Australians all know the famous TV host Sarah Harris. She and her partner Tom Ward got married in 2014. They chose Sydney as the place for their wedding ceremony. If you take a moment to stop looking at Sydney as a big and busy city, you will find many spots there that are perfect for perfect romantic dates. It doesn’t have to be a straightforward wedding, but lovely diners, picnics and even movie nights are available at some very interesting spots. Sydney can be a lovely place and here are the spots around it that reveal its wonderful and romantic side.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

For all those active couples that want some of the adrenaline rush in their romance, there are some of the amazing climbing tours on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. This remarkable chain bridge is perfectly romantic in the later hours of the afternoon when the sun begins to drop. There are some already made packages for the Harbor Bridge climbing experience and they are available throughout the day, from the dawn to the night. The adrenaline rush and the magnificent view will make the two of you hold that hug a bit longer and tighter.

Royal Botanic Garden


The location is one of a kind. This is the best place to have a whole day picnic. There are businesses that set up the entire picnic area and clean up after you. You can have some of the best views of the Sydney Opera House from the botanical garden. It is full of different sections with absolutely stunningly cultured plants. They make you feel like you are in the world of natural wonders. The nature in all its splendor adds to your romantic moment.

Blacktown Skyline Drive In


This place has the romantic touch of the drive in Movie Theater of the ‘50s. Since all the vintage trends have taken over the planet, this is just the place to have a trendy and vintage themed date, at the same time. The movie theater has tickets and the schedule online and you should try and get them on time because they sell out very quickly during the open air season. The two of you, in your car, watching a nice movie. It sounds like the best date ever.

Sydney Tower


Having a wedding in the skies is a dream come true for many brides and grooms. The next best thing to actually flying over the city is having a wedding at the Sydney Tower. The top of the tower is 350m above the ground level. The venue is round and the walls are mostly glass, so the view is absolutely amazing. No wonder this place is constantly booked for weddings, since it provides amazing view and lots of photo opportunities as suggested by the PerfectMoment photographers.This is the perfect place to organize a romantic dinner for two with the view of the entire city.

Sea Plane and Balloon Aloft


If being 350m from the ground is not close to the skies for you, you can really fly in a balloon from the Hunter Valley to the Camden Valley. It is a nice and quiet joyride. However, for a more adventurous and dynamic experience, choose one of the sea plane rides to add some adrenaline to your special day.

Romantic places are all over Sydney. You just need to think about the type of activity that you like. Figure out if you are an adventurous type or a nature lover. Do you want a quiet dinner or an adrenaline rush? Once you have the answers to these questions, the choice of location will come naturally. Sydney has it all.


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