Online reviews have transformed the entire hospitality industry and hotels have felt the impact. When you consider that 85% of travelers read up to 10 reviews, and check everything absolutely everything about the hotel they’re considering, it is unlikely that they will pick a hotel if the reviews aren’t good. Hotels more than ever need to ensure all guests have a positive experience, because you can be sure they will write about it online if they don’t.

Of course, not matter how careful a hotel is it is very difficult to satisfy everyone, and there will always be some customers giving you a bad review. The trick is to respond to that customer in a calm manner. As outlined in this info-graphic Nerval, responding to online reviews helps to reduce their impact as 87% of potential customers feel that an appropriate review to a bad response improves their impression of a hotel. Find out more below!

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Author Bio РMario Skrzypczak is the sales & marketing manager at Nerval. He specializes in supplying high quality furniture, fixtures, and fittings to hotels and restaurants across Canada.


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