Belarus Tourism

Eastern Europe’s outcast, Belarus (Беларус) situated at the border of the region and seems firm to evade incorporation with the rest of the continent by all means necessary. It represents a void for many foreigners; only 137,000 tourists travelled to the country in 2013, which make her the least visited on Europe.

Combining tedious visa requirements, mixed with an immature service industry, undermine the country’s labours to catch the attention of foreign visitors.

The world’s leading travel guide company, Lonely Planet, warns travellers that “visas are needed by almost everybody” and that “homophobia is rife.” VirtualTourist criticises the shortness of customer service, the paranoia of locals, and the country’s “lunatic” president, Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

But even though the country itself is not really tempting, but nevertheless there is parts on Belarus, a destinations that will blow your mind, it own weak tourism industry allow it nature to sill quiet safe from human interaction as you can find by the many nature parks there, also the capital of the country, “Minsk” will almost certainly surprise you, even though its meticulously dreary-sounding name, a progressive and modern city fairly at odds with its own reputation. Stylish cafes, impressive gastronomic restaurants and crowded nightclubs strive for your attention, while art galleries and sushi bars have taken up residence in a capital heart once completely remodeled to the tastes of Stalin. Even with the heavy police presence and compliant citizenry, Minsk is a thoroughly an enjoyable place that’s not hard to turn out to be loving.

If you’re more interested to see history, well there is a one of the must-to-visits in Belarus which is Hrodna, It was one of the hardly any Belarusian cities that wasn’t bombed all through WWII, therefore it’s rife with old wooden homes and, even though it’s a main city, it certainly has a ‘big village’ kind of sense to it.

The other main city that still hardly try to preserve its historical heritage is “Vitsebsk”, being near the Russian borders and leis only 300 Km near “Minsk”, in fact, the city was immortalized in the early on the career of Marc Chagall, the city’s most celebrated son who grew up and studied here before stirring to St Petersburg, where his artistic profession began to flourish. With its stress-free environment, attractive center and enjoyable museums, Vitsebsk assure it visitors a pleasing side tour or drop by on the road heading to Russia.

Speaking of Russia, Belarus was and still proud of it history in the Soviet Union, and it certainly should, as it was the strong defense line against the Nazi troops, as shown by the “Brest fortress”, a touching WWII monument where Soviet troops stood up far longer than expected facing the Nazi offensive assault in the early stages of Operation Barbarossa. The “Brest fortress” took its name from the city where it’s built; this flourishing and cosmopolitan border town appears more similar to the nearby EU cities than to Minsk. It has a lot of charm and has performed a gigantic DIY job on itself during the last few years to suit up in order to celebrate it millennial celebrations in 2019.

Although the country seem a little bit restricted, with a lot of requirements, the country got a very positive reviews from the travellers, mainly for the amazing kindness and generosity showed by the people, the native habitant are still not used to see foreigner, but genuinely respectful and helpful as stated by the travellers that although they’ve had tents, they never used them, each night they get invited by locals, a great historical country with a unique people full of hospitality to assure the best trip, as long as make pass the visa.

Some best tourist spots in Belarus

Minsk – Soviet-era architecture & the Red Church
Gomel – Monuments, parks, museums, rivers, history
Brest – History, churches, museums, rivers, architecture
Grodno – Churches, castles, synagogues, cathedrals, monuments
Vitebsk – Marc Chagall, monuments, museums, cathedrals, churches
Mogilev – Churches, history, architecture
Polotsk – Cathedrals, monasteries, monuments, history, museums
Babruysk – Monuments, beavers, history
Lake Narach – Lakes, rivers, windsurfing, kitesurfing, parks
Silichy – Ski resorts, snowboarding, lakes, skiing, winter sports
Pinsk – Churches, history, monuments, cathedrals, architecture
Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve – Nature reserves, nature, european bison, swamps, bears
Baranovichi – Churches, monuments, history, lakes, architecture
Orsha – History
Pastavy – Churches, history, folk music, temples, music
Lida – Castles, history, architecture
Barysaw – Monuments, history, architecture
Mozyr – Ski resorts, history, winter sports
Mir – Castles, bees, churches, history, architecture
Maladzyechna – Monuments, history
Lahoysk – Ski resorts, churches, history, lakes
Zaslawye – Museums, churches, history, castles, monuments
Navahrudak – Castles, history, museums, churches, monuments
Hlybokaye – Churches, lakes, history, monasteries, monuments
Lepiel – Lakes, history, monuments, temples, rivers
Kobryn – Water parks, history
Braslaw – Lakes, mountains, churches, history, parks
Zhlobin – Water parks, history
Slutsk – History
Ruzhany – Palaces, castles, water parks, synagogues, churches
Pruzhany – Water parks, castles, palaces, cathedrals, history
Mstsislaw – Monasteries, history, churches, temples, cathedrals
Smarhon’ – Monuments, history, lakes, churches, museums
Nesvizh – Castles, churches, palaces, history, museums
Vawkavysk – History, monuments, architecture
Slonim – Synagogues, churches, history, architecture
Myadzyel – Lakes, history, temples, architecture, nature
Rakaw – Bees, hunting, museums, history, lakes
Salihorsk – Water reservoir, caves, nature
Ivyanets – Churches, museums, history, bees, monasteries
Dzyarzhynsk – Churches, lakes, history, rivers, nature
Myory – Waterfalls, swamps, history, lakes, nature
Polesie State Radioecological Reserve – Nature reserves, wildlife, turtles, forests, nature
Rahachow – History, lakes, castles, rivers, culture
Ashmyany – Churches, history, synagogues
Shchuchyn – History, palaces, monuments, culture, architecture

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