The better part of the year has already gone. We are just a few months away from the Dubai Shopping Festival. Dubai has already begun preparing, and tourists from around the world are also getting ready for the greatest shopping extravaganza in the world. But why DSF is so beloved and awaited? It’s the deals, offers and prizes that one gets. They are the main reason to be here. Here’s a look at some of the offers you cannot afford to miss in the upcoming DSF 2017-2018.

Gold Deals

This is the most shopped item as DSF offers on gold, border on insanity. It is a known fact that Dubai is the best place to shop for gold. Here, you will mostly find 22 karat and 24 karat gold and gold jewellery. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about purity or quality. Gold prices here are already competitive and during the DSF, they gets cheaper. There are crazy offers and discounts that are guaranteed to make gold cheaper than what you pay in your own country. Also, in a place like Gold Souk (market), you can also bargain with the shopkeepers to get the best price. Buy gold during the festival, and you will be taking home an asset that will increase in value.


Before DSF, many big fashion brands launch their latest trendy clothes in Dubai. Dubai is the fashion capital of the Middle East; it is also one of the most visited places by international tourists. Plus, it is a tax free city that encourages shopping. Therefore, many fashion apparels launch their best products at competitive prices, and they are even more affordable during DSF. In fact, some retails stores have discounts as high as 80%. Sounds unbelievable? Why don’t you go to Dubai during DSF and find out for yourself.

Raffle Draw

Sponsored by Infiniti last year, the raffle draw is the biggest draw of DSF. The insane prizes that are on offer is something you will not anywhere else. Last year, 40 luxury cars were given away during the month-long festival, and this traditional will continue this year as well. The other big prizes are cash prize of AED 100,000 -150,000, gold and diamond jewellery and high-end electronics. You win can all of this by just buying a ticket of AED 200 from their many outlets. Hundreds of people win amazing prizes, and come back every year to try their luck.

Home Decor  

Other big offers in Dubai Shopping Festival are on Home Decor. You can get 50% to 75% discount on expensive home decor products. Though, you might need to be updated on the latest rules for export of such products back to your country, you can still come back home with a bargain. One of the best home decor products to buy is a carpet. Dubai is full of stores dedicated just to the sale of carpets. They have awesome carpets ranging from traditional, classical designs to contemporary, ultra modern designs. These carpets would cost a bomb back home, but not here.

Food Tastings

With millions of people to serve, you can imagine how huge the food demand during the DSF must be. All over the city, there are various food tastings happening where you can sample foods from another country, and if you like it, you can buy more. The food is reasonably priced, and you can eat the cuisine you’ve always wanted to try. Many people come to DSF just for the food. Such is the popularity of the food during DSF.

Holiday Tours & Packages  

One of the best DSF Deals is the holiday tours and packages that are available during the festival. Many tour operators club additional holiday tours and packages like desert safaris, dhow cruise, Abu Dhabi city tours, Burj Khalifa tours and more with DSF packages. So, smart tourists get the best deals where they get to be a part of DSF and also enjoy all that Dubai has to offer. Therefore, for the upcoming DSF, you should do this too. Put in some research on what other attractions of Dubai you want to see and pick accordingly.


There are too many DSF offers worth mentioning that should not be missed by any true shopaholic, but it is better that you come yourself and check it out. DSF is an extravaganza like no other. The sheer scale at which is it held is mind-boggling and it only keeps getting bigger and better. Therefore, you can expect this upcoming DSF 2017-18 to be the best festival yet.


I am Akshay Koranne working as a travel blogger (freelancer). I love to write and read about new destinations. I am a solo traveler too. So , whatever I explore, I share through blogs & articles.. Apart from Travelling I likes playing chess.