With Austin Adventures one can discover some of the most spectacular and exceptional geological features in the country by taking a vacation on Utah adventure. One may hike the popular trail to Angel’s Landing at the Zion National Park. The legendary hanging gardens and hoodoos of Bryce Canyon can be explored here. Rafting through the popular Colorado River waters will get you wet. One may also experience a Hummer ride through the breathtaking Slippery Rocks of the Canyonsland National Park. At Arches Southern Utah National Parks, you will find the jaw-dropping scenes of the Delicate Arch found in Arches National Park. This is also referred to as the ‘Grand Circle’ for good reasons. From Bryce Canyon to Zion, Arches to Canyonlands, the fantastic National Parks may be discovered here with Austin Adventures.

The most appropriate time of Traveling to Utah

In the whole of U.S.A, Utah has got one of the most diverse terrains. The same apply for the weather. During winter, some mountains may receive greater than 500 inches of snow while parts of the state may reach close to 100°F in summer. Every type of imaginable weather may be found in fall and spring. There is a popular saying in Utah that goes,’ wait for five minutes if you don’t like the weather!’ Definitely, one can wait since Utah has got some of the most exceptional features. This include the Virgin River’s Narrow Hikes, Bryce Canyon’s Hoodoo formations,, Zion National Park’s Slot Canyon, the Sky mesa Island found in Canyonlands National Park and the Arches National Park’s Delicate Arch.

Depending on the area that one is traveling to, the temperature in Utah varies greatly.

  • Spring (March – May)

The most predictable time of the year is this. One day is wet and very windy while the next day is calm and sunny. At spring, desert areas are the ones that are most green. The ideal time of visiting the National Park’s state is May since the average temperature of the day is 82-86°F!

  • Summer (June – August)

Sunscreen will come in handy at Summer time. The daytime temperatures range from highs of 100°F in July/August and lows of 66°F in July/August at evening time. It is therefore important that you bring a light jacket along.

  • Autumn (September – November)

This is the time when cool temperatures begin returning. In September and October, you will find comfortable highs of 75-80°F at daytime and you also need a comfortable jacket, glove and hat for the low evening temperatures ranging from 45°F to 55°F. At this time of the year, one encounters light snow falls in the higher parks of Bryce Canyon National Park in late September.

  • Winter (December – February)

The stunning landscape during winter has its beauty enhanced by the snowfall which offers a perfect place for skiing. Daily average temperatures range from 34°F in case you want to do skiing or 55°F in case you are hanging out in Utah at St George.

Utah is a hub of adventures ranging from world class biking and hiking trails in the red rock, top tier to hoodoo filled valleys, Green rivers and Colorado and also the canyon carving’s white water rafting. The country’s best can be found at Austin Adventures which is the reason as to why all of the adventures of North America make a tour to the national parks. Five of Utah’s national parks are explored here, where each is awe inspiring and very unique.

Zion National Park and Bryce brings your family to the most fascinating parks in America. You will get to enjoy some of the best photographs in Southern Utah.


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