your stay in France. One of the highlights of this palace is the Saint-Martial Chapel decorated with amazing paintings done by Matteo Giovanetti, which depict the main parts of Saint Martial’s life. If you are an art fan you will be delighted to hear that Palais des Papes hosts exhibitions on a regular basis. They even included two exhibitions of Picasso and an exhibition of Miquel Barcelo, as well as of many others.

6.     Château de Pierrefonds

Chateau de Pierrefonds is a magnificent architectural creation, situated on the southeast edge of Forest of Compiègne. The picturesque environment will soothe all your senses, and its defensive military architecture will offer you the authentic feel of medieval times. This castle was often used as a location for filming, including the famous movie “The Man in the Iron Mask“.  And it also served as Camelot for the BBC series Merlin, which testifies about its beauty.

France is an unbelievable place and whichever castle you chose to visit there, one thing is sure, you will certainly fall in love with it at first sight.


Everyone needs a brake. When you’re on a vacation, you shouldn’t have to worry about things back home. Before you go, take a couple of safety precautions around the house, so you can relax like you deserve. The level of preparation depends on how long you are staying, if you have any pets and in what kind of neighborhood you live.

These are the steps everyone should take before they leave for a vacation.

Mail and newspapers

Cancel your subscriptions for magazines and newspapers you receive at home. Most papers allow you to get a refund for putting your subscription on hold. It’s messy to have papers piling up in front of your door and it’s a good sign for burglars that no one is currently living there. The same goes for mail. You can ask the post office to hold the mail for you and pick it up when you get back. Or you can leave a forwarding address if you’re expecting an important package.

Plumbing and appliances

Having the appliances turned on while you’re not around is both expensive and potentially dangerous. It’s best to turn them off – that way you’ll save some money and you can be assured that they won’t break down when you’re not at home. Unplug small appliances and electronics. Turn off the water heater. Do the same with the valves going into the sink and the dishwasher. Set the thermostat closer to outside temperatures; this will save you some money and still protect your plants. Put a box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb odors. In the end, be careful about what information you post on social media (depending on who can see them of course).

Avoid an empty looking house

An empty looking house is a magnet for burglars. You should try to make everything appear as normal as possible. If you’re planning a longer vacation, think about organizing house sitting. Make sure the lawns are trimmed. Your car should be in a garage, but it’s also good that someone occasionally come to park it into a driveway. Have a couple of motion sensors installed on the front porch. Put at least one of your lights on a timer, so it looks like there is an activity inside the house. Leave the blinds slightly open to avoid attracting attention.

Last details

There are always a couple of details that get forgotten, so make sure you compile a list and go through it before you leave. For instance, don’t forget to check the smoke detectors one last time. Leave emergency contact to your house sitters and neighbors. Throw out any food that could go bad before you return. Notify your bank and credit card company about your plans in case they need to contact you or send you some paperwork.

Prepare for your return as well

When you come home after a long trip, you don’t want to have extra work to do right away. Think about this in advance. Do your laundry before you go, so you’re sure there are clean clothes waiting for you. Change the sheets and tidy up the house before you go; that way everything will be ready when you come back. Also, if you’re returning late in the evening, have some food (something that can’t spoil) prepared, so you can make a good breakfast the next day. You’re going to need it and you probably won’t feel like leaving the house.

There is always a bit of a risk in leaving your house for a longer period of time, but if you make the preparation and if you’re careful, everything will be fine and you can enjoy your family vacation.

Here is the list of top tourist cities in USA. You can also say that these cities have the maximum number of tourists every year.

  1. New York City – In New York you can find out the best hotels to stay and most amazing food restaurants. The total population of this city is 8.406 million (2013).
  2. San Francisco – San Francisco is in northern California. It is a hilly city and you can find the tourists from almost every country in every month.
  3. Los Angeles – LA is one of my favourite city to visit in America. Here you can find out the best shopping points.
  4. Washington, D.C. – It is much more like a busy and professional city.
  5. Chicago – Feel relax, loose anxity and enjoy the snowfall here.
  6. Austin, Texas – Must visit city.
  7. Boston – And electronic media city.
  8. Seattle – Let’s settle down and enjoy the night life of the city.
  9. San Diego – Amazing food courts.
  10. New Orleans – Good evenings with tea mugs.

There is always something magical about traveling. The wind in your hair, a heart full of dreams, picturesque roads you have never seen before. If all these things sound tempting, then you definitely should consider going on a road trip, especially across the beautiful USA. The thing is – wherever you go, and whichever route you choose, you will definitely find something you like given the diversity of the landscape and culture.

However, you need to pack thoroughly to be able to fully enjoy your trip. In this article, we gathered a list of things you should take with you on a road trip across America. Save this list to use it the next time you decide to go anywhere.

Ten things you should take with you on a Road trip

  1. Start with packing your maps. You might have a very detailed plan and a route that will get you to exact places you want to visit. Make sure to print out the map, or upload it to your smartphone or a navigator not to get lost. With the growing number of apps available, you won’t have any troubles when creating a route. You can find numerous tips on what places to visit and shortcuts to take. Since you might not have a stable internet connection everywhere you go, try searching for offline maps to always know where you are.
  2. Proper clothing. Remember that you’ll spend a lot of time sitting in the car, so you need to take comfortable clothing that is not too tight and is made of natural fabrics to let your skin breathe while driving. The same applies to you shoes: only quality shoes will do! You want to wear something easy to take off and put back on again when driving, as you will need to take short breaks and let your feet relax.
  3. You don’t want driving miles and miles and only keep these memories in your head. Make your friends a little jealous on Facebook. Apart from your phone, bring a better camera to capture amazing landscapes, mountains and other things you won’t normally see at home. This might be a trip you will want to remember, so videos and pictures are something you should save for the future.
  4. The next thing you should remember to take with you is a set of documents. Do not forget to take you ID card. Since traveling is not always smooth, keep in mind that you might also need to take your insurance with you.
  5. You should better take both cash and credit cards in case of emergency. You probably know this, but we will just remind you of it: make sure your money are divided, and you have them in different places. This way if you get robbed, you will still have something left. Do not have all of it in your wallet. Put some of it in your backpack, some in a wallet, and some leave in a car.
  6. Pack your toiletries carefully. You want to take everything you will need while driving as well as when staying somewhere for the night. You will of course have a chance to buy something on the road, but there is no point in spending extra cash on something you already have. Apart from shower gel and shampoo, remember to take a lip balm, hand cream, and some sunscreen.
  7. Also, we highly recommend you take your favorite pillow with you. And a blanket if you want to feel extra comfortable. You need to get enough sleep to be able to drive and avoid any accidents in a road trip.
  8. Take your favorite music. Travelling is much more fun when you have your favorite songs playing in the background. Remember all these new albums you just didn’t have enough time to listen to? Road trip is a perfect time to enjoy new music without any interruptions. Moreover, your radio might not work properly at some point, so it is better to be prepared and have music saved beforehand.
  9. Pack enough snacks and put them in a place that is easy to reach. I highly recommend you getting some healthy snacks like apple chips or peanuts. Such snacks will ensure you don’t have troubles with digestion while on your trip. If you have a route planned and there are places you can eat at on a map, then only pack light snacks. However, if you are not sure about it, it is better for you to have enough food for several meals not to starve while driving. A hungry driver is not a good driver at all.
  10. Finally take some medications you might need when traveling. This includes the first aid kit as well as a list of essential medications like Band-Aid, paracetamol, aspirin, Ibuprofen, Mosquito spray and a hand sanitizer. If you are currently taking any pills, make sure to pack them. And keep in mind that some of your passengers might need some travel sickness pills.

This list is everything you need to have when traveling by car. Don’t forget to bring friends with you: they always make trips better. Enjoy your travels!

Camping is a truly unique experience that can’t be measured with hotel stars rating. You won’t find a ceiling with the brightest constellations and stars anywhere, or sleep with the sounds of true nature and wilderness. If you’ve ever found yourself in Australia, check out the best camping spots around the coastline, bushlands and forests.

Cape Le Grand National Park, WA

For the most spectacular coastal scenery, check out the Cape le Grand National Park, located about a 40-minute drive from Esperance. You’ll find established campsites, such as Cape Le Grand Campground and Lucky Bay Campground with camp kitchens, gas for the barbecue, picnic tables, drinking water and solar powered showers. The coastline offers many bays for picnics, like Hellfire Bay or Lucky Bay, or a whistling windy caves, like Thistle Cove.

Fitzgerald River National Park, WA

One of the most diverse botanical regions in the world, the Fitzgerald River National Park stretches over West Australia’s south coast, and it holds the most diverse species of flowering plants and endangered animal species. Beaches and rocky mountains provide fishing, canoeing, bushwalking, camping and whale watching. The centre of the park is accessible only by foot, but there are several camping sites around the park, like St Mary’s Inlet camping area, Fitzgerald Inlet camping area or Shire reserve camping area, where you can enjoy fishing and swimming apart from other activities, and sleeping under the starry night sky with the sound of whales in the ocean.

Booderee National Park, NSW

Booderee National Park offers the access to one of its three most popular coastline areas. Green Patch camping area has a natural setting and discrete campsites, and Bristol Point and Cave Beach are more suitable for lighter camping. The camping areas are unpowered, but if you’re heading there in June or July, you can witness an amazing annual whale migration.

Mitchell River National Park, WA

The Mitchell River National Park is a tempting destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. It is a nature reserve of unspoilt natural beauty, and also one of the most remote and inaccessible spots to get to. Canoeing or rafting through the river will get you to see most of the park, but don’t miss a splendid view at the Mitchell Falls, located 6 km from the camping site.

Grampians National Park, Vic

One of Victoria’s most popular weekend destinations, Grampians National Park is surrounded with mountain ranges of the same name and forests rich in wildlife. It is also a great and very popular venue for camping. Here you can camp with your caravan or motor-home. Consider finding a place with new caravans for sale, and get one as they are highly practical if well-equipped. You can take your whole family for a weekend trip to stay in one of the family-friendly spots with tennis courts, pools and bike hire.

Karijini National Park, WA

It’s West Australia’s second largest park, known for its majestic rocky red slopes and ancient geological formations. Walking and hiking through wild and rough terrain is where the actions is, but you can also enjoy swimming in one of the spectacular natural pools, like Circular Pool or Fortescue Falls. Camping is available in two spots. Dales Campground, and privately run Karijini Eco Retreat with eco cabins and tents. Both are suitable for caravans, trailers and tents, and although unpowered, there are generator sites available, as well as toilets and barbecue gas.

Mount Kaputar National Park, NSW

Mt Kaputar National Park is located at the base of Mount Kaputar, a volcano that was active about 20 million years ago. It is a habitat of a wide range of flora and fauna, and also a great camping site. It’s particularly attractive for rock climbers. With its altitude of 1510 meters, it offers the most breathtaking 360-degree view. Camping areas are Bark Hut and Dawsons Spring. They are equipped with picnic tables, barbeque facilities, toilets and showers. It is advised to pack a pair of binoculars for bird watching.

Take an Exciting Trip to Sydney – Reasons to Visit This Business City

For majority of the visitors to Australia, Sydney is perhaps the primary destination, irrespective of whether they want to spend their holiday in the harbour city or move towards the numerous vacation spots from the Outback to the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re wondering about the valid reasons to visit Sydney, here are some that you may find enough to motivate you. Check them out.

  • Sydney is a city for the beach lovers

All the Brits who are about to visit Sydney should apply sun-screen like never before because you will simply fall in love with the beaches and enjoy spending a lot of time under the sun. The Palm Beach is an hour’s drive along the Northern Suburbs and the A8 coast road. If you had to choose a beach which is perfect to visit with your family, the Clovelly Beach would be the best intimate strip of sand. The Shark beach located in the Nielsen Park is also armed with the awesome view of the Harbour Bridge.

  • Sydney hosts some splendid places to hang out

There has been a lot said about the lifestyle of Australia and there’s good reason too. Although there are many beautiful places to watch out for, one that will definitely steal your heart is the leafy Paddington. If you’re someone who wants to get away from Sydney and yet remain a part of the city, you can move on to this lovely suburb and enjoy a meal at Royal Hotel acheter cialis ligne france. From the terrace you will get a splendid view of the city skyline.

  • Sydney hosts finger licking food

There are many differences and similarities in Australian and British cuisine. If you take fish and chips for instance, the people in Sydney love it as much as we do but they just can’t take the vinegar thing. Squeezed lemon and mayonnaise in Sydney is a strict No. One of the best meals that can be found at a fish restaurant is known as the Fish Face in Double Bay.

  • Sydney is a treat to your eyes

Like most people, you too should be hunting for some good surroundings. Well, then you can be sure that Sydney is an attractive city with some of the best residential properties built one after the other on every street. The Harbour Bridge and Opera House offers you awesome scenic beauty. This is why Sydney is said to be full of blue skies, skyscrapers and bright sunshine all your way.

  • Sydney has some gems

Noone would advise you to visit Sydney without visiting Bondi. It is not only the best beach-suburb but one of the best places that everyone should watch out for while visiting Sydney. This is a 1 km stretch of golden sand with the Bondi icebergs at the south and the Ben Buckler towards the northern end. This is Sydney’s best playground, which is replete with surfers and swimmers and watchers too.

So, if you’re planning to book your tickets to Sydney, you may fly business class for less. There are various business class flight deals that you can avail in order to save your dollars on this memorable trip to the business city, Sydney.