Staying in a rental house for a short duration gives the guests a new experience. Sometimes good and sometimes bad and the main reason for the bad experiences is because of the bad neighbourhood. There are chances of property damage and theft in some places. Some of the guests have complained about the bad experiences they came across during their stay in the rental properties and they even requested for a refund from the rental website.

Since these properties are listed on the website, they consider that the company is responsible for the safety of the guest. The rental platform has also refunded the amount of some of the guests who had evidence and complaint reports on the scene. However, the guests must analyze well before buying the property and the safety tips are also shared by the rental platform on their official webpage that will help the guests on their future trips. Following certain safety measures will help the guests enjoy their trip to the fullest.

Are you planning a trip?

Some safety tips for the guests that will give them the key points to look through before booking the rental property.

Profile verification

Each listing has its profile of the host and the reviews regarding the rental property that has to be viewed by the guest before planning to book the spot. The guests must also check for further details of the references, social media networks and verified contact numbers and even ask for their complete details before proceeding further. The guests who have already visited the place and those who have stayed there will comment on the platform and send reviews that will help in deciding whether to choose the property or not.

Reputed and best rental properties are given high rank on the rental forum. The host would have described all the details pertaining to the property, the house rules and the amenities that give a clear idea of how the locality and the property look like. The main aspect that the guest must make a note of, is the cancellation policy addressed by the host in the platform and the guest must go through it before submitting the request for the property.

Communicate before booking the property

Communications and transactions that are made outside the rental website make it difficult for the company to protect the guest information and other security related factors. Even in the Terms and Service policy, the company has mentioned that it does not encourage transactions outside the website and the online rental property provider requests the guests to communicate within the platform. Using the messaging system within the platform helps the guests to check whether they are required to give the common specific amenities. The guests can use the same platform to communicate about the check-in details, once they book the rental property.

Communicate with the hosts, after learning about their profile and the reviews, the traveller must discuss with them about their plans. Since the locals are aware of the locality and the places more than the travel guides and websites. Nobody will compel the guest to book the property if they do not have a positive feel about booking the property they have to stay out of it. And if they feel uncomfortable talking to the host or any other difficulties, it is better to contact the rental platform.

Familiarize with the place

Before booking the property the guest must be aware of the neighbourhood and collect the details about the landmarks and roads in the area. If it is a long distance travel, then the guest must inform their family and friends about their stay and signing up with the travel insurance is a better option, however, this option is not available on this platform, and it is an affordable option that protects the travellers from emergency situations. Some of the insurance policies cover for the travel delays and the lost luggage. The local insurance provider will provide more details about this option.

In the case of international travel, consulting the relevant government agencies about the travel advice and warnings that apply to the countries the passenger wishes to travel.

Be a considerate guest

Travelling with the rental website offers an ocean of opportunities for the guests to stay in unique places and connect with different kinds of people and community. And to enjoy the destination as a local and to create memories and stories, the guest must be aware of some important points and tips that will enhance their trip.

Things to follow before booking

  • The guests must acquire a verified Id and explain their story in their profile because the hosts wish to know about the guest who will stay with them and it also gives them the assurance that they can accept the requests that are put forth by the guests.
  • The rental property has a list of options in their listing, from shared rooms, condos to private house, so the guests must make sure that the property suits their needs and that they are comfortable with the house rules.
  • The hosts have mentioned in detail about the property in the listing, so the guests must take time in reading the details and make sure whether the place matches the guest or not.
  • The other travellers who have visited the place write reviews on the listing, reading those reviews will give an idea about the place, the accessibilities and the facilities in that area. These reviews will help in deciding whether to book the property or not.
  • The contact details like the phone number or the email address will be shared by the host on the listing; the guests can contact the host and ask all the queries directly to them. This conversation benefits both the host and the guest.

Things to follow before the trip

  • If the guest needs any specific arrangements to be made on the property or any other help, they have to inform all the needs beforehand to the host so that they will inform whether they can make those arrangements or not.
  • If the guest knows that they will reach the property later than the check-in time, they must inform the host in advance.

Things to follow on the trip

  • The guest must be committed to the house rules and check-in and checkout timings and communicate with the host about their schedule.
  • The guests must keep in mind that they are staying at the place for a short period of time and so they have to maintain a good relationship with their host and neighbours because they are the ones who help in times of need.
  • Involving with the local businesses and neighbourhood activities will make the trip more interesting and makes way to learn about their culture and custom.
  • The guests might have booked the lodging only for them if they want to invite another guest or friends home; it is a good idea to seek the permission of the host before welcoming them.

Things to do at the end of the trip

  • Once when the trip is over and the guest have arrived at their place, they can leave reviews on the listing about their experience, the house, the neighbourhood and other experiences.
  • The reviews posted by the guests must be honest ones because there are many other people like them decide to rent the property depending on the reviews, so any issues or problems faced by the guest can be shared by them so that the others will be benefitted.
  • The hosts will also leave a review on how they feel about the guest.

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