Best Places to Visit in year – 2016

2016 is just round the corner and backpackers are already gearing up for new adventures in the coming year. Globetrotters who wish to explore the road less taken in the upcoming year, it’s time to be a pioneer and guide the way for others to explore the less explored. Here in this piece, we bring to you a perfectly blended list of some new names with some old ones that together makes for the best places to visit in 2016.

Don’t treat them as choices; every place in this list deserves your worthy footfall.

  1. Budapest

A rich cultural and historical place of the Eastern Europe, Budapest deserves more attention. Its awe inspiring architecture, and stirring history makes it worthy in all aspects. The city offers both the calmness that helps you to soak in the rich bygone era and a refreshing energy that charges you to your wits. A gem of a city, Budapest has abundant hot springs with Turkish era bath houses takes you back in time. Keeping the past on its palm and travelling with a fast paced towards the future, Budapest is on road to its discovery in the world tourism industry.

  1. Zurich

Fondly known as the ‘metropolis of experiences’, Zurich in every inch is a pride of Switzerland. Snow Alps spread like a sheet on the horizon offering a breath taking view on the backdrop while you enjoy over a 100 art galleries and more than 50 museums. Zurich beckons the travelers for its rich fashion statement, bustling nightlife and a plethora of recreational activities. Enjoy the boating trip in the lake of Zurich and take a spectacular hike on the amazing Uetliberg mountains, Zurich allows you to take a break from the snowy part of the Switzerland and enjoy Swiss countryside in a different way.

  1. Cuba

Any trip to Cuba can be indefinably magical with its time work but classic architecture and colonial treasures of historical legacy, mostly lying in ruins. It can be maddening at times with its shabby façade, but none of the shortcomings can overpower the fact that Cuba is a timeless classical tale of beauty, history innate musicality. Visit Cuba in 2016 to explore the snapshot lives of the locals, robust history, amazingly beautiful coastlines and revolutionary folklore. Cuba is still not developed and fully equipped to probably handle the flood of visitors but it for sure intrigues travelers, as for being there feels like being are still trapped in a maze time zones of the bygone era sitting at the onset of today’s urbanization.

  1. Sardinia

It’s OK, if you are listening to this name for the first time, while this place is quite popular with the Europe insiders, Sardinia is an Italian island still unspoiled and untamed with too much commercialization. Adored by the affluent class of Europe, Sardinia is a place to be for its quiet and unpretentious island culture. For what can easily be called as a Mediterranean paradise, Sardinia boasts of stunning beauty that stays with you for a long time. An over 2000km of white sandy coastline, stunning beaches, and a backdrop of astounding mountains, with a rugged landscape, Sardinia rightly deserves a visit.

  1. Rome

You already know that Rome is a place to be for art, architecture and history. If you still haven’t been there, now is the time. You are most unlikely to find any other place with such a vibrant mix of haunting scary sights and inspirational art. The capital and the largest city of Italy beckon you for its vibrant street life, astounding food and striking neighborhood. It is an experience in itself to see the struggle of 3000 years from being a fearsome city of the Roman Empire to the bustling modern capital city today with carefully preserving its tainted history.

  1. Rotterdam

Coming up as one of the happening and vibrant cities with multi – ethnic community, soaking traditional culture, a treasure of amazing museums. The city offers striking dining options and gives your taste buds explosion of flavors. The city is well on its way to embrace the best of modernization while carefully preserving its rich architecture. The city recognized as the ‘second city’ of Netherlands, has one of the busiest European ports and stunning vistas of tunnels and bridges.

  1. Jamaica

Move Jamaica right up your alley if visiting lush Green Island with majestic mountain backdrops and stunning sunset vistas along with a wealth of rich culture is your calling. Go to the far west end to witness the beauty of magnificent beaches while on the North coast lies mountains that can take your breath away with their might. The very famous Dun’s river falls and the rich history of the Jamaicans can make you fall in love with this beautiful place. While in Jamaica, you just can’t do without trying its signature jerk pork or jerk chicken along with shots of Jamaican rum that punches you had enough to explode your deep innate senses.

  1. Riviera Nayarit

You have not truly enjoyed Mexico if you haven’t been to Riviera Nayarit. A heaven for those seeking laid back relaxation, Riviera Nayarit is the perfect place to be. Simply relax along the 200 mile of sparkling water coastline while sipping shots of tequila, enjoying sumptuous seafood and impeccable hospitality. While taking water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving to its extreme, Riviera Nayarit is loved by surfers especially around the small but popular surfer town of Sayulita. It is the place to see the best of tropical sea fishes, sea turtles, humpback whales, dolphins and manta rays.

  1. Kauai Island

If natural beauty is your calling, your 2016 album must have pictures of your trip to Kauai Island in Hawaii. While the whole of Hawaii is a paradise in itself, Kauai Island is the greenest of all the Hawaiian Islands, thanks to its rich vegetation and rain forests. No wonder Kauai Island was once reserved for the holidays of the elite only. The island is the oldest and considered as the main of all the Hawaiian Islands for its dramatic pinnacles and cliffs have been featured in various Hollywood flicks.

  1. Sri Lanka

This tiny country packs a punch that will leave you stunned and wanting for more. The amazing beaches, rich cultural history well preserved by the locals and extemporary hospitability will force you to let down your guard and relax in its tranquility. Home to diverse wildlife, rugged rainforest, and ancient Buddhist ruins, many of which makes up for UNESCO heritage sites, Sri lanka boasts of impeccable seafood and the variety of its cuisine reflects its multi-ethnic lifestyle. It is the place for people on the budget and the ones looking to splurge.

Some other tourist hot spots like Paris, Vancouver and Dubai also deserves your attention for the sheer development and crazy magnetic attractions they are bringing up for the tourists. While the formalities for Dubai Visa has been eased to a scary level to lure the tourists from all parts of the world, Paris is calling its visitors to experience the ever so delicate sophistication in this most romantic city of the world. 2016 for its visitors packs a solid punch of places less traveled and waiting to be explored with a different approach of wanderlust.


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