Dominica is Caribbean’s most self-proclaimed island and definitely not the Dominican Republic which is quite confusing! It appears on the map just the size of a small seed but a perfect getaway from the usual urban hustle. The island-country is all about fern forests, coconut palms standing erect on impenetrable mountains with leafy natural glories.

Dominica is perfect for ultimate outdoor adventure. In 2015, an enthusiastic property developer moved in with the plans of island’s very first resort but for now, it clings to the carefree crown being Caribbean’s alternative king. Here’s how you can have a perfect adventure that won’t fire-up your wallet!

Swim, hike & gaze at Mother Nature’s best

We usually hear that some of the best things in life are for free and in Dominica, this is absolutely true. For more or less US $12, you can enjoy most of the natural attractions in and around the island. Almost every government-owned national park is covered by the ticket which means the famous Emerald Pool with UNESCO’s Morne Trois Pitons National Park and many others are included. If you’ve got wheels, head for the Titou Gorge and swim through, see the twin Trafalgar Falls, the impressive Indian River waterways and the Cabritis National Park.

Breakfast with the locals

On Sunday mornings, residents in Roseau are likely to be found at a roadside location at Fond Cole, right at the north of capital. Here, you’ll forget street food and indulge in highway haute cuisine. The deep-fried snack breads with spicy hot cocoa tea will charge you up for the day. The fresh fish salad made of cucumber and mahi-mahi, infused with rosemary is true star of the show.

The snorkel Champagne Reef

The real trick to keep snorkelling cost down is taking the Caribbean trip without a boat and at Dominica, it’s actually possible. This is because of the Champagne Reef; the underwater circus with the natural phenomenon of releasing trapped volcanic air bubbles from the rocky seabed like bubble pops out of a soda. Passionate divers and snorkelers walk off the beach to find lobsters, trumpet fish, hawksbill turtles, parrot fish and much more.

A visit to jerk shack

After being devastated by the tropical storm Erika, Dominican locals rejoiced when “I Cho Jerk Shack & Bar” rose from the ashes. It was quite a remarkable and swift step considering the flash flood. The roadside venue to north of the Canefield Airport can’t be ignored with all that alluring jerk scent!

The setting is simple with wooden picnic tables, open-sided bar and film projector but it’s the mouth-watering fiery jerk with cinnamon, allspice, scallions, nutmeg, thyme, vinegar, hot pepper, chive and garlic that’ll take you to a savoury world.

Rejuvenate at the Bubble Beach Spa

This particular DIY spa carries more than just an entrepreneur whiff. It’s set on a patch of village beach with piled rocks that carve out natural hot pools. Water is heated by the same underwater volcanic activity responsible for the Champagne Reef bubbles and the deeper you go, the hotter it gets.


With so much to experience, why not go for Dominica citizenship and live a true Caribbean lifestyle!


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