Gujarat is a western state that is beautifully ornamented with one of the most celebrated traditions and cultures in India. It is known to be a merry state that is always soaked in colors of celebrations. Everything ranging from the food, arts, dances, music is so incredible that now this state has emerged as one of the major players in the tourism industry of India. One thing to note about this state is that in spite of being one of the most industrialized and modernized places in India, people have preserved their traditions and culture as they were handed down to them by their ancestors. These are all the reasons why tourists with travel agency India in large numbers throng various destinations in Gujarat extremely famous in the distant lands for their cultural heritage.

Looking at the reasons, following figure up as the top ones which explain why Gujarat receives heavy tourist traffic:

  1. Gujarati music and dances

There is a reason why Gujarat is promoted with the tagline ‘Vibrant Gujarat’. When the tunes so strong and resonating combine with striking dance culture, the whole atmosphere reverberates with happiness and merry making. One such dance form which is symbolic of a joyous celebration is Dandiya. In this dance form, men and women dance with each other taking decorated hollow bamboo sticks as props. Also, the dance Garba which seeks to offer prayers to Goddess Amba circling around clapping and singing jubilantly is one of the very vivacious performing art form in Gujarat.

  1. Arts and Handicrafts

Art pieces made by the Gujarati craftsmen are very beautiful to look at. These are a part of the ancient culture here. Intricate embroidery work, bold stone work, wood carvings art, Pethora painting (tribal painting form) etc are popular art forms pursued in Gujarat. Also special types of fabric work such as Patola sarees, Bandhani and Beadwork are exported throughout India and abroad. Peculiar style of carpets known as the Dhurries, are also woven in Gujarat.

  1. Fairs and festivals

As Gujarat is the state that perfectly represents the joyous and vibrant spirit of India, there are various fairs and festivals that make this a reality. The most popular ones are the kite festival, Navratra celebrations and Kutch Mahotsava. Kite festival is celebrated on the day of Makar Sakranti i.e 14th of February. On this day, the whole sky is decorated with colourful kites floating all around. On the other hand, Navratra celebrations are observed to seek the blessings of Goddess Amba. Community dandiya and garba dances are organised during this festival.

  1. Gujarati cuisine

Delectable gastronomical delights are a part of Gujarati tradition. People use more of sugar in preparation of their dishes here instead of making them spicy. Some say that this is the reason why Gujarati people are so sweet and soft spoken. Some of the very popular dishes of Gujarat include Dhokla, Khandvi, Fafda, Pani Puri etc. These dishes are lighter for the body to digest due to the cooking style employed. Gujarati desserts like gajar Halwa, gulab jamun, jalebi, shrikhand etc have already received their share of fame all over the world!

All of the above stated reasons make Gujarat qualify as India’s original snake charmer. Book your holiday package to India with us to witness the beauty of culture and traditions of this land.

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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