The British National (Overseas) passport also referred to as the BNO passport, is basically a British passport for the people who were born in Hong Kong or who have a connection with Hong Kong. The very first BNO passport was issued in the year 1987 followed by the Hong Kong Act 1985 wherein a new class of British nationality was formed. It does give you the right of residing in the UK, but it grants visa-free access for up to 6 months as a visitor. In case of emergency the BNO passport holders gets assistance from the British consulate. With its help you can also get into 189 different countries, including some earlier British colonies.

About British Connections

As a British National, to make the process of BNO Renewal simpler, you can seek the help of certain online agencies like British Connections. British Connections is actually Hong Kong’s hub for British passport and visa that provides advice and support to people who want to either renew or apply fresh for their British passport or UK visa. The organization is run by an ex- passport examiner. They help you apply for the renewal of both British Citizen and BNO passports by submitting your online application on the same day to the passport office. This service takes only about 20 minutes. This smooth and fast service is possible only because of their experienced staffs who are directly trained by the UK government who has a good understanding of the procedure. You can avail this service against a fixed and reasonable fee.

Their special services

Some of the quality services offered by British Connections are:

  • Professional staff trained by UK government knowing every procedure
  • They charge you fixed fees without any hidden charges
  • You get to sit down and speak to their consultants’ face to face
  • Their procedure of pre-checking the application and documents before submitting ensures very little chance of your application being held up, delayed or rejected
  • Apart from English, the employees of British Connections can also communicate in other languages like Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Hindi and Punjabi
  • Normally, your new passport is delivered to you by courier. But in this process, you should be physically present at home to sign and receive it, which is practically not always possible. In that case, the passport is usually returned to the UK passport authority. To prevent this problem, British Connections ensures that your new passport is delivered directly to their office free of cost so that you can come and collect it from there anytime as per your convenience.
  • British Connections offers you flexibility in the payment procedure. Here, apart from credit card you can also make the payment by cash or cheque.

Can BNO passports be renewed?

It has been noticed that most of the BNO passport holders have an idea that once their passport has expired, it will be of no use. But this is not true, BNO Renewal is very much possible even if it has expired. The British Consulate in Hong Kong states that even if your passport has expired many years ago, it can still be renewed, so worry not and get it renewed as soon as possible by getting in touch with the reputed online agencies.