“My first journey from Saharanpur to Delhi by Car”

I have started my journey for Delhi from Saharanpur. The total distance was about 193 kilometers. I was with my one friend. So we have taken the route from Clock tower of Saharanpur. The time was about 8.30 am in the morning. The weather was really good at that day. It was little cloudy that day. After driving around 1 hour 30 minutes we have reached around to Muzaffarnagar. There we have relaxed for around 20 minutes and again started our journey.

The highway was really good. I really enjoy the drive. And after driving around one hour we have find one good restaurant on that highway named as Cheetal Brand. This food court was really good. You can find out different types of food and drinks there. On the highway you can also find different types of local dhabbas (hotels). But in my openion Cheetal Brand was really awesome. It is also in reach of everyone. After that we have also enjoyed a lot on the Muradnagar river. There we find the famous Lemon water (Shikanjvi). We have spent around 30 minutes there. And it was a very good feeling by putting the legs in water. And then again we have started the journey.

After going through the Ghaziabad highway we have reached Noida. And from there we have reached Noida Sector – 37. And from there we have taken the way for Kalindi Kunj. And we reached to Delhi in that way.

The total time that it took was around 4 hours via NH1 (National Highway 1) but as we have taken so many stops in our trip that’s why it take 4 hours. But if you drive without stopping more then it will hardly take around 3 hours 30 minutes if there is no jam in the way. I have used at so many places Google navigation to find the best route. So you can also take the help of Google Maps and Navigations so that you can find the routes that are free from traffic. Overall it was a great fun. These types of journeys are having more and more fun within small budget. These are like cheap travel trips. Below are the cities that we have covered during our journey.

Route from Saharanpur to Delhi - Get Tourism Info

Story by: Sanaul Haq


I am a traveller used to surf across the world and write my experience over multiple blogs to help the other travellers. You can also visit my blog www.TodayIntelligence.com

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