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Have you finally decided on leaving your hometown and moving to a city that can provide you with more options? Options in living standard? Options in employment? Options in partying? Or just options in delicious food? Well, then Bangalore, or as the locals call it, Bengaluru is your best – OPTION. Known as the IT hub of India, this city has rapidly grown into somewhat of a giant among other cities around the country. With so much to offer, you might find it difficult to choose the right location for yourself and your family. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular locations and what they have to offer.

Indira Nagar

Indira Nagar is one of the biggest residential areas in Bangalore and has been growing constantly. The area is the best place to find a pg in Bangalore at very affordable costs and offers some very convenient amenities. Located in the heart of the city, Indira Nagar is well connected to the other areas by bus or metro. While homes here can get a bit expensive, it is more than worth it because of the shopping malls, schools, offices, restaurants, and hospitals located in and around the area.


Even though Koramangala started out with just a few families spread out over its area, it has grown into a densely populated region in the city. The reason behind it is that the location has seen big time complexes, upscale apartment buildings, and huge shopping malls crop up all around. These amenities have attracted thousands of people from every corner of the globe. The famous Forum mall is located here as well as the Oasis mall. Over the years, it has also become a Start-up hub and has attracted even more people in. People are starting to see that it is becoming easier here than to get a house for rent in HSR Layout and are loving it because it is better connected and offers a lot more.

KR Puram

Krishnarajapuram a.k.a. KR Puram is one of the fastest growing residential areas in Bangalore. It is located on the old Madras road and is connected to the rest of the city by road or metro. It is also an important sub railway station and also contains the Majestic bus stop from where you can travel to practically any part of the city. Living in KR Puram is very affordable and homes and PG’s are available in galore with new projects emerging regularly.


Another brilliant location for people looking for a quiet and serene living experience that is free from all the noise and hustle of city living is Hebbal. It is located towards the outskirts of the city where open spaces are common. But, even though it is separated from the main city, the largest flyover in the country connects it to the center within minutes. Thanks to its blissful peace, Hebbal is quickly attracting big time investors and realtors. Many people have purchased homes in this area and use it as a weekend getaway, but there are also quite a few rented homes available here.


Known for its commercial and residential sectors, Jayanagar is an unbelievable area in the city. It is clean, friendly, and very safe. In fact, according to a survey conducted, Jayanagar was ranked as the most livable locality in the city. It is also well connected to areas like JP Nagar, BTM Layout, and Basavangudi through metro and bus routes. Living costs are quite moderate given the facilities available in and around the area.


If culture is what you’re looking for, then why not choose one of the oldest regions in the city. Malleswaram is a hive of Bangalore’s cultural and social heritage and the people that live here take pride in that. The area is lined with tall trees, quiet parks, beautiful avenues, and magnificent temples. There are also a number of world renowned educational institutions and quaint café’s and eateries that only add to the warmth of this locality. The residents are extremely friendly which makes it the best place to find a pg in Bangalore. Because of its active lifestyle, Malleswaram is home to a number of clubs and institutions that is open to everyone. In a nutshell, this is the perfect place for retired people to settle down in.

There you have it. Six different localities with Six very different lifestyles. If you are choosing to move to Bangalore and want to know everything about the best homes and prices for them, check out NestAway. It offers furnished homes at absolutely 0% brokerage charge.

8 Major Tips to Track down Your Expenses While Traveling down the Road

Did you lose another week just billing down the receipts through all your credit card charges, and paper receipts that would work out to show how many purchases were done and were actually the business expenses? If so then it is the right time to set up the organizational efforts by implementing an expense tracking software that would help in tracking down the business in real time. Given below are the 5 major tips that would help you track down your expenses while travelling down the road. Here you can also find the tips to minimise your travelling expenses.

Making use of credit cards where ever possible

Credit cards are generally considered to be every one best friend, especially while travelling. For example, when charging a meal on credit, I am sure that you would be getting a receipt that you could save and enter when you return from the vacation. Even if you lose or forget to keep the receipt the purchase would show up in credit statements entering the expenses at that time.

Staying on top of your receipts

When you have receipts related to the business-related purchases than have them stored in the envelopes or shoe boxes and then filing them in an accordion file organized by month. If you are audited you would here then require receipts as an evidence for all the evidence made. This is also known as one of the best methods to save time.

If you do not get a receipt then jot it down in another receipt

There are times when you would not get receipts for the expenses made. And in things like cash tips, street food purchased are something that does not come with the paper trail, you would here than need to jot down the expenses in the margin of receipts that you already have with you. Also, it would be great if you remember where the money is being spent and write down those expenses.

Using the right software to track down and analyse your business expenses

Most of the expense management software programs provide options to create the expense categories and linking them to line the items on your tax forms reducing the time spent on billing your business expenses. These are programs that could be used to generate profit and loss statements assessing the financial health of your business.

Taking down notes in your phone

This is one of the most alternative methods that most of the individuals like, as they would not have to deal with the receipts making a note in their smartphones about each and every expense made. This system has generally seemed to work out well if you have a texting plan too. You could again go one step further and choose a mobile expense tracking software app.

Centralize Travel

Instead of having each booking done separately, consider consolidating your travelling by going through the same website for each and everything you need in terms of travel. Say for example Expedia has a business section that would help you book trips tracking down the expenses all in one place. Once you have hired employees in the team the centralized type of space would be beneficial.

Scanning down the receipts

If you have a regular practice of maintaining all the receipts in the pocket of your laptop bag, you are then losing out a few expenses. The loss would then add up to hundreds and dollars of dollars. There are a few apps available online that would help you track down all the expenses using the smartphones or tablet camera. Once you have the receipt saved you could then have paper version thrown away. While looking out for receipts in the app to make sure that would allow you to find receipts you need when you need them.

Being Timely

Have your expenses recorded on a timely basis so that you do not end up with a pile of receipts. Having your receipts documented on regular basis would not just save your time in the long run but would also ensure that your financial records are up to date.

So what are your tips for tracking down the business expenses while travelling? We are always open for some good ideas and suggestions in terms of expense management software. Help us out with your expense management tips by leaving the comments below.