Croatia Tourism

Croatia has come from a relatively obscure country to a top tourist destination in only a couple of years. The country’s diversity, from the golden plains of Slavonia, across the hills and mountains of Gorski kotar and Lika, to the thousand islands scattered around Dalmatia’s Adriatic Sea, Croatia has a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Here is just a short glimpse into some of Croatia’s most popular cities.

  • Pula

The ancient city of Pula, located in the south of the Istrian peninsula is definitely the place to be if you ever get the chance to visit Istria. The peninsula is known for its fine wine, truffles and spectacular sights. Pula is home to some of the finest restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs in all of Istria. Located in the town is a magnificent piece of ancient Roman architecture, a huge amphitheater which houses numerous cultural events during the whole year. The International film festival, one of the most prestigious film festivals in all of Europe is held in Pula, and to top it all off, the beautiful Brijuni national park is located nearby.

  • Rijeka

The cultural center of Croatia, Rijeka is one of the most unique cities in the whole country. The Kvarner region, in which Rijeka is located, is kind of a transition between continental Croatia and Dalmatia. Combining the best elements from continental and coastal Croatia, Rijeka is a melting pot with tons of stuff to see and do. The amazing football stadium, theaters, museums, art performances, continental and Dalmatian delicacies, fine wine and much more make Rijeka the new place to visit in Croatia. The city itself, the Kvarner region and the islands nearby are so packed with things to see and do, that most tourists decide either to rent out a car in Rijeka and take the time to better explore the surrounding region or take the bus that goes throughout the whole town.

  • Split

The city of Roman emperors, Split is the heart of Dalmatia. Split was founded by the ancient Greeks, but it really took off when the Roman emperor Diocletian decided to build his palace there. Eventually, Split grew around the palace, and the palace still stands wonderfully preserved today. It is one of Split’s main assets, and is truly a sight to behold. You’ll be dazzled by the ancient architecture and huge stone blocks which were used in construction. But Split offers more than just ancient history. Home to some of Europe’s hottest parties, Split has, perhaps, the best night life offer in the whole of Dalmatia. Numerous music festivals, the most popular being the Ultra Europe music festival, parties in and around Split, beach parties, bars and much more will make sure that you get a chance to experience the wild side of Croatia.

  • Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik needs no introduction. This city is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. Dubrovnik’s old town core has become legendary, used as a stage for many famous movies and TV shows. The picture of the town of Dubrovnik, with its milky white ancient walls rising up from a deep, blue sea has become iconic, and recognized around the world. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, some of the most extravagant hotels and restaurants, plus some amazing history, you’ll see for yourself why Dubrovnik is on the forefront of Croatian tourism.

Top tourist places in Croatia

Hvar – Adriatic resort island & historic port
Korčula – Walled medieval town Korčula & beaches
Diocletian’s Palace – Palace, architecture, history
Plitvice Lakes National Park – Terraced lakes linked by waterfalls
Brač – Zlatni Rat beach & Adriatic resorts
Marjan – Taekwondo, forest, boxing, beach, nature
Mljet – Beaches, lakes, parks, camping, monasteries
Lošinj – Camping, beaches, dolphins, marinas, scuba diving
Lokrum – Islet with historic buildings & gardens
Ivan Meštrović Gallery – Museum, art gallery, art, culture, architecture
Museum of Broken Relationships – Museum, culture
Euphrasian Basilica – Basilica
Ban Jelačić Square – Concert, history, culture, music, theatre
Cathedral of Saint Domnius – Cathedral, history
Stradun – Concert, music, culture
Pelješac – Wine, beaches, camping, windsurfing, vineyards
Croatian Museum of Naïve Art – Art, museum, culture
Pula Arena – Roman amphitheater & underground museum
Zlatni Rat – Beach
Walls of Dubrovnik – History
Zagreb City Museum – Museum, culture, architecture
Church of St. Donatus – Church, architecture, history
Jarun – Lakes, wakeboarding, windsurfing, beach volleyball, sailing
Lovrijenac – Historic fortress with panoramic views
Zrće – Pebble beach lined with bars & clubs
Art Pavilion, Zagreb – Art museum in 19th-century building
Mimara Museum – Museum, culture, architecture
Šibenik Cathedral – Cathedral, architecture
Koločep – Beach, cave, snorkeling, honeymoon
Temple of Augustus – Public square with stunning Roman temple
Zrmanja – Rafting, rivers, waterfalls, canyons, camping
Modern Gallery – Art, museum, art gallery, culture, architecture
Veliki Brijun
Trogir Cathedral – Cathedral, architecture, history
Zagreb Cathedral – Early 12th-century Neo Gothic cathedral
Paklinski Islands
Dubrovnik Cathedral – Grand baroque church with notable art
Trsteno Arboretum – Former patrician’s villa in lush gardens
Technical Museum, Zagreb – Museum, culture, architecture
Šipan – Beaches, sailing, honeymoon
Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters – Painting, museum, art gallery, art, culture
Kamerlengo Castle – Castle, architecture, history
Čikat – Camping, beaches, marinas, forests, parks
Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb – Contemporary, multimedia art museum
Croatian National Theatre in Split – Ballet, opera, theatre
Goli otok
Bundek – Lake, concert, nature, music, theatre