How to Pack All Your Need in 15 Minutes

How to Pack All Your Need in Travel in 15 Minutes

Do you know what the main difference between experienced and inexperienced traveler is? The first one can pack in 15 minutes, the second one needs several hours. And the second one always forgets what he really needs for a good trip. The more you travel the fewer things you carry. Do you really need five t-shirts, three shirts and two sweaters for a 5-day trip? Do you really need soap, a shower gel, a shampoo, a conditioner, a lotion and 10 other bottles of something important in your baggage when you are planning to stay at least month in another city? Do you really need to take books and magazines if you almost never read? We can teach you how to pack in 15 minutes and take everything that you really need. Just do not succumb to the temptation to take more things even if you think that your trip will not be sufficient without them.

Three pieces of advice for a quick packing

  1. Write a packing list

If you are planning to travel a lot (and even if you are traveling once in a while), create a packing list. You know better what you really need in your trip. Think about the medicines, clothes, and personal stuff. Of course, a list for a vacation and a list for a business trip will be different. Take it into consideration when you are writing down what to take.

  1. Never take clothes you do not wear

It does not really matter what is the purpose of your trip you should never take clothes you never wear at home. Some people believe that trip is the best way to wear everything that once bought and never worn. But in reality, they just take these clothes and something new just because they do not want to wear those clothes at all. Moreover, they take this stuff back, and cannot even explain what for they are doing that.

  1. Keep in mind your purpose

The purpose of your trip should define what you need to pack in your baggage. If it is a business trip for a couple of days, you just need to take a suit and a couple of shirts. If it is a vacation to mountains, do not take fancy clothes and shoes. It is not what you need for tracking.

What to take to any trip?

  1. Clothes and shoes

When you pack your baggage you always remember about pants and dresses, t-shirts, some sweaters and jackets, but always forget about some necessary stuff. Here are really important things you need to take when you are going to any trip:

  • Underwear (though never take more underwear than you really need)
  • Socks (take only a couple of pair, you will not need more)
  • Accessories (you will need a bag and a belt. Take a scarf and a hat if you are traveling in the bad weather)
  • Pants, skirts, dresses
  • Jacket (it is better to take it even if you are traveling in summer; the weather is always a surprise)
  • Shoes

The main rule for clothes and shoes is to take double-duty and comfortable things. No high heels for women if the dress code of some business event requires them and no fancy dresses if you are planning to spend all time in the country.

  1. Electronics

Do not forget your gadgets and changes for them! Check the list:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet/iPod/iPad
  • Laptop/MacBook
  • Charges and cables
  • Portable batteries
  1. Personal hygiene

Keep in mind the following rule: if you are planning to stay in your trip for a couple of weeks, it is better to buy everything when at the place where you are going to stay. You can always use special travel size packages of your favorite cosmetics.

  1. Medicines

If you have some special medical prescriptions, it is better to buy everything at home and that pill with you. A good idea is to take some basic medicines which you always use in case of emergency. Remember that when you travel abroad, your local medicines can be unavailable there. So prepare the list of medicines you may need in advance.

Also what you will take with you depend on that you travel alone or in a company. Anytime you can agree with your friends about some common stuff what you will take for everyone.

And most importantly have a nice trip!

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