Hungary Tourism

Budapest – Medieval & neoclassical capital city
Lake Balaton – Freshwater lake near resorts & vineyards
Szentendre – Museums, temples, sculpture, art, painting
Siófok – Beaches, nightlife, camping, lakes
Hévíz – Lakes, hot springs, markets, camping
Eger – Wine, grapevines, castles, merlot, cabernet sauvignon
Sopron – Orchestra, wine, temples, museums, synagogues
Hortobágy National Park – UNESCO-listed natural grasslands area
Esztergom – Basilica, cathedrals, castles, temples, museums
Aggtelek National Park – National park with extensive cave system
Keszthely – Museums, castles, palaces, châteaus, markets
Bükk National Park – Protected area, caves, gray wolf, parks, nature
Tihany – Abbeys, lakes, beaches, geysers, monasteries
Balatonfüred – Camping, wine, caves, water parks, theater
Visegrád – Castles, palaces, middle ages, renaissance, temples
Hajdúszoboszló – Water parks, beaches, hot springs, camping, lakes
Gyula – Water parks, William Shakespeare, castles, temples, jazz
Hortobágy – Horseback riding, rivers, camping
Debrecen – Orchestra, jazz, zoos, literature, painting
Cserkeszőlő – Camping
Fertő-Hanság National Park – Parks, protected area, nature, lakes, forests
Kiskunság National Park – National park with lakes & marshland
Őrség National Park – National park of forests & meadows
Tokaj – Wine, grapevines, castles, mountains, sparkling wines
Danube-Drava National Park – Protected area, parks, white-tailed eagle, forests, caving
Miskolc – Caves, orchestra, musical theatre, theater, temples
Zalakaros – Water parks, hot springs, camping, nature
Lake Tisza – Lakes, nature
Sárvár – Hot springs, arboretums, water parks, castles, temples
Győr – Temples, ballet, orchestra, zoos, arenas
Pécs – Orchestra, museums, culture, temples, cathedrals
Balatonlelle – Beaches, circuses, yacht clubs, amusement parks
Tata – Lakes, museums, castles, nature, middle ages
Danube-Ipoly National Park – Parks, protected area, caves, caving, nature
Balaton Uplands National Park – National parkland nature reserve
Szeged – Ballet, orchestra, temples, theater, sculpture
Szolnok – Orchestra, museums, art, painting, culture
Velence – Lakes, beaches, wakeboarding, theater, waterskiing
Lovas – Prehistory, show jumping, horseback riding
Bük – Hot springs, golf, camping
Körös-Maros National Park – Parks, protected area, eagles, beetles, nature
Berekfürdő – Camping
Harkány – Hot springs, camping
Mosonmagyaróvár – Castles, hot springs, museums, camping, culture
Egerszalók – Hot springs, lakes, water parks, wine, camping
Vonyarcvashegy – Wakeboarding, beaches, camping, wine, waterskiing
Kőszeg – Synagogues, ski jumping, wine, castles, boxing
Makó – Temples, orchestra, architecture