Prevention is better than Cure

People love to travel and why wouldn’t they?  Holidays rejuvenate the mind, body and heart. Most of the people work day to night for five days a week, and ensure that they save a good amount to spend on the holidays. With the many weekend holidays coming up, this is one of the favorite relaxing, leisure pursuits which are followed. Hence the long weekends witness cars, travelers, bikers, travelling by road or air for a change from the monotonous routine. There are people, who travel as a family, then there are colleagues who like to travel, there are also the women groups who go out for fun. Then there are many who travel alone and travelling alone is not biased with gender. It might be a beach holiday, adventurous trip or a romantic getaway the innumerable memories stay afresh forever.


However it happens sometimes that the memories are not the very good ones. And this happens with regard to the safety issue. The travelers forget that the place they are travelling to be new and hence they cannot do and act as they do at their home town.

Herein enlisted are some specific dos and don’ts to help the travelers be safe and enjoy their trip

  • No need to sing a song of every road one takes- the social networking site and the accessibility of wifi at almost all the places has made it really easy for the thieves and goons to pick point the travelers. The travelers when post about their latest expedition on the site, is heard clearly by the thieves as well. Hence it is advisable to keep the holiday plan away from the general public and stay safe!
  • Avoid night travel- It is always better to avoid travelling at night, either when alone or family or on group tour.
  • Scan the important documents before going out- Just in case any theft occurs it is always better to scan the documents like the passport, visa, and identity card and keep a copy of it.
  • Money is Money- At all costs never ever use the credit card at a cyber cafe, it only invites the cyber crime. Then it is also important to not keep all the ATM cards, credit cards, debit cards at one place. Try to place them in different pockets and bags.
  • Never leave any purse or bag unattended- One cannot understand the gravity of problem which can lead to leaving the personal belongings unattended.
  • Avoid undue attention- This is especially applicable for the women who like to flaunt their jewelry and for the men who do the same for travel gadgets. It’s good that one can afford it all, but too much show off at a foreign place is like the invitation for crime and thefts.
  • Don’t talk or eat out with strangers- There are good looking, well mannered really smart thieves out their waiting for easy bate. Try not to be one. For this it is advisable to not discuss or have dinner or drink out with strangers. This is a flat no for each and every traveler.
  • Beware of scams- there have been instances when the people dressed as police officer or tourists guide have cheated and robbed the money so try to be aware of them.
  • Transport vehicle- If the traveler are traveling to a new place by their own vehicle, it is recommended to get a thorough check up done for the same. It is likewise advisable to keep some safety gadgets in the vehicle at all times.

It is always better to take care of oneself from the start rather than crying later. So be safe and happy travelling!

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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