For first time visitors in Brooklyn, it is difficult to decide on an itinerary as there is plethora of options in this wonderful city. Whether you are on a business trip or a family holiday make sure you are well informed about all the places around so that you choose your destinations wisely. Food, nature, amusement, literature, art or history Brooklyn has everything for every taste. Depending on your personal taste, you can explore various places in the city.

  1. Explore Food: Brooklyn is famous for its food that has influences from all over the world. Pizzas are known to be great here. There is a great variety of cocktails and drinks that people die to taste all over the world. Once in Brooklyn, take time off to indulge especially in food. Try Pizzas! A pizza tour across the city of Brooklyn will be ideal for foodies. This place is famous for its variety of thin crust pizzas. Try Brussels sprout pizza, Apple bacon pizza, European varieties with French specialties. Also there is a Monte Carlo variety with Maple syrup on the pizza which is exclusive to this place. Gouda, Canadian bacon, post-oven drizzle of Maple syrup is mouth watering combination.
  2. McCarran Park: Take the G train in the morning and travel to Green point avenue or Nassau avenue. There is McCarran park, 35 acre playground for people of all ages. This area has exclusive shops for vintage clothes and accessory collection from classic designers like Yves Saint Lauren. One can find cool jackets and accessories in these stores in vintage collection. Apart from this, there is a delighting collection of cocktails with exotic flavors in this region.
  3. Luxury Hotels: One of the most favorite tourist destinations in the country of America, Brooklyn, boast of the most luxurious and splendid hotels. With great amenities and recreational facilities, Brooklyn hotels provide you with comfortable stay and relaxation. In Williamsburg Brooklyn, there are premium hotels with exclusive designs that are inviting for both leisure travelers and business travelers. These hotels are close to the main amenities and recreational centers of the city of Brooklyn which makes the stay absolutely comfortable as all the facilities are easily accessible for the lodgers. For business trips, these hotels are apt as there is ample of places to unwind oneself after a meeting or conference. There are well trained staff members to greet the guests and to take care of each and every need from food to laundry. You’ll be perfectly informed by our staff regarding the city and your tours. These hotels are well connected to restaurants and cafes and cheap transport modes can be easily availed. Shopping and entertainment is close by. The hotels are itself great centers of recreations with serene atmosphere, plush and luxuries. There is enough privacy and tranquility in the hotels to de-stress yourself. Living rooms and gardens are so designed that the guests will love to hang out here with co workers and friends and will not notice passing of time. In bed rooms, living rooms and recreational areas and dining, best guest amenities can be availed. Condor Hotel stand out in its special extra amenities that is not to be found in any other luxury hotel in Williamsburg. Condor distinguishes itself as it takes care of the details in all aspects of hospitality. No wonder it is a favorite amongst Brooklyn tourist who love top class amenities, professional hospitality with lively interaction with other guest of same taste.
  4. Explore Zoos and Botanical Garden: Botanical garden is close to the main city. It is a 52 acre garden that is home to a variety of plant species that is exclusive to this place. There are specific blooming periods for each species which enchants the visitors. There are around 200 cherry trees with 42 special varieties. The Hanami festival and Sakura Matsari attract participants from across the world. The section of Japanese garden is splendid. The Prospect park, located in the centre of the city is a delight for nature lovers. Its sprawling 526 acres invites lovers and pleasure seekers in equal numbers. It is situated around the Brooklyn Lake that imparts serenity to this area. Within the park there is Prospect Zoo that is apt for children’s entertainment. The animal population here is considered best amongst the national parks in the country.
  5. Brooklyn Museum: Within 60,000 sq feet, this museum is home to 1.5 Million articles and is the second largest museum in the country of USA. The building itself is a monument of art. Founded in 1890, this building is a cultural heritage of the city of Brooklyn. There are articles as old as 3000 years from Egyptian ancient culture. African, oceanic and Japanese art are well represented in antiquities here. Art aficionados and historians exult this place as having exemplary collection. American art finds a place of pride displaying art from colonial to revolutionary period.
  6. The America’s Favorite Bridge: The Brooklyn bridge spanning the East River is an architectural wonder and is a not to be missed one in the itinerary of all tourists here. The tragic death of its designer August Roberts also haunts the bridge. Millions of tourists throng this place to witness the beautiful view both in the day and night. In the day you will marvel at the majestic sight while in the night you’ll be swooned by the lights. The view of New York from the bridge with the serene water of the river is stunning and unforgettable.
  7. Brooklyn Navy Yard: Not far from the Brooklyn bridge is Brooklyn Navy yard which offers interesting walking tours with fascinating water front highlight. It is a focal site for 21 century data, manufacturing and advertising business. Your view will span over the East river water, Wallabout basin, the views onto New York harbor and the iconic Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges. This is best to visit during day.
  8. Coney Island: The Coney Island is the western most part of the Long Island. Only 30 minutes away from Brooklyn, this beach offers plenty of options for amusement with wonder wheels, thunderbolt roller coaster and parachute jump and many more. The beach is apt for fun with your loved ones and the famous New York Aquarium is a worth seeing. There is range of mouth watering delicacies from street food to exotic restaurants. The view of the Atlantic ocean is beautiful and the carnival atmosphere with warm weather is de-stressing. The weekends have a highly festival.
  9. Busch Garden Williamsburg: Located in the Historical triangle, Busch Garden is a theme park for kids and elders with special attraction for season and festivals. This 40 years old park has been consecutively ranks as the most beautiful and favorite theme park of America. There are fun and amusing activities, more than 30 attractions for kids and elders, Broadway style shows, mouth watering cuisine and attractive variety of animals and birds that this park is most known for. There are Garden rides, exotic restaurants and amusement rides to fill our pleasure seeking senses. Busch Park is an exotic gate away from the hustle bustle of city life.

Besides, there are exquisite cafes and restaurants to please your taste buds in the city of Brooklyn. For art and literature lovers, there are plenty of places to explore their taste. Books galore at Green point Avenue, Bergen Street, Fulton Street and Metropolitan Avenue. For a comfortable and secure stay at Brooklyn, make sure you choose one of the best hotels in Williamsburg that will connect you all the amenities in the vicinity. The Condor Hotel, located in Williamsburg serves the purpose of making the best of the city available to you. You can avail excellent and affordable transport to the above mentioned recreational centers and natural getaways.


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