Haveli Ghana Khandi

May be you have heard so many stories about various monuments of the ancient times but you never heard about the Haveli of Ghana Khandi. This Haveli of village Ghana Khandi always known for its beauty and architecture. The Haveli is situated in the village Ghana Khandi. It was built by Ali Baksh for his family. It took more than 15 years to complete the development of this building. The Haveli always become the iconic face of the village. There are certain more buildings there like Bada Gher (Behtak) which was latter built by Munsi Amanat Ali in the year 1944 it is also popularly known in near by villages.

There are around 52 rooms in the Haveli some are now blocked by the residential people just because they have some problems. The upper railing of the Haveli is same as of the Red Fort. At many places the red stone is used in the construction of the Haveli. The main gate of the Haveli was come from the Jaipur and it takes more than a month to finally reach at the village. The interior design of the Haveli is fabulous all the designing is done by hand. The colors are not yet fade with time. Now the four families are living in this Haveli. As this is the property of Ali Baksh so his family is the main administrator for this Haveli. People from different places came here to visit this monument.

Geographical Location

  • Name: The Haveli Ghana Khandi
  • Village: Ghana Khandi (7 km away from Saharanpur)
  • District: Saharanpur
  • State: Uttar Pradesh
  • Country: India
  • Population of village: 6146 (2010)
  • Time Zone: IST ( UTC + 05:30)

How to reach The Haveli

The village Ghana Khandi is around 2 kilometers away from the main road. If you want to reach the village to visit these places then first of all you have to reach District Saharanpur then you have to come to Behat bus stand there you can find buses and autos which takes you to Ghunna. Leave the bus at Ghunna and there you can get another auto and after traveling around 2 kilometers you can finally reach to village Ghana Khandi. You can ask anyone in the village that you want to visit The Haveli.

Weather in the Village

As the village is around 50 kilometers away from Dehradun so there is good weather there. It is quite sunny in the months of May to August and rainy in September and October and very cool from December to February. As the village is surrounded by forests and agricultural lands from all its sides so it is also one of the reasons of the chilly winters there.

Other facilities

The village Ghana Khandi is now more than a village, there are all kinds of facilities available that you finds in the cities. Big Shopping points, Medical facilities, Schools (Both Government and Private) and large playing grounds for kids.

Yearly Renovation

Proper renovation and restoration is done after every six months by the authority persons. But now some of the areas are broken because the Haveli was not built with cement. Initially it was only the house of Ali Baksh but as it was built in a very large area so it was named as Haveli.