Regardless of where you’re travelling to, accommodation prices are an unavoidable expense that often costs a fortune. However, there are certain measures that you can take to significantly reduce the cost of accommodation for your next holiday. Check out the following suggestions of accommodation deals that’ll leave you with more spending cash than you’ve ever anticipated.

  1. Stay with a Local

If you’re travelling alone, then the best way to slash accommodation costs would be to stay in the home of someone who is based in your destination of choice. Staying with a local give you an opportunity to get a really good feel of what a place is like, as they’ll most probably take you on excursions that most tourists don’t get to see, and the best part is that you’ll be staying free of charge for the entire trip! To find reliable and safe hospitality exchanges, search on websites like Hospitality Club, Global Freeloaders and Couch Surfing, where all the users have been verified and reviewed for your peace of mind.

  1. Short Term Rentals

These are very popular right now, and they offer oodles of value for money. With short-term rentals, you get to stay at a fully furnished home or apartment, with similar amenities as those you’d find at a hotel, like housekeeping and sometimes even a car, so it’s definitely worth trying. This is a great option if you’re travelling as a couple or a family, or even a group of friends, and could save you a ton of money when compared to the cost of staying at a hotel. Other benefits include being able to get that home feeling even when staying abroad, and having a kitchen to cook from to cut costs. Apart from AirBnB, you can get great home rental deals on Wimdu and Roomrama.

  1. Try out Farm Living

If you’ve always been curious about the farm life, then why not try out farm living for a few weeks? A farm stay offers the opportunity to learn how a farm really works, and can even come with the chance to take part in a few custom farm-style outdoor activities.  Staying at a farm has a similar feel and cost to staying at a Bed and Breakfast, although the rate varies according to the type of farm you’re staying at, and the facilities that they offer. To get access to great farm stay deals, visit the Farm Stay Accommodation website and look for farm stay options in your area.

  1. Hostels

In the past, hostels were known as sort of grungy, dorm-style accommodation that only catered to large groups of travellers. While there are still those types of hostels available, most have seriously upgraded their facilities to cater for couples and singles as well, with individual rooms and amenities that rival those of some of the best hotels. Plus they’re available at an accessible price range that caters to even the most budget-conscious traveller. The Hostelworld website has a wide selection of hostels to choose from that are safe, dependable, cheap and comfortable.

  1. Stay at a Monastery

This is a fairly unusual and new phenomenon, where travellers can opt to stay at a monastery, for a fraction of the price of a normal hotel. Granted the lodgings at a monastery are quite austere, and there are often curfews involved, but at least you get a clean, safe and semi-comfortable place to lay your head each night, and some even offer meals as well. To book a monastery stay, visit

  1. Local Websites

There are many rental websites online with a large list of accommodation property. These are owned by local business people who know the area very well. Booking with them means peace of mind because they know the ins and outs of the rental market and will not allow crooks to cheat the system. Unlike these big companies run by a huge team of employess. These employees have no clue what goes on in that area, and have no expertise of the rental market in general.

  1. Local Bloggers

Local bloggers do not usually have a commercial reason for promoting an accommodation place rather than the other, so you usually find their unbiased reviews of hotels, hostels, bnb’s etc. And they tend to update their content on a regular basis. Websites like in Malta and in Greece are 2 examples of blogs where you find the right information from local bloggers.

Wherever you decide to stay, it is advisable to do a research online, if you type in the accommodation property name + review, you should be able to find real reviews from people who have stayed in that rental property. These are honest reviews by real people.



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