Are you planning to visit China with your family during the summer time? Yes? That’s great! I personally love this country not just because it’s an amazing tourist spot, but also because of many other factors such as their flavoursome food, culture, vibrant festivals, peaceful Buddhist monasteries and of course, amazing shopping malls and other markets. Overall, I can bet you won’t see a country as vivacious as China.

Generally, when going for a vacation to China, most of the people have a tendency to stay in the capital city only, which is Beijing. And they also usually travel to the popular spots only such as The Great Wall, Forbidden City, the Bund and etc. But, I would say, instead of staying in Beijing or visiting these popular spots, you better visit Chengdu, which is the capital city of Sichuan province. This city is really energetic and you’ll get to see many amazing places in this city. In fact, I would say, the overall Sichuan province is amazing! So, wait no more; book your tickets and fly to Chengdu.

Now, one question that must be lingering in your mind is why choose Chengdu, when there are many other cities in other provinces of China, isn’t it? Well, to answer this question of yours, below I have jotted down four reasons to visit Chengdu, instead of the other posh cities in China.

Take a Look

Get to See Pandas

Do you know the main reason why most of the tourists are visiting Chengdu? No? Well, most of them are visiting this city just to visit the Chengdu Panda base. I’m sure you love to watch those funny videos of Pandas that get viral on social media. So, don’t you want to see these cuddly creatures more closely? If yes, then do visit this amazing panda base in Chengdu. In fact, you can also be a panda volunteer for a day, which means, you can spend time with one or more balls-of-fur. Isn’t this great? So, immediately book a Panda Travel Chengdu package from a reputed travel agency and fly to this amazing city to see these amazing creatures.

Numerous Tourist Spots

Apart from Chengdu panda base, there are many other amazing tourist spots in Chengdu, such as Sanxingdui museum, Wenshu Temple, Wuhou Shrine, Buddha in Leshan and etc. And I bet that you will love to visit all the amazing and popular tourist spots in the vibrant city of Chengdu.

Lip Smacking Street Food

If you are a travel buff, I’m sure you don’t just like visiting tourist spots, but you also like tasting their delicacies, isn’t it? So, if you visit Chengdu, be rest assured you are going to love their Sichuan special cuisine. You will find their special, delicious cuisines in both renowned restaurants and street stalls. But, I would suggest, try having their special food from inexpensive hot pot stalls only as it will save your money, plus, make your tummy happy. Stuffed pineapple and Barbecue skewers are the most popular street foods in Chengdu.

These were the three reasons why you must visit Chengdu at least once in your lifetime. So, without wasting time book your tickets a Chengdu tour package. If you have so extra time in hand, you can also visit the Qinghai plateau for Snow Leopard Photography.