Dhekelia Tourism

Dhekelia, an island of Cyprus which is a British Overseas Territory. Dhekelia is in the southeast of the island near Larnaca city. Dhekelia Beach is the largest beach of Larnaka. It goes on for miles from those hotels in the beach. You’ll get a stunning view of it from the hotels. It’s offering you a lot to see and enjoy. You’ll enjoy your stay in Dhekelia for sure.

When you talk about Dhekelia, You must talk about Akrotiri. Cause Akrotiri and Dhekelia are two areas on a same island of Cyprus. Both places are located side by side.Half of the population in these two regions are ethnic Greeks and Cypriots, but they have citizenship status of the United Kingdom.So you’ll meet various type culture. Akrotiri is surrounded by Greek Cyprus and Dhekelia are located in the buffer zone between the Turkish and Greek part of Cyprus.These part of the island is very quiet and a favorite place for privacy. You can enjoy yourself lonely with the beauty of the beach. Then you should take a chance to see the beautiful sunsets of these areas. It’ll give you and extraordinary fillings. The color of the water and the sunset will present you something indescribable. There are crystal clear water everywhere. Usually Cyprus known for the home of some of the oldest water wells in the world. You can see a lot of those in Dhekelia. Do not miss the beaches around the bay of Kourion and Episkop. These two beaches are also famous for their nature and water. You can also find some luxurious hotels there. So, it’ll be a good stay for you there. You can also go for walk in the beach as many people do. By walking the beach you get to see around the beach. There’s British military camp in Dhekelia. You have keep in mind the rules and regulations there. If you do that you go around the camp and see the military work around you. They are really friendly. They’ll warn you about the danger in here, but they also tell you about what to enjoy around Dhekelia. Visiting military camp can be an adventurous thing. Besides a resourceful nature, the wild life of Dhekelia is also huge. You get to see many different type of animal here. But it is more known for its bird plays. People think that the birds actually can sing. In autumn and spring seasons they come out in numbers. You can enjoy them singing. You’ll also face cicada, one of the nosiest insect on earth.Any travelers will enjoy their trip to Dhekelia.

There’s also a lot to do such as scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports etc.For those who are not enthusiastic divers, there’s also water sport activities like parasailing, wave-runners, kayaking, paddleboats and aqua cycles.Enjoy a camel ride in the countryside of Mazotos village, situated just 15 minutes away from Dhekelia. Lot of adventure are waiting for you in Dhekelia.

You must go there and explore the place. It’ll be a great fun for you. You’ll never feel bored.