El Salvador Tourism

El Salvador is small country in Central America. El Salvador is situated between the Guatemala to the west, Honduras to the north and east and the Pacific Ocean to the south.It’s divided into three regions.It’s famous for Pacific Ocean beaches, surfing and mountainous landscape.You’ll have some great experience in El Salvador in its beautiful beaches, ancient historical sites, cultural experience, delicious food, and many more. The small area of this country gives you a chance to visit it in a short time.

El Salvador is becoming strong focus on tourism day by day.You will be pleasantly impressed with El Salvador’s majestic beauty in its small area. The people El Salvador are inviting and friendly to tourists. You get to see many places here such as cloud forests, waterfalls, active volcanoes, pristine lakes, and of course, the beaches.One of the places you are likely to encounter a crowd is at its famous surfing spot Punta Roca, which happens to be one of the best right point breaks in the world.If you want to check out a cool live music scene, museums, art galleries, theatres, shopping malls, etc., then none can beat the capital city San Salvador anywhere in Central America. San Salvador is a modern city of wide boulevards and narrow streets, outdoor markets, government buildings, high-rises, monuments, an exuberant nightlife, museums and other cultural institutions. All these things set against the backdrop of San Salvador volcano.The city is surrounded by shantytowns as well as affluent suburbs with restaurants and large shopping malls.Peaceful settings such as the botanic garden of Parque Cuscutlan will give a wonder time for relaxing. San Salvador’s greatest asset is its location within easy reach of the ocean and the mountains. It gives you some astonishing view of the beach and mountains. You can also visit arts village of Panchimalco. And also the eerie hillside district called Los Planes de Renderos.If you are traveling slowly and purposefully to the La Ruta de las Flores, it is like a meander through the story of El Salvador.It’s a beautiful series of villages. Each with a mix of colonial architecture in indigenous tones.You should hit the Cordillera Apaneca, a volcanic mountain range filled with waterfalls, mountain bike trails, and pine forest hikes where white flowers bloom in May.Western El Salvador is a small region that somehow contains the majority of the country’s attractions.The cloud forest and conical splendor of Parque Volcano, the mysterious and at times unvisited Mayan ruins at Tazumal is some of its attractions.Santa Ana is another place you must go. There’s a relaxed confidence in the wide, tree-lined streets and colorful houses will give a beautiful view. San Miguel is El Salvador’s second-largest city. It’s known for its mountains.Visit the Coatepeque Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in the country and the world. There’s a lot of place to explore in in this small country.

If you’re looking for things to do, there’s a lot for you. Climbing mountains, cycling, hiking etc. are available there. It’s one of the best place for surfers around the world. Huge waves of Pacific Ocean encourage you to experience something very different.

El Salvador is a lovely tiny country for visiting. If you have short time, El Salvador is definitely on for you. You can get around the in a short time.