East Timor Tourism

East Timor is also known as Timor-Leste. It is a Southeast Asian country. It’s full with natural beauty. East Timor gives you a lot of chance to have some adventure. If you are looking for a wonderful breathtaking vacation that’s place for you to visit. Wanted to try something new yet still enjoy the conventional sun, sea and sand with an adventurous twist in Asia’s newest nation, it’s worth a look.

East Timor offers you an adventurous trip. You’ll get to climb mountains, dive into untouched reefs, and get to see the ancient traditions that have survived the destruction of war. Also you can visit Dili’s museums where you’ll get an insight into Timor-Leste’s dark history. Don’t forget to explore wild cultural experiences of East Timor.Baucau is a famous old town of East Timor. It’ll give you an amazing blend experience with its wonder views of sea and remains of the Portuguese war, and Indonesian built New Town.On the south of the capital city Dili there’s place called Maubisse. It’s known as the Mountain Town. You’ll lost in the beauty of mountains. From bare winding passes to rainforest canopies that shade coffee beans, the south of Dili shows how diverse this country is.There’s also a place called Aileu. It’s known as Coffee-country. You’ll get fresh coffee from the firm. Dili itself present you wide range for travels. Among them most of the tourists gather to enjoy waterfront. Travelers tend to hang out in the bars along Av de Portugal and also Areia Branca. Atauro Island is another place you should include in your list. It’s place of water lover. You get to see wonderful view of the sea and also get to do many water related activities. It’ll surely give you an awesome time to spend. The jewel in the country’s crown is Jaco Island. It’s situated in the easternmost point in East Timor. A six-hour drive from Dili through green hills and winding, elevated coastal roads overlooking steep drops to the blue water below.There are plenty of white-sand beaches close to the capital too such as Branca and Dollar Beach.Much of the country is mountainous and they are offering gorgeous scenery. Mount Ramelau is East Timor’s highest point at 2,963 meters. You can climb up there and see the whole East Timor at a time. Suai is another city of East Timor which is known for its fishing. By the sea, the traditional fishing village of Suai Loro is the busiest place of Suai for fishing. Southeast of Baucau is Mt Matebian. Topped with a statue of Christ and known as ‘Mountain of the Dead’, this holy place attracts thousands of pilgrims annually for All Souls Day on 2 November.If you want you’ll get a lot of place for traveling in East Timor.

East Timor will encourage you to do many adventurous things. Diving is one of the most favorite thing people do there. It’ll give you a totally new experience of diving. Also you get to meet with small sharks, tuna, turtles, mackerel and barracuda.East Timor is now home to the world’s toughest cycle race. You can enjoy breathtaking cycling there. There’s a lot of things to enjoy in East Timor.

You should do yourself some favor by visiting East Timor. It will give a combination of both the nature and adventure. You just don’t want to miss a chance to travel in this beautiful country.