Bosnia and Herzegovina Tourism

Here is the list of top tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo – Winter sports & religious architecture
Medjugorje – Sanctuary, churches, mountains
Mostar – Culture, rivers, churches, cathedrals, history
Banja Luka – Rafting, tennis, sports, monasteries, culture
Bihać – Rafting, sports, rivers, churches, adventure
Trebinje – Monasteries, wine, churches
Jajce – Waterfalls, churches, rivers, monasteries, lakes
Neum – Horned viper, beaches, camping, churches, history
Tuzla – Lakes, sports, theater, tennis, culture
Šipovo – Fly fishing, fishing
Jahorina – Skiing, mountains, alpine skiing, snowboarding, ski resorts
Tuzla Canton – Forests, lakes, sports, culture, nature
Višegrad – Monasteries, culture, churches
Zenica – Sports, museums, culture
Travnik – Culture, sports, theater, churches, architecture
Visoko – Monasteries
Vlasenica – Skiing, boar, ski resorts
Tjentište – Monuments, camping, war memorials, rafting, canyons
Konjic – Rafting, monasteries, culture, churches, museums
Doboj – Tennis, sports, taekwondo
Zenica-Doboj Canton – Sports, forests, culture, nature
Prnjavor, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prijedor – Sports, tennis
Una-Sana Canton – Forests, nature
Laktaši – Culture, boxing, theater
Fojnica – Water parks, monasteries, lakes, taekwondo, nature
Hutovo Blato – Parks, rivers, safaris, swamps, nature
Teslić – Monasteries, mountains, nature
Goražde – Sports
Una National Park – Parks, rivers, nature, waterfalls, rafting
Bijeljina – Monasteries, sports, churches
Central Bosnia Canton – Culture
Blagaj – Camping, monasteries, water parks, churches, castles
Čapljina – Barracks, sports, churches
Doboj Region – Culture, museums
Počitelj, Čapljina – Waterfalls, castles, rivers, culture, sculpture
Hadžići – Music festival
Jablanica – Rivers, lakes, museums, mountains, sports
Brčko – Sports, theater
Vareš – Churches, lakes, classical music, mining, mountains