Durban Beachfront Tourism

Addressed to become one of Durban’s most prestigious destinations, this beachfront is one of the finest tourist attractions of South Africa. Weather condition is almost fair for the people from any part of the world. The unique blend of food offered by national and international business tycoons are appreciated by the travelers for their rich taste and cost-effectiveness. It offers an exclusive collection of naval foods which are prepared under hygienic condition. Besides, fresh and dry foods are also offering wide range of varieties. Rich brands of wines are procured from wine land which is known as one of the oldest wine producing resorts in world.

Durban Art Gallery

Appreciated for its unique collections and historical carvings, this 100 years old gallery is another big name attracting international travelers.


Esplanade, Wilson’s Wharf marina and Point Yacht are three marinas offered by Durban. Any visitor can get one week’s free membership at reasonable price.

Durban Stadium

Located within a distance of 2.5 kms, Durban Stadium is one of the most popular sports ground of South Africa. It was the organizer of FIFA World Cup Semi Finals. Owing to its huge capacity for 80, 000 viewers, swimming facility and athletic ground, this international stadium is also popular among the travelers.

Old Court House Museum

Old Court House Museum is like heaven for history lovers. Established in 1879, this oldest building is located half kilometer far from Durban Beachfront. It represents all the world-wars in pictorial view. Apart from this, some other world famous facts like Bambatha Rebellion are included in the menu book.

North and South Beach

North Beach is situated on a distance of 0.3 kilometer from Durban Beachfront while the distance of South Beach is slightly more. North Beach is famous for its sunrise views and warm water around the year. South Beach is globally acknowledged for its safety and eventually it is appropriate for the beginners. The entire beach is covered by protective shark nets and lifeguards. Attributing to its charm and beauty, these beaches have gained a strong foothold among the travelers. Besides, both the spot offer affordable nightclubs and spacious apartments.

Durban Exhibition Centre

This multipurpose exhibit center is fascinated with eye-catching festivals all around the year. Located at a distance of one km from Durban Beachfront, Durban Exhibition Centre is able to achieve a prestigious position among the travel spots of Durban. It includes exclusive plaza’s and gardens beside the exhibition halls.

Suncoast casino

Durban is also famous for its casino centers. Surrounded by palm trees, this area is situated 1.6 km far from Durban Beachfront. All the counters are opened for the travelers, weekly booking facility is also available at affordable budget price.

Victoria Street Market

Located in a nearby location from Durban Beachfront, Victoria Street Market is known as the oldest market of Durban. It offers traditional and trendy collection to the travelers. Furthermore, it connect with Victoria Street which is another prominent tourist spots of Durban.