How Volunteer Tourism has Deeper Meaning than just Traveling

Do you want to volunteer in India? Is social welfare one of your major interests? Well, in that case, you can travel to India and experience the glory of volunteering in India.

India is a vast country with a massive population. With an ancient history of several thousand years, she has established a prominent presence in the global scenario. But, do you think volunteering in India involves only travelling the length and breadth of the country? I thought so, before I embarked on my journey to India.

But, when I finally landed and met the people, I realized that volunteer tourism is not merely about travelling. It involves meeting new people, understanding them, experiencing their problems and living their life. That is how you know a culture.

Visiting interesting sites and clicking pictures is not the only thing that you can do to be a part of volunteer travel in India.

Here is what I experienced on my trip of volunteer tourism to India

  • Get involved with the people

My first step as a volunteer in the ‘Land of Gods’ was to understand the people and be a part of the local community. Interact with the people with whom you are going to spend the rest of your volunteering months. India has a colorful culture. Festivals are an essential characteristic feature in the country. Participate in the festivals and you will easily be able to mingle with the people.

  • Learn their customs

Yes, you can learn the Indian custom through its bag full of festivals, but meeting people also gives you a detailed insight. For instance, entering somebody’s home, wearing shoes is considered bad habit in India. Similarly, when you go out in the streets, it is better to clad yourself in Indian clothes. Western wears are a taboo in many parts of India. Know the people properly before emerging in your comfort clothes.

  • Speak their tongue

How can you work among Indians, if you can’t even speak their language? You don’t expect to speak in English while those listening simply stare at you. It would be like talking to the wall. Learn some catch words, like ‘namaste,’ ‘dhanyavaad,’ ‘chalte hain,’ etc. Trust me, you will be well-liked by the natives, if you use these words while addressing them.

  • Work for community development

India is not just a nation of rich resources; it is also fraught with homeless people with no access to basic health amenities. You can help the local authorities build clinics, hospitals, community halls and schools. You can also initiate to build homes for the homeless. Use scientific means to ensure proper housing for the homeless. The homes should have hygiene facilities, so that disease germs do not grow inside the house. Moreover, the presence of washrooms inside the campus of the house is safe for women. Explain the significance of offering safety to women. Your initiatives may soon turn you into a popular figure among village women.

  • Help in agricultural activities

Green fields are a beautiful sight to behold. I can promise you that the smell of wet soil and the feel of pleasant breeze on your face will entice you to stay there for hours. But, did you know that Indian farmers work very hard to sow seeds, tilling the soil and harvesting the crops. At the end, they are left with very little resource for themselves. Most Indian farmers are poor and cannot afford to use scientific methods to enhance the quality and quantity of production.

You can engage them in scientific learning. This will assist them in earning profits. However, just teaching them about scientific uses may not be enough to inspire the farmers. You may have to demonstrate the use of tractors and fertilizers yourself. What is the harm, if you get down on the field and work with the farmers?

  • Address social issues

If you have already worked in the fields, hitting the streets to spread social awareness would appear easy to you. Participate in road shows arrange by the volunteer organization, with which you are attached. Villagers do not have much source of entertainment. Therefore, you may see a large crowd of villagers surrounding your performance in no time. By performing on social issues like, female infanticide, lack of cleanliness, child marriage, lack of safety for women, broken roads, lack of education, etc you can make the most of your volunteer travel India.

These were some ideas to spend a fruitful volunteer trip to India. In between your hectic schedule, you can visit different parts of the country and have some fun time. Visit to India and work with the people by being a part of their community. Tell us your experience of volunteering in India. We are waiting.