When travelling with your children, especially infants and toddlers, you have to meet certain safety demands and it is your responsibility as a parent to do so. Also, there are certain regulations concerning child safety on the road, and if not met, you could end up paying tickets and in some cases, losing your driver’s license. Listed below are things that you should know when travelling with your child, and tips to make the trip safer.

Plan the trip ahead

As with every other trip, you have to plan this one ahead but only this time, you have to include your child into it. This includes stops for bathroom, feeding, rest, etc. Also, you have to take into consideration the supplies you are going to need when travelling with your child. We are talking about food, drinks, vitamins and other supplies that your child might need during travels.

Infants and toddlers require special seats

Since they are too small to buckle or be buckled up with a regular seatbelt, infants and toddlers require special baby chairs with a seatbelt of their own. If you don’t have one already, check out the baby warehouse for special deals. These special baby chairs can be tied up to your backseat to ensure that your baby won’t fall out of it during the travel.

Travelling with young children

If you are travelling with preschool children, your trips are going to be fun and unique. There are plenty of things you can do, from playing games to singing. Children are full of energy, so you might have to keep them occupied during the entire ride. Also, make sure that their seatbelt stays on for the duration of the travel. Children often remove their seatbelts, so it is important to check it from time to time and to explain to them why the seatbelts are used and what is their purpose.

Don’t eat heavy food before travelling

Children tend to have a sensitive stomach. If they eat something heavy before travelling, they might end up throwing up. This is unpleasant for both you and them, and it will require you to stop and clean the car, as well as take care of your child. Remember not to give your child any heavy food before travelling. Keep it simple, and feed them with a lot of fruits and veggies.

If needed, use medication

If your children have problems with long distance travels, you have no other choice but to use medications to ease their travel. There are certain medications which can be bought in any pharmacy and are given to children during travels. The purpose of these medications is either to prevent vomiting or help them fall asleep quicker. These medications are safe to use and should be used if the child has problems with travelling.

Bring a lot of water and snacks

Almost all children require snacks while travelling. This will keep them occupied for some time, and will help you focus on the road ahead. But, eating snacks causes the body to dehydrate, which is why you should stock on water as well. Make sure you have enough of both, especially if the ride is long. Make sure you do several pit stops to purchase the needed groceries and restock.

Overall, traveling with your child should be a fun experience. Keep in mind that the safety is a number one priority, and ensure that your child is properly taken care of in the back seat. Stock on supplies, and bring medication “just in case”. Remember to drive slowly and according to the speed limit, and have a safe trip.


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