Tourism is a sensation of the stylish community, which has emerged as an economic activity of prodigious importance. Perhaps there is hardly any other field of activity were so many people are involved directly or indirectly. Tourism has found a niche for itself as an effective instrument for generating employment, earning revenue and foreign exchange, enchanting environment perceiving culture and tradition thereby fascinating overall development.

Wildlife tourism

From the nascence of civilization, man has existed together with animals though he has always been a hunter. Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism are the different religions in India which have shown extreme commiseration to all living things. Increase in population along with the economic growth is the major cause which leads to the screaming for the protection of wildlife. Due to this great pressure, government of India decided to preserving wildlife as a national heritage for future generation. Kaziranga national park, Manas wildlife sanctuary, Muthumalai wildlife sanctuary, Corbet national park, Ranthamabore wildlife sanctuary, Periyar wildlife sanctuary, Sundharbans national park, Dudhwa national park, Eravikulam national park are the sanctuaries and national parks developed as a part of this movement.


The long coastal lines in India are home to some of the top class beaches in the world. Most of the tourist makers utilizes the natural beauty and translate them their preferred destination. These concepts are originated from the realization of the numerous activities that the Indian beaches can offer. Goa and Kerala are the best tourist destinations in India. Let us look at the marvellous locations in Goa. The beach capital of India has a number of silvery beaches, sanctuaries, inland, water ways and island. Anjana beach, Manoradha beach and Dona Paula beach are the three enchanting tourist places in Goa. Dona Paula beach is renowned as lover’s paradise and it offers excellent facilities of water sports. The uniqueness of Goa lies in its artificial resources like churches, temples, casinos and other attractions like carnivals, festivals etc.

God’s own country- Kerala is the other important visual beauty belongs to Indian tourism. Alappuzha beach, Bappur beach, Kappad beach, Kovalam beach and Varkala beach are the main attractions of Kerala. Kovalam beach has a special place on the world tourist map. Kappad beach near Kozhikode is famous due to the arrival of Vasco de Gama in the year 1498. Vasco de Gama is the legend related to the discovery of Kerala. He played a stupendous role in shaping the history of Kerala.

Home stays are an emerging concept in tourism and hospitality industry which is also considered to be the best alternative to hotel accommodation. Home stays in Kerala is unsurpassed option to explore the beauty of the land around the world. Keralites are literally open their to tourists converting portions of their houses into home stays like heritage homes, farm houses, estate bungalows, ancestral homes like ‘Mana’,’Illam’,’Nalukettu’ etc to give visitors an authentic experience of life and a pleasant stay away from busy towns and cities but near to places of attraction in this lovely stay. The main advantage of staying at the home stays is the special care and personal attention that one can enjoy throughout their holidays.

The above mentioned pieces of information presents bird’s eye view of some India’s most important tourist destinations and provide knowledge about fascinating Indian tourism.


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